Training Log: Legs

Warm Up: Foam Roller, Lacrosse Ball, Stretching, Mobility

Planks, side to side: 1x75s, 1x45s, 1x35s

DE Box Squats: 135×2, 185x2x9 -ss- Dips: BW(206)x10x10 -ss- Pull Ups: BWx10x10

Leg Press: 720x10x2

One Leg DB SLDL: 20x10x3

DB Shrugs: 50×60

Leg Ext: 70x25x2

– First time with a bar on my back for like 3 or 4 months I think. I said 6 months but whatever. Getting antsy. I will just do some speed work for a few months and see what happens. I was pretty wide with my stance and wearing chucks as well.


29 Gallon Update #7: Altolamprologus calvus!


So, I got the A. compressiceps for my birthday from my wife randomly. Then, also completely random, my mom sent me money for my birthday. I haven’t gotten a birthday present in like 8 years. I don’t really do birthdays, I think it is stupid.

And since I was in a fish buying mood thanks to the A. comps and the fact that the fish store was running out of them, I went back to Living Tropical to see what Altos they had left. And it is a good thing I went when I did as the pickings were suddenly slim.

All they had were some meh looking yellow comps, some small Muzi gold heads, and some Black Calvus. I have always wanted white or black calvus and these looked good (markings wise). The problem was that they were smaller than the comps I got earlier and I was worried about bullying.

The “pure” fish keeper would never have bought them. My tank is borderline over-stocked as is and adding the two calvus on top of that could open up a war zone in my tank. But, I have never been on of those internet “pure” fish keepers who always follow the rules. My brother and I have always overstocked or put weird fish together and have been fine. I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong until I found internet forums on fish and got e-yelled at. Whatever.

So, I bought the two best looking ones. Went from wanting comps and calvus for years to having 4 of them in two weeks. Woot!

They look better darkened up.

Put them in the tank, and they immediately got bullied lol. Nothing serious damage wise but the bigger comps won’t let them hide behind the wood at all. Most of it is pure posturing so I am not worried about it too much. The helminthes doens’t particularly like them, but the calvus moved to the other side of the tank so it isn’t a big deal.

Getting punked.

The one good thing about the bullying is that they are always out in the open. They also eat a lot better than the comps and were never afraid of food or me for the most part.

I really need to reorganize the tank though so everyone can pick their own new territories. Probably won’t happen until after finals though during my two week summer break. Right now they hang out on the left side of the tank with the Leleupi. Probably to stay away from the largest A. comp and the Helminthes.

Training Log: Upper Body

Warm Up: Modified Cressey

Wide Grip Pull Ups: BW(207)x10x3

Dips: BW+90×10, BW+90×6, BW+90×5

Cable Rows: 180x10x3 -ss- DB Shoulder Press: 50x10x3

Face Pulls: 50×50

Machine Reverse Flyes: 40x25x2

BB Curls: 45×35+10+5

Conditioning: Bike

– I have been using a stopwatch to keep my rest times to no more than 2 minutes on the main exercises (like todays dips and pull ups) and it makes a big difference.

Comic Book Review: August 22, 2012

Books I read last week (8/22) include:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #692
  • Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe #4/4
  • Punisher #14
  • Secret Avengers #30
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #13
  • Uncanny X-Men #17 (AvX crossover)
  • Venom #23
  • Wolverine #312
  • Wolverine Annual #1

    Top 3 comics and this weeks list after the jump.

    3) Wolverine #312

    – Wolverine continues to hunt Romulus and turns on Remus because he doesn’t believe the crap she is telling him. He finds Romulus (after seemingly killing Sabertooth or a clone), only to find him in a tank where he seems to have been grafted with Adamantium and has claws just like Logan. Before they fight, Romulus tells Logan he actually started Weapon X and Logan is unsure if this is true or not.

    2) Punisher #14

    – Frank and Alves infiltrate the Exchange and eliminate their leadership. They do it with the help of a variety of tech from Doc Ock, Iron-Man, Cyclops, and Spider-Man.

    1) Uncanny X-Men #17 (AvX crossover)

    The non-P5 extinction team attack Sinister but are quickly defeated. They do provide enough of a distraction for Emma to talk directly to the Phoenix Force and the Force turns on Sinister. They did destroy Sinister and all of his clones.

    Comics I will be reading this week (08/29) include:
    • Aquaman #12
    • AvX Vs. #5/6
    • Detective Comics Annual #1
    • Gambit #2
    • Green Lantern Annual #1
    • Journey Into Mystery #642 (Everything Burns crossover)
    • Justice League #12
    • Ultimate Comics X-Men #15 (Divided We Fall crossover)
    • Uncanny X-Force #30
    • Wolverine and the X-Men #15 (AvX crossover)

    The Expendables 2 Review


    Fuck. Yes!

    This is what the first movie should have been and what all of us old school action junkies hoped it would be. Action. Guns. Explosions. Ridiculousness. One Liners. Minimal Plot.

    E2 was pure, 100%, crazy 90’s style action. If you liked the Rambos, Commando, Running Man, Die Hard… you will love this shit. It doesn’t take itself seriously at all. The opening scene of the movie has one of the highest body counts I have ever seen on screen. And the action never really stops. It stops long enough to move the plot along and then boom… more shooting, more explosions, more cheesy dialogue.

    There is no deep, stupid slow plot to slow down the movie this time. The plot we get is satisfactory. It moves the story along to get to more explosions but it had some, I don’t know, sad moments that gets into the psyche of the crew without slowing down the movie like the first one. The plot is obviously not the point of the movie.

    The cast is expanded for this movie, as everyone knows. Jean Claude is the central bad guy and serves his purpose. If it wasn’t JCVD I would probably say the character was under used but just because it was him it somehow made it ok and awesome. Hard to explain lol. The appearances by Willis and Arnold were expanded big time and we get some cool action set pieces this go around. When Stallone, Willis, and Arnold are all standing side by side blowing shit up, it is a big “whoa this is awesome!” moment lol.

    And you can’t forget Chuck Norris. His appearances were straight up hilarious.

    The appearances by the big guns and the new guns (Hemsworth and the Chinese lady) really pushed Couture, Crews, Li and Dolph in the background though. Dolph had some great moments and some hilarious one liners. Li had a great action scene. But the four of them got WAY less screen time than the first movie. It was worth the trade off though in my opinion.

    All in all, I had a giant smile on my face for 90% of the movie. This was a true throw back and I enjoyed every second of it.


    Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 65% Audience: 80%

    Shadow’s Rating: 10/10– Most fun I have had at the movies this year besides The Avengers.


    Pros, cons, and spoilers after the jump.


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    Daredevil Movie Rights Going Back to Marvel

    It seems that Fox has given up on making another Daredevil movie. They seemed to be trying to get one done before the Fall deadline, but have recently stopped all efforts to produce the movie. Marvel even offered them an extension on getting the movie done in exchange for the rights of Galactus and the Silver Surfer, but Fox refused as they still have their sights set on making a more profitable Fantastic Four reboot.

    Most people are happy at least one of Marvel’s properties is coming back to them. Other than Daredevil, they still have lost the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider, and Spider-Man to Fox and Sony. So while it is good they are getting their properties back, this doesn’t mean it is good for people who want to see a good Daredevil movie.

    Daredevil is a street level hero. He only recently became an Avenger and that was just the New Avengers. He still rarely leaves Hell’s Kitchen. And his past is much darker than the current movie Avengers.

    In short, he doesn’t fit in with the current Marvel Movie Universe (MMU). You can’t make a Daredevil movie like you can an Iron Man or Thor movie. It has to be dark. It has to be gritty. It has to be more Batman than Iron Man. Which means it would have to be very different than anything Marvel has produced in Phase One of their plan.

    You can’t simply make a Daredevil movie and then have Fury show up at the end and recruit him to the Avengers. It won’t work. It would be forced. And it would be so far from the comics that the nerds would be pissed.

    So it is likely that Daredevil goes into Limbo Land, not to be seen for a very long time. Which sucks if you are a fan of the character like I am. His comic is one of the best out now and you could possibly make a very good, darker, Batman-esque movie with him. But with Marvel focusing everything towards the Avengers and seeminly focusing on the cosmic side instead of the street side, it is very unlikely he will be seen on the big screen in a very long time. The Fantastic Four Marvel could use immediately. Daredevil… not so much.

    The only way Daredevil gets introduced with Marvel’s current goals is if they want to make a New Avengers team featuring more street level heroes like Luke Cage and Iron Fist. But I honestly don’t see that happening as Marvel won’t make 10 movies a year lol.

    Cage, Daredevil, Iron Fist

    Training Log: Legs

    Warm Up: Modified Cressey

    Romanian Deadlift, belt, straps: 315x5x3 -ss- Dips: BW(207)x15x2, BWx25 -ss- CG Pull Ups: BWx8x2, BWx12

    Leg Press, heels touching: 90×100

    Seated Leg Curl Machine: 75×100

    Conditioning: Rower

    – Still trying to figure out what I want to do with legs. I know I want to do leg press and the one leg SLDL I have been doing but trying to figure out stuff I can do other than that.

    – Romanians for me = start at the top, go below the knees and back up. I will be curious to how my back response. It will be sore, but I just hope it is soreness and nothing more.

    – I actually wanted to do zercher squats or rack pulls, but discovered my rack doesn’t have holes low enough so the bar is below my knees. And rack pulls and zercher squats above the knees is nothing but an ego exercise that accomplishes nothing. IMO of course. So I went with RDL instead.

    – We have a hurricane coming by (just getting the edge of it) so hopefully I can still get to the gym Tuesday as planned.

    Training Log: Upper Body

    Warm Up: Modified Cressey

    Planks: 90s, Left Plank: 45s, Right Plank: 45s

    Pull Ups: BW(208)+10x10x3

    DB Bench Press: 100×12, 100×6, 100×4, 100×3

    One Arm Cable Rows: 65x15x3 -ss- Standing One Arm DB Press: 30x15x3

    V Cable Ext: 20×200 (one set straight)

    Band Pull Aparts: 2×50

    Conditioning: Bike

    – I am getting back into real lifting and not gay stuff. Today was actually fun I am just weak lol.

    – On DB BP my goal is 25 straight so I did 25 in as many sets as it took. I haven’t done DB’s in awhile so they felt like shit lol.

    – On the cable extensions, I just wanted to do one set of 100 but it was way too light so I did one set of 200 and it was still too light lol.

    The Expendables Review


    The Expendables was supposed to be that movie that made you long for the past action movies like Rambo or Die Hard or any Arnold movie. And it succeeded in doing that to an extent. When the movie stuck to the action, it was a fun, old school, shoot them up, blow them up kind of movie.

    Unfortunately, they felt the need to try and develop a “deep” story and in that aspect they failed miserably.

    At its core, The Expendables should have had a straight forward, bare bones plot just to move the action along. They are a group of mercenaries paid to kill and blow shit up. Just show us that. Instead, they tried to put some weight behind the characters and it was… unnecessary. People aren’t going to see a movie with Stallone, Willis, Arnold, Statham, Li, Crews, ect for a deep story. We are going because we want to see them blow shit up.

    And when we saw what we wanted to see– shit being blown up– the movie was awesome. It was pure, 90’s style, high adrenaline, action. I mean shit… Terry Crews’s character had an AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN! That is like one of my favorite things I have ever seen on screen when he busted that out lol.


    Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 41% Audience: 58%

    Shadow’s Rating: 6/10– A big plus for the action. A big minus for the plot. Should have just kept it simple!


    Pros, cons, and spoilers after the jump.


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    Movie Quick Shots: Avengers, Whedon 2015!

    – The Avengers sequel has been confirmed to come out May 1, 2015! And just as important, the director of the last movie. Whedon, is confirmed to direct this movie as well. We still have absolutely no details on the movie however. No villain (although all signs point to Thanos) and no confirmed cast. With the additions of Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man to the Marvel Universe, and whatever characters are introduced in the solo movies like Falcon, we are still unsure exactly who is going to show up as an Avenger.

    – The Wolverine is supposedly very loosely tied to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Everyone assumed it was a sequel, but the comments made by Jackman are hinting at the fact that the movie sucked dick and they are trying to distant themselves as far away from it as possible. The movie will also have very few mutants in it. All we really know is that it is mostly set in Japan and that the Silver Samurai will be apart of it.

    – X-Men First Class 2 basically confirmed to be titled “Days of Future Past” We are getting time travel folks! This will be very interesting. It seems Fox is trying to fix their screwed up timeline involving their X-Men movies. Time Travel is always tricky so who knows what will happen. The X-Men should have been such an easy franchise to make movies for, but their odd choices in Last Stand and Origins have fucked up their “universe” horribly.

    – There are hints that Iron Man 3 will be a much more serious and darker film. I will believe it when I see it to be honest. I don’t see Marvel delving into a darker film and getting away from their formula.

    – The Thor: The Dark World main villain confirmed to the Malekith the Dark Elf. This could be awesome or it could be Loki-lite. Malekith has many of the same traits as Loki. But, this will probably lead to Surtur in Thor 3 however. I am really looking forward to Thor 2 and travels to the different realms. Kind of disappointed the Enchantress and Executioner are not the villains though.

    – Warner Brothers wanted Ben Afflek to direct Justice League movie. Supposedly, he turned them down though.

    – Expendables 3 is already in the thought process and they now want aging stars Nick Cage, Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, and Wesley Snipes to be apart of it. This is getting out of control lol. I have no idea why they want Cage but the others make sense I suppose. Of course, I really doubt Ford and Eastwood will waste there time and Snipes is still in prison so who knows what will happen. Interesting that they want to do a third and they want to add even more old movie stars.