Ghostrider Review


With the sequel/reboot coming soon, I needed to watch this movie. And it is a big ball of meh.

This movie is essentially an origin story for Ghostrider. A daredevil, Johnny Blaze, makes a deal with the devil in order to save his Father from dieing of lung cancer. The Devil cures his cancer but kills him anyway. The story jumps 10-20 years to when Blaze is an adult. The Devil’s son, Mephisto, is trying to overthrow him, and the Devil comes to Blaze to take what is his. He turns Blaze into the Ghost Rider, a flaming skeleton of vengeance who essentially finds sinners and kills them, to stop Mephisto.

Should have been an awesome, rated R movie with plenty of violence. Instead, we got stiff action scenes and bad acting. Nicholas Cage is a very average actor and Eva Mendes is simply a terrible actor. The action sequences were like an RPG video game. One character would stand there and do something, then the other one would stand their and do something. The Ghost Rider was about as athletic as a piece of wood.

The “skeleton” of the plot was decent. Nothing special. The Ghost Rider looked ok, but you could tell it was dated CGI. He didn’t look nearly as good as the newest trailers for Ghostrider 2 have shown.

This movie is just meh. One of the worst big budget super hero movies out there in my opinion.


Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating:26% Audience: 56%

Shadow’s Rating: 4/10– Had potential but the acting was very meh and the action scenes were very stiff.


Pros, cons, spoilers after the jump.


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The NBA Lockout is Over

I don’t post much about sports on here but basketball is easily my favorite sport and I love the NBA. I only really watch pro basketball as I really do not enjoy college sports. When I watch something, I want to watch the best. Whenever I watch college basketball, all I think is, “That wouldn’t work in the NBA.” But that is a different story.

Anyway, the NBA is back, starting with a triple header on Christmas Day. There will be a 66 game season, which is plenty long enough to separate the good teams from the bad teams.

I don’t know many details about the new deal, but I have heard it will make the NBA more of an even playing field. It won’t be perfect (a really hard cap would be been more ideal) but any deal that makes it more and more unlikely that a big market team can buy a championship ala baseball the better.

Oh and I am an Indiana Pacers fan. Have been most of my life. Reggie Miller was my favorite player growing up. I was really excited about this upcoming year for the Pacers as they showed some promise towards the end of last year and in the playoffs. Hopefully we can grow into a good team again. Last couple years have been depressing.

Boom Baby!

Batman: Under the Red Hood (Animated) Review

Shadow’s Overall Rating: God Status— This may be actually better than any live action adaptation of Batman. This movie is epic all around and captures everything about Batman perfectly. This may be the best animated movie I have ever watched.

Shadow’s Initial Viewing Rating: 10/10
Shadow’s Rewatchability Rating: 10/10

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 100%, 7.3/10
Audience: 92%, 8.4/10


Plot in a Nutshell: A random, masked vigilante with skills eerily similar to Batman has come to Gotham and is much more violent than Batman. This person also seems to have an intimate knowledge of Batman.


When making reviews for the other cartoon movies I have seen, I didn’t know what standard to use. I wasn’t sure if I should judge them the same as regular movies or what. I had no “gold standard” to hold them to.

That has changed. I have found the cartoon movie that all others will be judged on. This movie was outstanding.

This movie took every awesome part about Batman and combined it into an awesome movie. Martial arts skill? Check. Mystery? Check. Awesome sidekicks? Check. Awesome villains? Check. Detective work? Check. Gadgets? Check. A brooding but not overly depressed Batman? Check. Something/Someone that challenged Batman’s beliefs? Check.

Take all the stuff above, and add in violence and an adult theme. This is rated PG-13, but this was not a kid’s cartoon. They used some creative camera work to not show too much blood. Instead of, for example, showing someone getting beat to death with a crow bar, they just show the shadow of someone getting beat to death with a crow bar. Or just showed the person’s feet and legs twitch as they got hit with the crow bar. They did just enough to get past the censors and the rating people.

Really, this might be better than any Batman portrayal I have seen. Yes, better than the live action movies as well. Neither of them combined ALL the aspects of Batman flawlessly like this movie did.

I can’t really get into too much detail about the plot without giving away what happens. Batman is first and foremost a detective so mentioning too many details will ruin the surprises and such. Essentially though, a new, brutal crime lord has moved into town taking over jobs and territory from the current crime lord. He goes by the name of the Red Hood, which is the name that the Joker and Co. used to go by. But, the Joker is currently locked up so Batman needs to figure out who this person is and how to stop him. The plot sounds simple and un-epic but anymore detail would could ruin the movie.

If you have enjoy Batman and/or animated movies, this is a must see and a must buy in my opinion. If you are on the fence about animated movies because you think they are too childish, this movie could change your mind.


Pros, cons, and spoilers after the jump.


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Training Log: Lower Body

Warm Up:

Foam Roller: Upper Back. Lower Back, IT Band, Quads, Adductors, Calves
Lacrosse Ball: Piriformis
Stretch: Hamstring, Piriformis, Hip Flexors, Calves


Hip Abduction Machine: 150x20x2

Ab Wheel: 3×12

One Legged Leg Press: 180x10x2

Band TKE: #4x20x2

Goodmornings: 95x20x2

Squats: up to 315×1


Hip Thrusts: 2×10

– Sorry, boring as always.

– Squatted just enough to keep form. My knee was grinding like a mofo.

Training Log: Upper Body

Warm Up:

Band Shoulder Traction
DC Broomstick Stretch
Broomstick Pec Stretch
Cable Extension
Cable Curls
Foam Roller Thoracic Extension
Push Ups: 30
Pull Ups: 10


Dips: BW+100×5, BW+100x3x2

DB Overhead Press: 55×20, 55×7

Pull Ups, side of rack: BWx8x3

Elevated Inverted Rows: BWx10x2

Magnum Chest Press: 190x10x2, 190×7

Curls, Ext, Side Raises: 1×20

– I blow at higher reps. Dips felt pretty good, I will probably go up 15lbs next week or something. It is coming back rather fast.

Morning Musings #11

Keepin’ it short for the holiday weekend…

– Got all four volumes of The Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes. Best cartoon out there at the moment. Can’t wait for season two to start.

– I played hours of flag football last Friday and surprisingly I wasn’t too crippled the next day. But my knee has been swollen so that is why I haven’t lifted. I have 3 more weeks until my next break and then after break I will be changing my lifting around a bit again. Next trimester my schedule normalizes to 9-4 everyday and that will be awesome. I have some ideas but I will worry about them when I get there.

– I have been playing a ton of video games lately and I forgot how fun they can be. I have been playing X-men Legends II and Marvel Ultimate Alliance and those games are epic.

Nightcrawler is a beast. 

– I am way behind on my movie reviews. I have 7 movies I think that I have watched and I need to review. Expect a good number of them this week. Most were cartoons though.

– Just because my fish tank is gone, doesn’t mean the fish pictures of the month will stop. Some day I will get another tank to replace it. Some day….

– One week and then my finals start. Hopefully a get enough stuff written in advance so those weeks are not to slow. No promises though. School > Blog.

The End of an Era

It is over.

I noticed 2 days ago that my water level got low much faster than usual. After walking up to the tank, I noticed the floor was damp. Never good signs. I didn’t want to jump to any conclusions as I rained the day before pretty hard. I marked the level of the tank to see if the water was going down faster than it should.

It was. Fuck.

I quickly started draining water to take some pressure off of the leak. The last thing I needed was it to explode and destroy the floor it was on. Went on, found someone that lived near who would take the fish, and he came and got them this morning. $200+ worth a fish (easy) for free. Not a bad deal. I needed them gone so I could get the tank drained. The floor would cost more than $200.

So, in about 12 hours total, I went from having the biggest and best tank I have ever owned to having an empty, useless tank sitting in the Florida room. I have no money to replace it at this time and I won’t for a long time.

Sometimes this hobby really sucks. Hard. At least the tank just leaked instead of exploded. I guess.

Someday I hope to replace it, I just don’t know when. Not in the best of moods at the moment.

Daredevil (Director's Cut) Review


I saw this movie in the theaters when it first came out and hated it. Absolutely hated it. I thought it was terrible and I was pissed I wasted the money. But, I heard in random places that the directors cut was much better than the original version so I went ahead and spent the 3 bucks to find out.

And the movie was decent. Was it the added stuff that made it decent or have my movie tastes changed a bit? Honestly, I don’t know. I couldn’t remember the old one good enough to notice the differences. But the movie wasn’t nearly as bad as I remember.

If you don’t know who Daredevil is, and you might not because he isn’t a super well known super hero, then here is quick character bio. He is a superhero who was blinded by radioactive toxin as a boy, but his other senses were heightened greatly and he gained the ability to see by “seeing” vibrations. So basically he has super hearing, super smell, super touch which gives him incredible agility and strength, and a sonar sense of sight. He fights crime in a place called Hell’s Kitchen, which is essentially a crime filled, poor, shit hole. During the day, he is a lawyer. In this movie, he is facing off against classic Daredevil villains: Kingpin and Bullseye.

The movie started off with an origin story that was well done. Enough detail was given and it didn’t drag. The movie was above average until Elektra, a classic Daredevil villain/hero, shows up. Then the movie gets incredibly cheesy, corny, and frankly boring. Their interactions were awkward and stupid and really dragged the movie down.

The villains were pretty damn basic but they were acted well. Bullseye is simply a hitman while Kingpin is exactly what his name suggests. There was absolutely nothing complex about this movie to be honest. It was really straight forward.

The action scenes were well done and were true to “comic book” Daredevil. Really got a sense of how he uses his sonar and how acrobatic he is. Also captured how he has a mean streak that say, Spider-Man or Batman don’t have. If Daredevil throws you out a window, he isn’t going to catch you before you fall.

All in all it was a pretty average movie. Which is 100x better than what I remembered it being.


Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 45% Audience: 46%

Shadow’s Rating: 5/10– The action was pretty decent but the scenes with Elektra were downright awful.


Pros, cons, spoilers after the jump.


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My First 3D Movie Experience

Immortals in my town was only available in 3D so I was forced to see my first 3D movie. I have avoided it for a variety of reasons but I wanted to see Immortals so I had no choice. And frankly, I hope I am never forced to see a 3D movie again. I can’t wait for the 3D craze to die because I hate it. And here are 5 reasons why…

Oh snaps 3D Spider-Man!!

1) It is stupid expensive.

– $13.99 for a movie ticket is ridiculous. Luckily I had a Groupon so it was only $4 combined but it should have been $1 combined. At that price, how can people afford to bring families to movies? Thankfully I have never been into buying food at theaters and I went by myself so it was only the ticket price but damn… for $13.99 I would rather wait until a movie came out on DVD unless I REALLY wanted to see it.

2) I hate glasses.

– This is just a personal thing but I don’t like wearing glasses. I don’t have bad vision but even sun glasses bother me. I just don’t like it. So, wearing glasses for 2ish hours drives me just about nuts.

3) It gave me a headache.

– I felt like my eyes were drying to force the screen flat the entire movie. And that gave me a nice headache halfway through the movie. That along with just having glasses on.

4) It got old.

– After about 30 minutes, the 3D wasn’t “cool” anymore. It was just kind of there. Sure, there were some moments every once in awhile that were different but nothing “awesome.” After 30 minutes, I was just watching a more expensive movie, with an annoying thing on my face, combined with a headache.

5) They wanted me to “recycle” the glasses.

– So after paying extra money to watch a movie with an annoying thing on my face, after getting a headache from said movie, they wanted me to “recycle” the glasses. Aka, give them back so the theater doesn’t lose money having to make more. Fuck that. I kept mine. Especially with the talk that they are going to stop giving them away for movies and charging even MORE money for 3D movies to purchase the glasses. So, they can go fuck themselves.