Movie Quick Shots

There has been dick all for movie updates. Early fall blows for movies. 

– Apparently the Lone Ranger is back on, as they cut the budget way down. Oh, and it is still rumored to feature werewolves. On one hand, werewolves are awesome and it does make sense with the silver bullets and all. But on the other hand… Lone Ranger and Werewolves??? Wut?

– So it looks like the “lesser known” Marvel super heros aren’t going to get a movie anytime soon. It seems like Marvel has booked there summers for the next 2-3 years with sequels to Captain America, Thor, Iron-man, and the Avengers. The dude who plays Cap said he is signed for three Captain America movies and three Avenger movies. Really, there is like one movie slot left for a lesser known movie such as Dr. Strange, Ant-Man/Wasp, Black Panther, ect. The only Avenger I really want to see is Black Panther to be honest but that doesn’t even seem to be in the works.

Black Panther is a BOSS.

– They are making a Wanted 2. I never saw the first one. Maybe I will add it to my ever increasing wishlist on Amazon.

– They are remaking Robocop, which I think is needed. Those movies seem really really dated now. The special effects will help the movie a ton. They just need to stay true to the character and it should be decent. 

– Transformers is out tomorrow. It was entertaining and the best of the 3 in my opinion. I wouldn’t be surprised if on the second viewing it isn’t as fun as I thought. Fingers crossed though.

– Newest Catwomen pictures show here in like 15 inches heels. And hanging out with Batman with the BatPod. Wtf? If they were going to go the sidekick route, you might as well used fag boy Robin. Meh. In Nolan We trust I suppose.


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