Training Log: Week 6- Back

Lifting: 30m

Cable Rows: 165×10, 170x10x2

Pull Ups: BWx10x2, BWx8

Face Pulls: 100x15x2

Dips: BWx12x7, BWx20 (between sets)


Stationary Bike: 1 mi

– I am neck deep in midterms and baby. Had to blaze through today.

– Next week I hope to have the next plan lined up, if not I will just keep doing what I am doing. My time is extremely limited and I don’t know if I will get around to it. Need to start moving into the “rehab” phase. My back feels fine from the rest and I can’t really figure out what is going on with my knee.


Spider-Man 2 Review


At one point in time, before The Dark Knight or The Avengers, this was considered by the critics to be the greatest comic book movie of all time. Did I ever think it was that good? No but it is a definite improvement over the first.

The action was much, much better as Octavious and Spider-Man got into some decent tussles. The special effects and CGI were much improved in this movie. 90% of the campy-ness was gone and the 10% that was there wasn’t distracting. The focus on “down on his luck” Parker was done better this time, even if they beat the dead horse a bit too much. But they put more focus on the rest of his life, and not just his “MJ” life. Another improvement was that they showed Spider-Man’s effect on New York, which is central to the character.

The villain was also much improved, even if he is basically the same type of character as the Green Goblin (genius, has something bad happen, invents something that makes him crazy). His motives made more sense, the action scenes with him were better, and he wasn’t a campy mess.

Unfortunately, the movie still had two huge problems: MJ and Toby.

The focus on the romantic side of Peter Parker was downright nauseating. It just never stopped and the ending made me want to vomit. Both the end of the action and the end of the movie. There is just no subtlety at all… it is all right in your face, pouty lip, regurgitated romance shit.

And Toby just isn’t Peter Parker. It is just a miscast, plain and simple. No reason to keep harping on it though.


Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 93% Audience: 81%

Shadow’s Rating: 6/10– The more I think about it, this is just the same as the first movie (minus the origin) just done a little better.


Pros, cons, and spoilers after the jump.


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