Comic Book Review: February 22, 2012

Books I read last week (2/22) include:

  • Aquaman #6
  • Avengers Academy #26
  • Batman: The Dark Knight #6
  • Deadpool #51
  • Fantastic Four #603
  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #6
  • Magneto: Not a Hero #4
  • Mighty Thor #11
  • Secret Avengers #23
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #7
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7
  • Uncanny X-Force #22
  • Venom #13.3
  • Wolverine and the X-men #6
  • X-men Legacy #262
  • X-men #25

Top 3 books of the week and this weeks (2/22) pull list after the jump.

3) X-men Legacy #262

– The Gold team chases after Exodus to try and stop him from getting to Utopia and killing Cyclops. They all attack and do some damage but the dude is a bad ass. He eventually stops the psychic fight with Rachel and is able to take control of all of them… but then Hope shows up due to a call from Rogue which is the exact last thing the Gold team wanted to happen as Hope is who Exodus is trying to save by killing Cyclops. Rogue done fucked up.

2) Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7

– Miles is starting to get a better handle on his powers and fight Omega Red Kid and defeats him with a Venom bite. It is also shown that his Uncle, the Prowler, may have figured out who the new Spider-Man is. This book is surprisingly fun.

1) Might Thor #11

– Thor got Mjoinir back and is trying to fight his way out of the God Eater to get back to reality or whatever. In the meantime, Loki helps the Silver Surfer remember Thor and goes to the home of the Trolls to try and stop them. But, the invasion of newly finished Asgard has already begun and Tanarus tries to assasinate the All-Mothers, but is discovered by Heimdell, who can now see who he truly is… a Troll and not the God of Thunder.

Books I will be getting this week (2/29) include:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #680
  • Astonishing X-men #47
  • Avengers #23
  • FF #15
  • Justice League #6
  • New Avengers #22
  • Ultimate Comics X-men #8
  • Ultimate Comics Ultimate #7
  • Venom #13.4

Training Log: Row Emphasis


Jump Rope: 10×50, 15s rest in between


Pendley Rows: 285x5x2, 285×3

Push Ups: 50+10+10+10

DB Step Ups, 7 steps: 40x10x2

DB Preacher Curls: 30x15x2

DB Skulls: 50x6x2

Side Planks: 2x30s

– My back was sorer than shit going in, made the rows a lot harder than they should have. Noticed I was cheating the last set so I stopped at three. Pendleys are the only rows I am not an advocate of huge cheating on.

– Not sure how I am going to manage the rest of the week lifting wise. I am in Daytona, FL this whole weekend. Maybe try and find a gym over there, I don’t know. Maybe lift Thursday night. *shrugs*

Comic Book Review: February 15, 2012

[Editors Note: Missed last weeks Comic Book Review due to midterms. I will have this weeks up tomorrow. — Shadow]

Books I read last week (02/15) include:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #679.1
  • Avenging Spider-Man #4
  • Avengers #22
  • Batman #6
  • Daredevil #9
  • Generation Hope #16
  • Green Lantern Corps. #6
  • New Avengers #21
  • Nightwing #6
  • Fear Itself: The Fearless #9
  • Thunderbolts #170
  • Ultimate Comics X-men #7
  • Uncanny X-men #7
  • Venom #13.2
  • Winter Soldier #2
  • Wolverine #301
  • X-Factor #232

Top 3 books of the week and this weeks (2/22) pull list after the jump.

3) New Avengers #21

– This is just one huge fight with the New Avengers fighting Ragnorak, the clone of Thor. Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ironfist, and Luke Cage all gets some licks in but it takes the entire team to take him down and one huge punch from Ironfist.

2) Venom 13.2

– The event is still going on and the team is kind of coming together. But… they are all killed, including the Hulk. We get some good action and some good “soldier” moments where Flash and Hulk sacrifce themselves so the Ghost Rider can save the day. Only for the Ghost Rider to get weak at the last second and take the ambulant down, unleashing hell on Earth. So all heroes are dead and the hell is now spreading.

1) Batman #6

– This “Owls” thing has been awesome so far. Last issue was saw Bruce at his lowest point, lost in a maze and losing his mind. This issue he is near death… and then goes all “Batman” on the Owls and kicks some ass half dead and escapes. We see just how big the Owl organization is and this sets up the “Night of the Owls” cross over perfectly.

Books I will be getting this week (2/22) include:

  • Aquaman #6
  • Avengers Academy #26
  • Batman: The Dark Knight #6
  • Deadpool #51
  • Fantastic Four #603
  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #6
  • Magneto: Not a Hero #4
  • Mighty Thor #11
  • Secret Avengers #23
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #7
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7
  • Uncanny X-Force #22
  • Venom #13.3
  • Wolverine and the X-men #6
  • X-men Legacy #262
  • X-men #25

29 Gallon Update #3: Sand is in, Tank is clear

Last time I left you with this image…


And now here was the tank at 24 hours…

And at 48 hours…

Not to shabby.

Of course, I lost a fish (platy) on the move. Weirdly, it got its ass beat when it was in the bucket for about 12 hour and it ended up dying. I had to keep the fish in the bucket for so long because the tank was way too cloudy and I feared they would die if I put them in. But, once I saw that fish was just about dead, I just dumped them in and prayed. And so far that has worked out.

Now, I may seem like I am losing a lot of fish. But, I have moved the tank twice in a short period of time, which stresses fish out big time. Plus, I am mixing aggressive-ish fish (cichlids) with non-aggressive tropical fish. Whenever you move fish constantly and have fish who like to fight, you are bound to lose some. Plus, I don’t really give two shits about the tropical fish. I am stunned they are all alive as is at this point.

Right now, I still have no decorations in the tank and I really noticed all the fighting has stopped. There is no longer an alpha in the tank and everyone just kind of hangs around. I am pretty sure this is due to the fact there is no territory to claim and nothing to fight over. Everything is the same so they just kind of sit there. Interesting… but boring and I will get stuff in there whenever the tank clears up 100%.

One thing I can’t decide is what to do about the background. I usually go with black backgrounds but my wife likes the blue. I’ll probably change it but we will see.

Short update, but I will have another one this week or early next week. Got busy with midterms.

Some Updates to the Site

Nothing big, just wanted everyone to be aware of a few small things I did to the site.

– At the top of the page, I added a “Weightlifting Personal Records” section to go along with my other sections up there. This has nearly every relevant personal record I have hit and it includes links to the Youtube video if I have one. I will add other lifts (like say… floor presses) as time goes on but I got all the major ones up.

– To the right, I have added a “Favorite Training Logs” section. Pretty self explanatory.

– Also to the right, I have added some links to some other sections. I added a website, Newsrama, which is a comic book website. Also added another blog I enjoy, Andrew_S, who posts on various forums. Just check over there every once in awhile as I will add and delete stuff as time goes on. Mostly, when I stop being lazy and take the two seconds to change stuff lol.

Just a small update post. I have an update on my fish take coming at noon.

Training Log: Squat Emphasis


Treadmill: .5 mile in 3:25

Warm Up:

Foam Roller: Upper Back, Lower Back, Quads, Adductors, ITB
Lacrosse Ball: Piriformis
Stretch: Hamstrings, Hip Flexors, Calves, Piriformis


Shrugs: 405x10x3

Squats, no belt: 375×2, 375×1

DB Bench Press: 95×15, 95×8

Pull Ups: BWx18, BWx7

Ab Wheel: 3×10

– Squats felt like balls… probably because I squatted yesterday lol. Had zero pop and could tell at 225 this wasn’t going to be a kick ass session. I still thought I could get 375×3 but… negative. The second rep was so slow lol. But I squatted yesterday so whatever.

– On the other hand, the DB bench press went much better than I anticipated for doing dips and heavy chins yesterday. My pecs and back were sore as shit but I still managed  solid 15 before my bad shoulder started to lag so I cut it. I should nail 20 reps next time I do this. I wanted to do shoulder presses but some dude was doing an endless amount on concentration curls.

– I experimented a bit this weekend. My schedule gets brutal in the upcoming 3 weeks due to board reviews, seminars, and then actual boards. So I am experimenting with more full body workouts. Helps with the fat loss too. I’ll probably make a post by itself thinking outloud what I want to do.

Training Log: Dip Emphasis

Mid terms are over, back at it…

Warm Up:

Band Shoulder Traction
Band Curls
Band Extensions
Band Pull Aparts


Dips: BW+145×3 PR, BW+100x5x2

Hammer Chins: BW+55x5x3

Paused Full Squats, belt, 45s rest: 315x1x10

One Arm Machine Reveres Flyes: 100x15x2, 105×15

V-Handle Extensions: dbled#1x25x3

– Still recovering from mid terms, but today was a pretty good session.

Jump Rope Video

I forgot to post this jump rope video from my last workout. Just showin’ y’all I am not a complete, unmobile fatass. I’m half black, of course I have SOME athletic ability lol.

 I am knee deep in mid terms, so posts and workouts are scarce this week. Fuckin’ school.

MRI and Discs: Patient Beware

Around 60% of disc herniations in the lower back are asymptomatic. About 25% in the neck are asymptomatic. No pain. No loss of strength. No tingling. No signs. No symptoms. Nothing.

Read that again. Understand it. Make sure it sinks it. Also understand I am using “herniation” as a catch all for all disc issues. It is just easier that way. So please, no e-doctors getting technical in the comments. Because I will out technical you lol.

Ok. So what? Who cares right? Nice stat Shadow, now go post about comics or something.

Definite candidate for back surgery.

Wrong. So wrong. Because so many doctors use a damn MRI to diagnose back problems that they fuck you up horribly because of this. This is mostly a MD problem but some shitty, shitty chiros do it as well. But this is stupidly common for MD’s because they don’t know what to do about low back pain.

Look at it this way. You are doing, say, push presses. Your back has been shit for weeks and finally, one day, you do your presses and it hurts like hell. Your back is killing you and you finally realize that it isn’t going to heal doing what you are doing. So you realize you need to go to a doctor so you can get back to lifting as soon as possible. You hate chiros because they are all quacks, and you head to the medical doctor’s office. And what does an MD do? Comes in, sends for X-rays immediately. No real exam, just X-ray. And, surprise surprise, the X-ray doesn’t show shit.

So from here you have two options. The MD will make up something, give you a prescription, and tell you to never lift again. Or, the back pain is bad enough (or the MD wants more money) and he sends you off to the MRI machine. Get the results back and OH MY GOD!!!! Herniated discs everywhere!!!! There is the problem. Boom, 10 points MD.

Except it wasn’t the disc. Those herniated discs have been there for years with no symptoms. It is your facets that are fired up and fucked due to the constant hyperextension from your push presses. So now the doctor is treating something that was misdiagnosed and probably treating it wrong.

The huge HUGE problem with this is that there are people out there getting back surgeries to fix problems that aren’t problems. Using the same example as above, the MD wants to refer you to a surgeon to fix the problem permanently. The MRI shows disc herniations and so the discs are the problem and so doctor wants to replace the discs or fuse your spine. You are now disabled for life… and your back pain didn’t even go away because they didn’t fix the fucking problem. The problem was your facets that could have easily been fixed by conservative measures. Shit like this is so commons there is an actual syndrome called Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.

Speaking of unnecessary, failed spinal surgery… FML

You just can’t use an MRI to diagnose discs problems. You just can’t. It doesn’t work. You use imaging of any sorts to confirm a diagnoses. So you would need signs such as referred pain in the proper region, tingling in the right area, loss of strength in the right muscles, diminished reflexes, and pain in flexion. If all those things are pointing you to, for example, a L5-S1 disc, you THEN go to an MRI if you need to and see if L5-S1 disc is blown (if it is necessary for an MRI at all. Usually it isn’t. MRI’s and X-rays are done a lot of time just to show patients something “real” so they think you aren’t just making shit up). And if it is… awesome. Congrats. But if you go to an MRI and see a blow L2-L3 disc… who cares? Your signs aren’t pointing to a problem there. That disc has been blown for awhile and is not affecting anything (or your examination sucked balls).

Just a little “patient beware” advice. The last thing I want to see on a message board is people going into surgery due to uninformed docs who are opening you up for no reason whatsoever.

Just because it looks painful doesn’t mean it is.