Training Log: Pull Ups PR + Bench Press

Warm Up: Foam Roller, Lacrosse Ball, Stretch, Mobility

Pull Ups, 2min rest: BW(209)+25×15 PR, BW+25x6x2

One Arm Cable Rows, 2min rest: 85x10x3

DB Cleans: 15×20, 10×20

Bench Press: 275×1, 225×10

Paused Bench Press: 275×1

Dips, 1min rest: BWx25, BWx18, BWx12

– Everything was all out of order because I was waiting on equipment the whole day. Didn’t even get to  everything because I was there too long as is. Someone was in the squat rack and I swear they were doing Ripptoes Starting Strength judging by their exercise choice and terrible squat form lol.

– Video of Pull Up PR below. +25×15 ain’t too bad. 15th rep was a tad sloppy but when it comes to PR’s that is fine.

– Saw Dredd this weekend. Review up tomorrow.


Training Log: 5×5 Squats

Warm Up: Foam Roller, Lacrosse Ball, Stretch, Mobility

Circle Ball Planks: 2×12, 1×9

Box Squats, belt, 2min rest: 265x5x5

One Legged DB SLDL: 25×10, 25x10L/8R (cramped on right leg)

DB Shrugs: 55×50

Machine Hip Adduction: 100×25, 70×15, 50×25

Conditioning: Rower, 10mins, interval, 30s hard/30s slow

– Right leg cramped HARD on the SLDL. I have forgot to do these for about a month and I shouldn’t have because this smash my hamstrings. I used 25’s which were too heavy but the 20’s and 15’s were being used so I didn’t have much of a choice.

– My hip adduction was awfully weak. Need to do these apparently they used to be much stronger than my abductors.

– Below is one of the most awesome things youtube has produced.

Training Log: Upper Body

 Warm Up: Foam Roller, Lacrosse Ball, Stretch, Mobility

Cable Rows, 2min rest: 180x15x2, 180×12

DB Bench Press, 2mins rest: 100x10x2, 90x9F

Close Grip Pull Ups: BW(205)x15, BWx12, BWx8 -ss- 3D Smith Machine BTN Press: 65×15, 75×15, 75×12

BB Curls: 45×35

One Arm Machine Reverse Flyes: 60x20x2

– Why do I suck at higher reps so bad????

Avengers movie design for Thanos

Midnight Musings #22

– So you know how I said I wasn’t sure if RDL were good or bad for me? They are bad… very very bad. It is not my old injury which is odd but my SI joints are just locked up all to hell and it feels like SHIT. I have been getting adjusted daily at school and it has helped big time. I should be good to go by my next leg workout but I will play it safe if I feel something isn’t quite right.

– I am still trying to transfer into “real” lifting and not the boring shit I was doing. It is going well I just have to remember to take it slow and be vigilant to what it is doing to my body. I think I have my lower body stuff ironed out for the most part but not sure what I want to do with upper body stuff completely.

– My “during the week” workout is going to be Thursday so no, I didn’t skip a workout this week. It is just I am at school until 7 PM Tuesday and Wednesday and it is hard to get there on those days. Plus, this week I have a test on Thursday among other things so I didn’t have a lot of extra time.

– Speaking of extra time… we had guests at our house this weekend and it sucked balls. I hate having people stay at out place because instead of doing what I want to do, we have to entertain whoever is there. Especially since we only have one car so I can’t just take off and leave people stranded. I get so little free time during the week that when my free time is taken up on the weekend due to a visitor, it just sucks. So, combined with getting sick, that is why I haven’t seen Dredd yet. I hope to go Thursday or Friday. Also why I haven’t got to read any comic books from last week and why I didn’t get any blog post done. Usually, during the week I start a lot of blog posts and then clean them up during the week but I never got around to cleaning them up. Bleh.

– I need to get back on the diet grind. Been cheating way too often. My weight keeps creeping up at the gym but my belt still fits the same and is on the smallest hole that I haven’t drilled. So I am not sure what is going on with that. I am 210 during the day (so about 206 in the mornings) and I need to be around 195 in the mornings, 200 during the day.

– You know what I cannot stand? Fat fucks with “CSCS” after their name. What. The. Fuck. Their are a couple of higher up/deans at my school who are “certified strength and conditioning specialist” and their fat asses couldn’t walk to their car without losing their breath. And they are a “specialist?” Let alone the fucks shouldn’t even be acting like doctors, especially not chiros who are all about preventative medicine. These fat fucks are eating themselves towards heart disease and an early grave and they have the audacity to tell patients to be healthy? They have the balls (probably not… fat fuck = hypogonadism) to tell people how to get stronger and faster? Fuck these people.

– I started playing Pokemon again. Pokemon Platinum to be exact. It is one of the most mindless, relaxing things I can do it seems. Sometimes nothing is better than shutting your mind off and playing a children’s game. Maybe I will trade in the two games I have for the new one after I beat Platinum again.

Fish to Avoid #4: Common Pleco

Once your tank is all set up and ready to go, the hardest and most fun thing to do is pick which type of fish to put in there.

Most people just go to the local fish store and find stuff that looks cool. They do not do much research (especially in they days before the internet) and basically rely on the people working in the fish section for advice or they just take a glance at those little cards on the fish tanks that tell you how big the fish is and how aggressive the fish is and what kind of food it eats. 
The problem? A lot of workers at fish stores are fucking morons. And some of the owners are just looking to make a buck and could give a damn about the animals they sell. So they tell you false information or put bad information on the little cards and you go home with a swimming disaster waiting to happen in your little plastic bag. 
These series of posts is to warn you about the common fish that prowl the waters at your local fish store that look cute and awesome but are actually fish you need to really avoid.

Previous Installments:

Red Belly Piranha
Red-Tailed Catfish

Today’s Fish: Common Pleco

Common Pleco (or suckermouths or algae eaters or sailfin plecos or Hypostomus plecostomus) are at every single fish store in the world. The reason is simple: they are cheap and they eat algae and everyone hates algae. The problem, as I am sure you guessed…

They get BIG. They poop BIG. And they SUCK at eating algae.

Common plecos will easily reach about 1 foot in a decent sized tank. And they bulk up considerably and are pretty strong fish. So, your 30 gallon tank isn’t holding one of these full grown buggers. Once again, you are heading into the triple digits to keep a full grown common pleco. There size, mostly bulk, makes it so they will root up and knock over plants, rocks, heaters… if they get spooked for some reason your decorations are getting trashed.

Well over a foot. 

Big fish = Big poop and the pleco is famous for its gigantic dumps. Most giant plecos create more algae than they eat due to the excessive amount of poop they create, leading to bad water quality and algae loves sub-par water quality. I have constantly seen plecos cruise the tank with a long piece of stringy poop hanging from them longer than the length of their body.

The last thing is the biggest tragedy of them all. They aren’t even good algae eaters. The older they get, the lazier they get. They will just start eating whatever you feed the other fish. So their algae eating will slow to a crawl and they will continue to poop a ton… creating more and more algae. If you have algae issues, this is not the fish for you.

Luckily, replacements for common plecos are numerous. Not only are there 100’s of species of plecos, but most look 1000 times better than commons. But, for most people, Bristlenose/Bushynose plecos or clown plecos will be their best bet. Both stay under 6 inches and actually eat algae. BNs are also pretty cheap (got mine for like 6 bucks) and somewhat easy to find. Both are great options for people with tanks under 50 gallons.

Albino Bristlenose

There are tons and tons of exotic plecos that are prettier and much smaller than commons, but that would make this post 200 pages long. So head over to Planet Catfish and just browse.


Hellboy Review


This movie is a great semi-origin story on Hellboy and the rest of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. Unfortunately, while the story was good, the action was a bit lacking.

The movie introduces Hellboy and the rest of the BPRD very quickly and doesn’t got into a bunch of detail before diving into the action. The action, however, is lackluster and kind of boring. It really makes it seem like Hellboy sucks at his job to be honest until it gets towards the end of the movie. There are a handful of battles but they seem redundant and just dull to be honest.

The story is pretty damn good though. The bad guy, Rasputin, is hell bent on causing the Apocalypse by using Hellboy. Throughout the story, we get insights on Hellboy, his “father,” Abe, Liz and the rest of the BPRD. There are some “deeper” things going on besides Hellboy using his giant hand and punching monsters in the face. Things such as Hellboy’s destiny and his desire to be more man than demon.

So, overall it is a good movie, it just isn’t the action movie I expected. There was some action, sure, but it was kind of boring and repetitive. This movie would work as an excellent introduction to a true trilogy chronicling Hellboy and his destiny if del Torro ever got around to the third. 😦


Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 81% Audience: 63%

Shadow’s Rating: 7/10– I really like the story, characterizations, and setting but the average action scenes hold this movie back a bit.


Pros, cons, and spoilers after the jump.


Continue reading Hellboy Review

Marvel Announces "Thunderbolts" led by Red Hulk!

This Marvel NOW announcement caught the interwebz off guard.

The Thunderbolts is a long running title chronicling a team of captured villains put on a team to do “hero stuff” so they can get early parol or whatever. Actually I don’t get or understand the point but that isn’t really important anyway lol. The were prisoners let out to do stuff and usually led by a hero (right now that is Luke Cage).

This team isn’t that. Not even close.

Yes, it has some “anti-heros” but this team isn’t looking to be reformed. Instead, it gets its name from the Red Hulk… who is actually General “Thunderbolt” Ross. Clever.

After the jump, a look at the new Thunderbolts team.

The team is led by Rulk, but also features:

– Agent Venom (Flash Thompson). Flash is a former war vet that lost his legs, but was given the Venom symbiote to use for government missions. He is constantly fighting the symbiote for complete control. Currently, he has a solo book and is a member of the Secret Avengers. According to the writers, the symbiote is going to be un-neutered and un-inhibited which is going to be awesome.

– The Punisher: Castle is a street level destroyer of bad people. He kills and kills without remorse… he doesn’t give a fuck. If you do bad you are dead. He is constantly at odds with the heroes but never stops. It will be interesting how he ends up on this team as he usually only works solo. Plus, it will be interesting to see his reaction around killers like Deadpool and Elektra… his MO would be to put a bullet in their head.

– Deadpool: The merc with a mouth. A top assassin who recently lost his healing factor and is still dealing with that.

– Elektra: I thought she was dead but I guess not. She is a Hand trained ninja and one of the best assassins in the MU.

This team has one thing in common: They will kill you. And apparently this isn’t going to be a black ops, secret mission team. They are going to come in and kill you as loud as possible. Sounds good to me.

My only reservation with the book is the writer, Way. He isn’t exactly Remender so I will keep my fingers crossed. Other than that, this book is right up my alley and a must buy for me.

Training Log: DE and Romanians

Warm Up: Foam Roller, Lacrosse Ball, Stretch, Mobility

Circle Ball Planks: 2×10, 1×12

DE Box Squats + #4, 60s rest, belt: 225x2x10

Romanian Deadlift, belt, straps: 355x5x2

Machine Hip Abduction: 150x25x3

Leg Ext: 75x25x3

Conditioning: Bike, 1 mile, hard

– I can’t decide if RDL are doing good things or bad things to my back lol.

Training Log: Bench Press

Warm Up: Foam Roller, Lacrosse Ball, Stretch, Mobility

Pull Ups: BW(209)+20x10x3
Bench Press: 225×8, 275×2
DB Cleans: 10×20, 12×20
V Bar Cable Ext: 70×100
Conditioning: Rower, 15 minutes, light
– So, I woke up Friday Morning at 2AM puking my guts out, then woke up at 3AM to puke the rest of my intestines out. So, that wiped out all of Friday as I was on the couch dying all day. 
– I felt fine waking up this morning and all day, but after one exercise I felt like I was going to die of a heart attack lol. So I didn’t get to all the work I wanted to get too, but what I got done wasn’t bad work.
– Yes, I benched again. Taking it REALLY slowly but I want to get back into it because I enjoy it. My shoulder felt fine but I wasn’t exactly bench pressing a Volvo. 
– Hopefully a feel closer to 100% so I can squat something decent tomorrow. 

Comic Book Review: September 12, 2012

Books I read last week (9/12) include:

  • Avengers vs. X-Men #11
  • Avenging Spider-Man #12
  • Batman #0
  • Conan the Barbarian #8
  • Green Lantern Corps #0
  • Incredible Hulk #13
  • Journey Into Mystery #643 (Everything Burns crossover)
  • New Avengers #30 (AvX crossover)
  • Scarlet Spider #9
  • Ultimate Comics X-Men #16 (United We Stand crossover)
  • Uncanny X-Force #31
  • Uncanny X-Men #18 (AvX crossover)
  • Wolverine and the X-Men #16 (AvX crossover)
  • X-Men #35

Top 3 comics and this weeks list after the jump.

3) Uncanny X-Force #31

– We get a better idea on what the plans are of the Brotherhood. Shadow King is still trying to corrupt Evan. Mystique plans on killing Shadow King as soon as the job is done. Sabertooth seems like he is trying to get Daken 100% on his side. Meanwhile, Psylock gets into Mystiques head and finds out their plans and incapacitates her. Betsy and Wolverine argue on what the plan is as Betsy thinks it is hypocritical to kill Evan but not Daken. Meanwhile, Deadpool disappears and reappears in Evan’s room saying he will do what he couldn’t the first time: Kill him.

2) Avengers vs X-Men #11

– Xavier and pretty much everyone gang up on Scott and Emma. It seems to be going their way as Xavier is stronger than both Scott and Emma until Scott turns on Emma, takes her Phoenix power, goes dark Phoenix, and kills Xavier. The Avengers and Co. flee as Scott is now full on Phoenix.

1) Journey Into Mystery #643 (Everything Burns crossover)

This book is too dense to make a summary of. Just know it is awesome and it appears Loki has turned bad again as his whole plan this whole time wasn’t to help Asgardia with all his schemes but to ultimately destroy them.

Comics I will be reading this week (09/19) include:
  • Avengers #30
  • Daredevil #18
  • Green Lantern New Guardians #0
  • Justice League #0
  • Mighty Thor #20 (Everything Burns crossover)
  • Nightwing #0
  • Spider-Men 5/5
  • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #15 (United We Stand crossover)
  • Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #15 (United We Stand crossover)
  • Venom #25