Yep Hurt My Back Again

Sunday, I noticed on my 5th set of squats my back was starting to hurt. I really wanted to progress, so I told myself I would do one more, careful set and then move on.


My back felt horrible as soon as I got home and worse the next morning. I got cracked Monday and Wednesday and finally this morning it got to the point where I could make it through the day without wanting to go home and lie down. Right now (wrote this Thursday evening) it doesn’t feel too bad. Not in “squatting condition” but definitely in “every day stuff” condition.

This is one of the few times I hurt myself and I am not sure what I did. My form felt fine, my core was tight, and the set wasn’t a grinder or anything. I can only assume that the Pendlay rows during the week, the heavy-ish squatting Saturday, and then the no belt squatting Sunday just took its toll.

This is the fastest this has ever recovered though, which is great. I am not going to be 100% retarded and go deadlift this weekend, but I do expect to lift in a somewhat heavy capacity, just probably no squats or rows.

Kind of frustrating, but one thing I won’t do is get depressed about it like usual, which just tanks everything. I will roll with it, learn from my mistake, and move on. At the pace my back is improving, this won’t be a major setback like it usually is. I am not sure if the adjustments or my diet or if my rehab is working, but this is recovering twice as fast as usual.

I will be in the gym tomorrow for sure. I just need to make some adjustments to keep this from happening. Probably squatting back to back days was a horrid idea lol.


Wrath of the Titans Out Today!

I am pretty excited about this as it looks a ton better than Clash of the Titans. CotT was a very average movie, as you can see in my review, but this looks to have fixed some of those issues. Fingers crossed. I hope to see it this weekend.

Comic Book Review: March 21, 2012

Books I read last week include:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #682
  • Batman #7
  • Deadpool #52
  • Generation Hope #17
  • Green Lantern Corps #7
  • Justice League #7
  • Nightwing #7
  • Fear Itself: The Fearless #11
  • Thunderbolts #171
  • Uncanny X-men #9
  • Wolverine #303
  • X-Sanction #4

Top 3 comics after the jump.

3) Wolverine #303

– Logan essentially slaughters the entire Japanese brand of the Hand while Sabertooth uses that in order to become the new Kingpin of Japan essentially.

2) Deadpool #52

– Deadpool’s plan that still isn’t fully fleshed out continues as X-force attacks the Kingpin’s place. There is a fight, they have the Kingpin cornered until he jumps away with a hidden parachute. Then, both Wolverine and Deadpool are hit by what seems to be the Mutant Healing Factor suppressor by Daken and Bob respectively. It ends on that cliff hanger.

1) X-Sanction #4

– Cable fights Wolverine and Spider-man while Cyclops and Hope try and free the other Avengers. Eventually they figure it out and Cable is beaten by the Avengers and his on Virus. Later, Hope cures Cable of his Virus by realizing she is the Phoenix. This books sets up a whole host of things, including AvX and whether or not Cables ridiculous mutant powers will now return.

Comics I will be reading next week include:
  • Aquaman #7
  • Astonishing X-men #48
  • Avenging Spider-Man #5
  • Avengers 24.1
  • Avengers vs. X-men #0
  • Batman: The Dark Knight #7
  • Daredevil #10
  • FF #16
  • Green Lantern: New Guardians #7
  • Mighty Thor #12
  • New Avengers #23
  • Secret Avengers #24
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #8
  • Ultimate Comics Ultimates #8
  • Uncanny X-force #23
  • Walking Dead #95
  • X-men Legacy #264

Comic Book Review: March 14, 2012

[This weeks comic book review will be showing up this afternoon. I finally caught up. — Shadow]

Books I read the week of March 14 include:

  • Avengers #24
  • Battle Scars #5
  • Carnage U.S.A #4
  • Conan the Barbarian #2
  • Deathstroke #7
  • Fantastic Four #604
  • Green Lantern #7
  • Incredible Hulk #6
  • Journey into Mystery #635
  • Scarlet Spider #3
  • Ultimate Comics X-men #9
  • Wolverine and the X-men #7
  • X-men Legacy #263

Top 3 comics after the jump. Just scans until I catch up this week.

3) Fantastic Four #604

2) Conan the Barbarian #2

1) Wolverine and the X-men #7

Movie Quick Shots: Trailers and News

– There is going to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies in 2013, which is awesome. Michael Bay is producing it which is… ok I suppose. He wants to change the origin of the turtles so it involves aliens, which is horrifying.

– I never got around to dissecting the newest Avengers trailer because there is going to be a full two weeks of only Avenger’s stuff two weeks before the movie comes out. Yes, that movie is that awesome and important. The Avengers is going to be like 2 hours and 15 minutes long I do believe. He had to cut it down from the 3 hour first copy they made.

– John Carter is going to lose Disney an estimated $200 million. Ouch. Normally I wouldn’t give two shits, but Disney owns Marvel so this could directly impact the movies I like.

– There have been rumors that Fox is trying to make a Venom movie which would be impossible. You can’t have Venom without Spider-Man, unless they use the current version of Venom which none of the non-comic book people would know and would make them no money. Plus, they already fucked up Venom horribly in Spider-Man III.

– So there is this action movie which is getting ridiculous reviews called The Raid: Redemption. But it isn’t a big budget, Hollywood movie so it is only being played in so many cities. It is being played in St. Pete, so I am going to try and go check it out. They are calling this one of the best action movies ever. Here is the trailer:

Trailers for Battleship, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunt, and Snow White and the Huntsman after the jump. These are the most recent trailers and are certified bad ass, especially the last two.


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter:

Snow White and the Huntsman:

Training Log: Squat Emphasis

Warm Up:

Foam Roller: Upper Back, Lower Back, ITB, Adductors, Quads
Lacrosse Ball: Piriformis
Stretch: Hip Flexors, Piriformis, Calves, Hamstrings


BB Shrugs: 405x10x3

Paused Full Squats, belt: 375x1x5

DB Bench Press: 95×16, 95×8

Pull Ups: ow

Ab Wheel: BW+10×10, ow

– Shoulder flared up when trying to do pull ups, hence the ows. We are doing shoulder in class and all the stuff flared it up a bit and I didn’t want to push it since I will be doing heavy dips and hammer chins tomorrow.

– Squats were slow but ok. Haven’t squatted in a bit due to tests so it was expected. I should get 8 singles next week.

– DB bench went well despite a little bit of the shakes. Should hit 20 next time I do them.

– Dips, chins, squats tomorrow…

Comic Book Review: March 7, 2012

Books I read the week of March 7 include:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #681
  • Age of Apocalypse #1
  • Batwing #7
  • Avengers: Children’s Crusade #9
  • Defenders #4
  • Detective Comics #7
  • Fear Itself: The Fearless #10
  • Red Lanterns #7
  • Spawn #217
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #8
  • Venom #14
  • Wolverine #302
  • Wolverine and the X-men: Alpha and Omega #3
  • X-men #26

Top 3 after the jump, but just scans as I am so far behind anyway.

3) Defenders #4

2) Batwing #7

1) Wolverine #302

29 Gallon Update #4: Blah

It has been awhile.
I added the driftwood I had to the tank. It looks “ok” but I really don’t like the look. White sand + wood just looks dumb and shitty in my opinion. Part of the problem is that the white sand settles on the wood and gets stuck. I need to find some rocks ASAP. 

Before I take out the wood though, I am going to change the background. It could be that the background is what is making the wood look like shit. Not entirely sure but I don’t like it at all.
I re-learned a valuable lesson the last couple weeks: you can’t ignore small tanks. With big tanks, it takes a long time before water quality gets bad. Not so with small tanks. Things go bad and they go bad fast. Before I knew it, I had an algae explosion, my filter got clogged, and my last platy was dead. Don’t really care about the platy, but my tank was a hot mess. I got everything back to normal at the moment and I have gotten the fish down to just the two main cichlids. 
Next step to paint the background black and see if it makes the driftwood look any better. I bet it helps, but won’t make it how I want it. The next fish purchase will definitely be an algae eater. Putting a tank by a window is stupid due to algae, but I didn’t have any choice. Probably going to get a bristlenose pleco as they stay small and are generally hardy. 
Until next time…

Training Log: Row Emphasis


Treadmill: 0.3 miles in 1:56

Warm Up:

Stretch: Hamstrings, Hip Flexors, Calves


Pendley Rows: 285x5x3

Push Ups: 50+15+15

DB Step Ups, 7 steps: 50x10x2

Side Planks: 2x30s


Treadmill: 0.2 miles in 1: 19

– Good to be back. Took my last test until finals (3 weeks) this morning. Boards were exhausting. Good to exhaust myself physically instead of mentally.