300 Review

Shadow’s Overall Rating: God Status— This movie is fueled by pure badassery and testosterone
Shadow’s Theater Rating: God Status
Shadow’s Re-Watchability Rating: God Status
Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 59%
Audience: 90%
Plot in a Nutshell: Persia comes to Sparta asking them to kneel or die. The King of Sparta sends 300 elite soldier to battle thousands of Persision. FIGHTS, BLOOD, AND SLOOOOO MOOOOW… YESSSS THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Spoiler Free Thoughts…

– This is one of those movies where if you have never seen it or hate it, you are probably reading the wrong blog.

– I remember when this movie came out and the lifting forums exploded, both in good ways and bad. The good… the movie was bad ass and cool as fuck. The bad… crossfit and photoshop abs. I can’t remember how many threads I asking how to get ripped like the 300. But I digress.

– The movie is bad ass crammed into 2 hours. In short, Persians are about to invade Sparta, King Leonidas says fuck that shit. Asks the “elders” for permission to raise the army. He is denied and King Leonidas again says fuck that shit. He takes 300 soldiers to fight the massive Persian Empire at the Hot Gates. And then people (well more people) die.

– This movie started the stylized fighting, slow-motion thing we see in other movies such as The Immortals nowadays. But when I go back to this movie I still think it was done better here. I don’t know if that is nostalgia talking or if that type of action just fit this movie. Whatever the reason, it was awesome then and still awesome now.

– I love the “style” of the movie. They embraced this was fiction and not a history lesson and ran with it. Makes for a fun movie.

Pros, cons, and spoilers after the jump. .


– Letting the humpback go = fail. They mention the battle formation but most of the movie they were free styling with swords. – I understand the “make him bleed” part… but you bleed from a spear to the chest just as easily lol. – I think, if I remember right, this movie started the crossfit craze. Damn it.



– This movie was landmark in its action and has been copied over and over for good reason. The style of this movie was awesome.

– Action action action. All bad ass, nothing repetitive. – King Leonidas was a bad ass.

– Loved the look of the movie. They didn’t try and keep it realistic and the look of the movie helped hammer that point home.

– Plot was simple but good. The movie knew what it was and stayed true to it.

– Loved how the movie was narrated from one of the soldiers who lived.

– It gave us numerous fun memes. Always a plus.

– Quotes:

Immortals… we put their name to the test. Then we will fight in the shade. Madness…? This is Sparta! Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… For tonight, we dine in hell! Give them nothing! But take from them everything!

– An undercover pro: this movie allows you to recognize idiots and people to avoid easily. I am talking about the fucktards that go “that isn’t how the history really was!!!” Well no shit you mouth breathing douschebag. It was a story, based off a novel. It never intended to be an accurate historical account. If you want that, go watch the shitty History channel.


2 thoughts on “300 Review”

  1. There is a nostalgia factor but it isn’t effecting any perception of how good it was. The movie was simply great.As far as sparking a huge jump in the crossfit following I can’t say that is a bad thing. Not all crossfit is created equally and tbh it is better than just sitting on the couch. The smart people will either get into a decent crossfit group or move on. It is the tools that will stay with those shitty groups that are destine to hurt themselves or others.You know, there will always be those idiots that want to argue the small failures in a movie and they have an easy in when a movie is based on history or a book. Even more when based on both. Take a look at LOTR. Even with the extended versions you will have people nit picking, but honestly you have to cut corners when you are making a book of 1200+ pages into a movie. That and it has to have some portion of Hollywood injected into it…. even though something like the LOTR should generate enough fans to make big bucks, they still want more. They want everyone to come. The ONLY movie I have ever seen that did true justice to the book was The Shogun by James Clavell. But here is the trick. Even though the book was equal in length to the LOTR books the made for TV movie was around 10 hours long. There is no was to tell the story of a 1200 page book in less than 3 hours without cutting corners and changing stuff.Anyway back to 300. I feel you did miss one good point about the movie or more important the main actor. Butler seems to be cast in chick flicks a lot and since I was not familiar with his name I could not recognize him from movies like PS I Love You. This shows some good acting skills. It is sad there are so many actors that are considered big but from movie to movie they simply play the same character. This is one thing I really like about Johnny Depp. He takes risks. Sure many don’t pay off but he keeps from always being the type cast guy.

    1. Oh I am not a huge crossfit hater like lots of people are. I do hate some of the people who get obsessed with it because they act like it is the greatest thing for strength, size, conditiong, sports, losing weight, aka everything. But for someone looking to get off their ass and move… it is great and can keep people interested because of the variety. People who bitch about LotR drive me up the walls. Yes, he may have changed a few things for no reason, but Jackson managed to take a giant ass book, stay very close to the source material, and was simply awesome. Yeah, Butler was perfect for the role.

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