About "Shadow" and the Blog

I have gone by “[redacted]” on various weightlifting and fish forums for over 8 years, but I have decided it is time for a change. So, I went with what I was called when I worked in an underground coal mine for a year– Shadow.

I’m not this guy

Why was I called Shadow? Not 100% sure. It was either because I had a habit of following people around when I first started or because I am black (well half black). Or both. Either way it stuck and it was the only name I went by for about a year.

This blog will be about anything and everything that pops into this weird brain of mine. Mostly, it will be about my three main interests (not counting my wife and family of course): Weightlifting, Fish, and Movies. This blog will first and foremost be a training blog, but expect a heavy dose of fish and movie stuff. Other than the big three, who knows what could pop up. NBA, video games, cartoons, MMA, NFL, health and nutrition studies, Pokemon, my dog, whatever pisses me off that day… who knows. Random… yes. But that is just the way my mind works.