Predator Review


Now this is a classic. If you don’t like this movie, you are A) a woman, B) someone I don’t want to be around, or C) a terrorist.

If for some reason you live in the mountains of Afganistan and don’t know what this movie is about (while still owning a computer…), essentially, a group of American soldiers go into the jungles on some mission. An alien is hunting them. One of the soliders is Arnold Fuckin’ Schwarzenegger. You can fill in the blanks.

This movie is good ol’ fashion, high testosterone fun. You got soldiers that are way too swole to be real soldiers. They are shooting guns in the most assanine way possible. They are being hunted by a Predator with advanced technology who is a straight up bad ass. What is not to like?

Whoever first drew a Predator needs an award. They are one of the most ugly and imposing things ever put on camera.

The movie still doesn’t look too dated. There are some parts that look “old” special effects wise, but really that is only when the Predator is in stealth mode. The rest looks fine still.

I love this movie. The sequels still haven’t come close to matching it.


Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 76% Audience: 83%

Shadow’s Rating: God Status— This is either the best or second best (Terminator) movie Arnold has every done. And the Predator and their race are just pure awesome.


Pros, Cons, Spoilers after the jump.


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Transformers: Dark of the Moon Out on DVD/Blu Ray Today!

The movie has its flaws (well, lots of them) but it is much better than the 2nd one (could it have been worse?) and has some epic robot vs robot fighting action, which is the point of the damn movies anyway.

Oh and Optimus decided to replace his robot swords for a FUCKING ROBOT AX! That might be reason enough lol

I wish he would use the ax to end Witwiki

Movie Quick Shots

There has been dick all for movie updates. Early fall blows for movies. 

– Apparently the Lone Ranger is back on, as they cut the budget way down. Oh, and it is still rumored to feature werewolves. On one hand, werewolves are awesome and it does make sense with the silver bullets and all. But on the other hand… Lone Ranger and Werewolves??? Wut?

– So it looks like the “lesser known” Marvel super heros aren’t going to get a movie anytime soon. It seems like Marvel has booked there summers for the next 2-3 years with sequels to Captain America, Thor, Iron-man, and the Avengers. The dude who plays Cap said he is signed for three Captain America movies and three Avenger movies. Really, there is like one movie slot left for a lesser known movie such as Dr. Strange, Ant-Man/Wasp, Black Panther, ect. The only Avenger I really want to see is Black Panther to be honest but that doesn’t even seem to be in the works.

Black Panther is a BOSS.

– They are making a Wanted 2. I never saw the first one. Maybe I will add it to my ever increasing wishlist on Amazon.

– They are remaking Robocop, which I think is needed. Those movies seem really really dated now. The special effects will help the movie a ton. They just need to stay true to the character and it should be decent. 

– Transformers is out tomorrow. It was entertaining and the best of the 3 in my opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised if on the second viewing it isn’t as fun as I thought. Fingers crossed though.

– Newest Catwomen pictures show here in like 15 inches heels. And hanging out with Batman with the BatPod. Wtf? If they were going to go the sidekick route, you might as well used fag boy Robin. Meh. In Nolan We trust I suppose.

5 Tips to Make Body Weight Exercises Not Suck

So, I have been doing a lot of body weight stuff for awhile now. The biggest reason was due to my shoulder injury but I also wanted a completely different challenge. Body weight stuff is completely different from BB and DB stuff. Hell, this sounds weird, but the muscle fatigue and pump doesn’t even feel the same.

A lot of people doing BW stuff are do it wrong if they actually want to use if for something other than cardio. Here are 5 tips to make it actually worth a damn, after the jump

1) Slow Down

Too many people do quick choppy reps when doing body weight stuff. Sure, that is fine for cardio but it is worthless for gaining any sort of strength or size. When you slow the reps down, your core and all of your little stabilizer muscles are forced to actually work and work hard. You will notice your core isn’t as strong as thought when you start swaying all over the place. Maybe your grip isn’t as good as you thought. Your shoulders start burning from holding the push up position for 20 TUT reps. And of course, we all know that TUT is a huge component of size and strength. Slow your negative down and pause at the bottom.

2) Use Full ROM

Now, full ROM can be different for different people for certain exercises (aka pull ups). For pull ups, pick what you consider full ROM (for me, all the way down but BEFORE my scapula rises and up until my eyes over the bar) and stick to it every single rep. Don’t shorten it when you get tired. For push ups, actually lock out. For dips, go all the way down (shoulder health permitting) and LOCK OUT. Too many people do these short chopping reps for push ups and dips and that isn’t using these exercises to your full advantage. Just another example of peoples egos getting in the way of actually getting better. If you cannot use full ROM with BW exercises, A) you are probably lying, and B) you have a serious joint dysfunction going on.

 Shitty Reps

3) Stop Going to Failure

When you see some HIT Jedi on the internet going to full failure every set you make fun of them. When someones posts a routine online, one of the first things people say is stop going to failure all the time and stop 1 or 2 reps short. Louie Simmons doesn’t like powerlifters (or didn’t, I don’t know what he says these days) going to failure constantly.

Yet, when people do body weight exercises, you see them failing every single set. Why? Why does all common sense go out the window when doing body weight exercises? When your form breaks, you are done. If you are arching your back to finish your push up, you are done. When doing pull ups, if you are swinging your legs up to finish your rep, you are done. Stop blowing your load every set.

4) Lower Your Reps

Everyone wants to do high rep body weight stuff. I wouldn’t go over 20 for pressing stuff and 10-15 for pull ups. Hell, to be honest, I like 15 for pressing and 8-10 for pull ups. “But they get too easy!” Well for one, do the stuff above (aka do real ROM and slow down). And then…

5) Pick More Challenging Exercises

People have the imagination of a fruit fly when it comes to body weight stuff. Pull ups, push ups, maybe some dips. Try something different. Try Close grip push ups and pull ups. Try uneven. Hell, work up to doing one arm stuff. Or Google those crazy negros that do stuff on the playground. Can you do that? Probably not… so work up to it. Pick something you can do for a rep or two and build up to doing to 2×10. Challenge yourself to something other than no ROM pull ups and choppy push ups.

Red Cliff (Orginal International Version) Review


To start, there are two versions of this movie. There is the international version, which I have, and the American version which I have actually seen. The international version is over 4 hours long and is in subtitles. The American version I *think* is dubbed in but I could be wrong with that. But it is a movie of normal length instead of nearly five hours long. The American version did this movie justice though. Things that were cut out were not terribly important yet they kept ALL the battles from what I remember. Just a lot of the artsy stuff seemed to be removed. I haven’t seen the American version in over a year though.

For people who do not know, the story is about the Prime Minister of China who is hunting down the last two remaining war lords. One of the war lords is poorer and nomadic and the other is considered a “coward” and is in southern part of the country. And of course, the Prime Minister is corrupt and war mongering and the two war lords end up forming an alliance to try and make a last stand against the Prime Minister.

There is some SERIOUS action in this film as the war scenes are extremely long. Good, ol’ fashioned martial arts scenes like only the Asians can choreograph. There is a huge battle to start the movie, a huge battle near the middle, and then a ridiculously long battle to end the movie. And the scale of these battles is huge. For instance, the prime minister has an army around 800,000.

The best part of the movie isn’t the battles but the strategy surrounding the battles. There is some interesting things going on in the attempt to stop the prime minister despite the warlords being vastly outnumbered. You get things as simple as battle formation and some things as complicated as figuring out the weather.

The scenery and music is also stunning and beautiful in this movie. Think Lord of the Rings like scenery and music wise.

The biggest thing holding this movie back is the fact it is foreign. I had a horrible time telling the characters apart and I can’t remember more than two of their names. I also had a hard time feeling sorry for characters or really getting into the “non battle” stuff due to a culture disconnect. I just didn’t appreciate things that I think people of that culture would.


Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 89% Audience:78%

Shadow’s Rating: 8/10– Nice action scenes, nice story, and the war strategy stuff was fun. The big thing holding this movie back is simply that it is foreign to be honest.


Pros, cons and spoilers after the jump.


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Morning Musings #5

Keepin’ it short this time around…

– So, my most viewed post I have made so far is the…. Matrix Reloaded review. Wut? Really odd and I didn’t see that coming. That movie doesn’t deserve any extra attention lol.

– Lifted in my garage for the first time and loved it. I forgot how awesome it was to lift in the privacy of my own home. Expect a lot more of those types of workouts. Those towel pull ups tore me up (in a good way).

– My knee stopped getting better but it isn’t getting any worse. I am just going to lift through it and deal with the pain. It isn’t something that should progress to the point of being debilitating in everyday life.

– So, I did that conditioning stuff with some people from school and it made it a lot more bearable. I have a horrible time skipping conditioning stuff because it is boring and isn’t fun like lifting. But, with other people around it was fine. People were stunned I could actually do that stuff without wilting even though I outweigh all of them by 60 pounds.

– There is nothing worse than a liar. I hate them and all it takes is one bold face lie and I want nothing to do with them every again. The lying is even worse on the internet. It is stunning. There is no face to face contract, anonymity, and people still will straight up lie to you for absolutely no gain. It is complete puzzling and what respect I have for them is gone immediately.

– I am starting to get into watching the Chinese martial arts movies. The subtitles don’t bother me at all as I watch all of my movies with subtitles on anyway. The martial arts scenes are pretty damn cool and imaginative. The biggest problem so far is telling every a part lol. That and I can’t remember there names.

– I am on a moving buying kick again right now. And I just about have my DVD list done. I haven’t added Mrs. Shadow’s DVD’s yet though. I still find that buying movies used is the best way to go. I have a 99% success rate (actually over that) with used movies. Most people buy a movie and watch it once or twice and sell it so it is more than worth it to save the 10 bucks.

– School starts picking up next week which sucks. I already get up at 5:30 AM every morning but I have been getting to bed by 10:00 at the latest. That will be changing very soon as my tests start. Sucks. I hate being sleepy all the time.

Training Log: Full Body

Warm Up:

Jump Rope
Internal Rotation Stretch
Foam Roller Thoracic Extension
Hip Flexor Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
RC Rehab: 3 exercise


Squats, no belt: 405×1

Hammer DB Bench Press: 100×8

Pallof Press: 80x10x2

Rotating Planks: 2x64cts

Dips: BWx10x2

– Felt like hammered shit.

– DB bench press just to test the shoulder. Felt like shit so I didn’t bench press.

Training Log: Upper Body

Warm Up:

Jump Rope


Band Pull Apart: #1x20x3

Uneven Push Ups: 15, 15, 10

Towel Pull Ups: 10, 8, 11

– Lifted in the garage.

– Towel pull ups MURDERED my forearms and hit a town of forearm/arm muscles I didn’t know existed lol. Definitely going to be doing more of those.

Squats and Bench tomorrow.