This Week In Comics: October 24, 2012

Books I read last week (10/24) include:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #696
  • Avengers #32
  • AvX Consequences #3/5
  • Deadpool #63
  • Gambit #4
  • Incredible Hulk #15
  • Journey Into Mystery #645 (Everything Burns crossover)
  • Punisher: War Zone #1/5
  • Secret Avengers #33
  • Ultimate Comics Ultimates #17
  • Wolverine #315

    After the jump, the big events that occurred in the comics this week!

    – The Wasp is alive but it leaves the Avengers in trouble in Avengers #32

    – Deadpool’s healing factor not 100% gone after all in Deadpool #63

    – The real Loki returns, Kid Loki is gone in Journey into Mystery #645

    – The Avengers agree it is time to stop The Punisher as Wolverine tips him off in Punisher: War Zone #1

    – Modi controls his father Thor with the Mind Gem and attempts to take over America in Ultimate Comics Ultimates #17

    – Scott is in contact with Magneto but wants to remain in prison to be a martyr in AvX Consequences #3

    – Storm is contacted by Magik but doesn’t turn her in and it is implied she might be a spy in AvX Consequences #3

    Comics I will be reading this week (10/31) include:
    • A+X #1
    • Aquaman #13
    • Avenging Spider-Man Annual #1
    • AvX Consequences #4/5
    • Mighty Thor #22 (Everything Burns crossover)
    • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #15
    • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16.1
    • Ultimate Comics X-Men #18
    • Wolverine and the X-Men #19

    This Week in Comics: October 17, 2012

    Books I read last week (10/17) include:

    • AvX Consequences #2/5
    • Daredevil #19
    • Hawkeye #3
    • Justice League #13
    • Marvel NOW Point One #1
    • Mighty Thor #21 (Everything Burns crossover)
    • New Avengers #31
    • Nightwing #13
    • Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16
    • Uncanny X-Men #20
    • Venom #26 (Minimum Carnage crossover)

    After the jump, the big events that occurred in the comics this week!

    – Magik removes the power of the Cytorrak from Colossus in Uncanny X-Men #20.

    Miles joins the Ultimates in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #16.

    – Thor and Loki defeat Surtur and trick Odin to return in Mighty Thor #21.

    – New Avengers are attacked by a magical force, most likely like Drumm, in New Avengers #31.

    – Sinister is very much alive and taunts Cyclops in Uncanny X-Men #20.

    – Unit releases Danger from his control in Uncanny X-Men #20.

    – Wolverine confronts Cyclops and finds out he wants to stay in prison and die a martyr in AvX Consequences #2.

    Comics I will be reading this week (10/24) include:
    • Amazing Spider-Man #696
    • Avengers #32
    • AvX Consequences #3/5
    • Deadpool #63
    • Gambit #4
    • Incredible Hulk #15
    • Journey Into Mystery #645 (Everything Burns crossover)
    • Punisher: War Zone #1/5
    • Secret Avengers #33
    • Ultimate Comics Ultimates #17
    • Wolverine #315

    Training Log: Week 1- ME Squats

    Warm Up: Foam Roller, Lacrosse Ball, Stretch, Mobility, Hip Prehab

    Squats, no belt: 275×2, 315×3, 335×1, 355×1, 375×1, 315×3

    Front Squats, belt: 135×5, 155×5

    Goodmornings: 55x20x3

    Ab Wheel: BWx10x3 -ss- DB Shrugs: 100x15x3

    – Felt freaking great today.

    – On squats, I was hoping only to hit some singles with 315, but 315 was a decent triple and I worked up to 375 instead. I really focused on spreading my knees, breaking with my knees, and staying more upright and it felt pretty damn good to be honest. I feel like my quads are holding me back as on 375 I felt my back shoot back and my back take over on the way up. Still, not too shabby for me at this point. My PR is only 425 I do believe and that was at a BW around 220 I think.

    – I have to fly home probably Wednesday for a funeral so I will have to play my workouts by ear. I think there is an Anytime Fitness back in Indiana but I am not sure.

    Training Routine Update: 6 Week Block

    Last cycle/block/thing ended pretty well I would say. I am back back squatting, bench pressing, and most importantly not too hurt. Hopefully I can continue all of those things and maybe make some sort of progress.

    I have decided to start doing 6 week blocks of training before taking a step back and re-evaluating what is going on. Each block will work on 2-3 weaknesses at a time. You can’t fix everything at once. Will I stick to this? Who the hell knows but it is the thought that counts, right? (No actually, that is the worst saying ever lol).

    This block will take me right up to finals week, where I will most likely deload again so I can study for all my fun tests. Training days will still be 3 times a week (just can’t get there the fourth day) with 4 different days of training that rotate like I was doing before. Sticking with an upper/lower split once more. Exercises are going to be pretty close to the same stuff I was doing before.

    Upper Body Weakness: Triceps

    Upper Body A: 5×5 Bench Press

    – Pull Ups: 3×10
    – Bench Press: 5×5
    – Fat Grip CGBP: 2×5-8
    – Cable Rows: 3×10-15 -ss- Dips: 3 sets
    – Band Extensions: 2 sets -ss- Band Curls: 2 sets

    Upper Body B: Assistance

    – Cable Rows: 3×10-15
    – Fat Grip DB Bench Press: 3×10
    – Pull Ups: 3 sets
    – Skull Crushers: 3 sets -ss- Rear Delts: 2 sets
    – Cable Extensions: 3 sets -ss- Curls: 3 sets

    – I have to pair curls with the tricep work so my elbows don’t get cranky. Going to start bench pressing more often to work on form and well… not suck at bench pressing. These workouts are pretty much the same though. First sign of my shoulder acting up and I drop the BB bench press volume heavily.

    Lower Body Weakness: Upper Back

    Lower Body A: ME Squats

    – Abs: 3 sets
    – ME Squats
    – Front Squats: 2×5
    – Goodmornings: 3×20
    – DB Shrugs: 3 sets

    Lower Body B: RE Squats

    – Abs: 3 sets
    – Squats, belt: static 5×3
    – Pause Squats: 2×5
    – Kirk Shrugs: 3×10-15
    – One Leg DB SLDL: 3-8-12

    – Because I am unable to deadlift (or risk deadlifting), my upper back is now pitiful. I have noticed it not only in the mirror but also when keeping the bar on my back with squats. Going to introduce more free squats so I can get the form down. So I am dropping the box off for the 5×3 squat. On ME day, I will just do whatever squat I feel like, with or without a box. Goal isn’t necessarily to hit a 100% max squat, but to get 3-5 good, hard singles or triples in. Front squats is more for form work as I am trying to figure out why I can’t do them anymore without blacking out lol. If at any time my back or mind is saying, “squatting is a bad idea Mister Injury Man” then I will substitute with Leg Press like I have been doing.

    Training Log: Week 1- Upper Body

    Warm Up: Foam Roller, Lacrosse Ball, Stretch, Mobilize, Shoulder Rehab

    One Arm Cable Rows, 2min rest: 90x10x3

    Fat Grip DB Bench Press, 2min rest: 95x10x3

    Pull Ups, side of rack, 1min rest: BW(200)x13, BWx7, BWx5

    Floor EZ Skulls: 50×10, 50×8, 50×7 -ss- One Arm Machine Reverse Flyes: 70x20x2

    V Handle Cable Ext: 100×15, 80x15x2 -ss- Fat Grip BB Curls: 45x15x3

    – Back from the deload with a slightly new plan. I about have it ironed out so I will get it up this week. Not much is changing though, just some assistance stuff moving around.

    – Everything felt pretty good.

    – I forgot how awesome floor skulls can be. If you have not tried them before you should.

    – Squats tomorrow.

    Hugh can fucking ripped for The Wolverine. 

    Mrs. Shadow's Journey to Her First 10 K

    For those that have forgotten, Mrs. Shadow and I welcomed our first baby into the world about 4 months ago. Since then, my wife has been a dieting and exercising machine along with being the best mommy in the world and working a full time job to support my “still in school” ass.

    Recently, she has gotten more and more into running and she talked about doing some sort of a race. I saw that the St. Pete Classic races were coming up in January 19 and she immediately signed up for the 10 K run.

    This is her first 10 K and she will be using this blog to chronicle the journey! Anything she writes for the blog will be in PURPLE FONT.

    Week 2

    Friday, October 19- Road Bike
    6 miles in 35 minutes 

    Saturday, October 20- 1 mile run (10:33)

    Did this at 8:30AM and it was tough! Should have eaten breakfast first! Still beat my best time though 🙂

    Sunday, October 21- Lift
    For this workout, I did super sets as quickly as possible. I did not rest between the 2 exercises and then rested for 20 seconds between each set.

    • Planks: 3x45s
    • Machine Leg Press: 275x10x4 -ss- Push Ups: BWx10, BWx7, BWx5
    • Box Squats, lowest box: BWx10x3 -ss- Lat Pull Downs: 60x12x3
    • 45° Back Extensions: BWx10x3  -ss- Overhead DB Press: 15x10x3

    Monday, October 22- 1 mile run (10:53)
    It’s getting easier…

    Tuesday, October 23- REST

    Wednesday, October 24- Run and Lift

    1 mile in 10:10….Best time yet! (On treadmill)

    • Planks: 3x45s
    • Machine Leg Press: 285x10x3 -ss- Push Ups: BWx6x3
    • Box Squats, lowest box: BWx10x3  -ss- Lat Pull Downs:75x8x3
    • 45° Back Extensions: BWx10x3 -ss- Overhead DB Press: 15x10x3

    Thursday, October 25- 1.25 Miles

    This run felt GREAT. I forgot to set the timer on my pedometer but like I said it felt really good and I had energy to spare afterward!

    On a separate note, my left foot has really been bothering me this week. I am hoping that this doesn’t affect my training…crossing my fingers that it doesn’t get any worse.

    Superman: Doomsday (Animated) Review


    Why is Superman so God damn dull?

    This movie chronicles the comic book story “The Death of Superman” to an extent. They change some things (for the worse) but the basic point of the movie stays the same. Like the title states, Doomsday is the catalyst for the movie, but he is really just a plot point to get the real plot in motion to be honest. He comes, does his job, and is really never spoken of again and the movie moves on.

    This movie is exactly what you expect. The only entertaining parts are the two fights involving Superman. One is expected and pretty good: Doomsday. They didn’t give the character much background though. He was just sort of there and then started destroying shit and fighting.

    The movie as a whole didn’t have much of a point to it. Superman fights Doomsday, some blah blah blah that doesn’t mean a lot, and then Superman isn’t dead and fights some more. Meh.

    And if that just spoiled the movie for you, well, you are a fucking retard. Do you really think Superman is dead dead? Come on.

    The movie tries to get into Superman’s head and delve into his relationship with Lois, his importance to Metropolis, and how he views his contributions to humanity. But it is all just… dull. Superman in this movie is just boring when he isn’t punching someone in the face.

    Luckily, the two large action pieces are pretty good, especially Doomsday vs Superman. Doomsday is just one, big bad ass and it is good to see Supes fight someone his own strength. Of course, you could just catch the fight on youtube if you want and get the best part of the movie by far lol.


    Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 67% Audience: 57%

    Shadow’s Rating: 6/10– Movie drags when Supes isn’t punching someone but when he is it is entertaining.


    Pros, cons, and spoilers after the jump.

    Continue reading Superman: Doomsday (Animated) Review

    Thoughts on the Iron Man 3 Trailer

    Iron Man 3 is the first of the movies in “phase II” of Marvel’s movie plans. This morning, we finally got a trailer of the movie coming out this Spring…

    Whoa… didn’t expect that. Thoughts on this trailer are after the jump.

    – There were fears Marvel would shy away from the true Mandarin due to him being “racist caricature” or some shit. Instead, we have the true Mandarin, only he is being played by white guy. Classic Hollywood lol. But we did get a shot of the 10 rings and he had them on which is VERY interesting. Will we be getting the true, magical 10 rings in this movie? That would be beyond epic.

    – The tone of the trailer was extremely dark or down or gloomy or whatever which is a stark (hehe) contrast to the previous Iron Man films or Marvel films in general.

    – The movie isn’t shying away about how the battle of New York in the Avengers has affected Stark. This movie seems much deeper than the others by far.

    – Both Happy and Pepper look like they are in danger. The Mandarin is making this personal.

    – There were a few shots where it looked like Tony’s armors were moving… and he wasn’t in them. Is this the first looks into how Extremis will play out on the movie screen?

    – Iron Patriot armor just looks like Rhodey.

    I am stoked about this movie. Seems to be a much different direction for the Marvel films.

    The Illuminati are Back: New Avengers Roster Announced!

    new New Avengers logo. 

    With Bendis leaving the Avenger’s books, many assumed his Illuminati would essentially be no more. It was his baby and creation and many thought it would die without him.

    Apparently not, although the roster is changed big time.

    The Illuminati were essentially a secret group of Marvel hero’s who met and tried to essentially shape the world as they seemed fit. The original members were Iron Man, Charles Xavier, Namor, Reed Richard, Dr. Strange, and Black Bolt. Black Panther was offered a spot but declared the Illuminati as a horrible idea, told them to disband, and left. Throughout the years, Black Bolt was replaced with Captain America.

    The Illuminati have been integral to the history of the Marvel Universe, but right now their biggest thing is that each member owns an Infinity Gem to keep it hidden. But with Namor going rogue and Xavier being dead, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

    After the jump, a look at the new roster of the New Avengers which will be very interesting.

    The new New Avengers keep some of the core Illuminati members. Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Richards, and even Namor (somehow) are still members. New to the team is the Black Panther (YES!!!) and Beast. Black Bolt also seems to return to the team. The only one missing is Captain America. So it seems possibly that Beast or Black Bolt is taking Xavier’s spot and Panther is taking Captain America’s.

    However, one of the posters seems to show only 6 members, not seven. So who isn’t staying?

    This… is interesting. The big monkey in the room is Panther and Namor. Namor went nutso with his Phoenix powers and straight up destroyed Wakanda, the home of the Black Panther. The then got the shit beat out of him and lost is Phoenix powers. How are these two going to even be in the same room as one another, let alone on a team? Panther declared long ago he would kill Namor for what he did to Wakanda. Plus… Namor is wanted by the government along with the rest of the Extinction team.

    According to Hickman, this team gets together due to something Panther discovers that is supposedly so big he needs this team. That will be interesting.

    Also interesting is Black Bolt coming onto the team. Is he replacing someone? Just joining the team again? And why is he back?

    The other big monkeys in the room are the Infinity Gems. There are six gems yet there seem to be 7 members. Plus… what happened to Xavier’s if he is dead and he held it secret? Who doesn’t get a gem? Did Captain America give his to either Black Bolt or Panther or does he hold it for himself? Very interesting.

    All in all… this book will likely be fantastic. It was a book Hickman wanted to right BEFORE he was given both of the Avengers books. Color me excited for this one.

    New Avengers + Infinity Gems

    29 Gallon Update #8: Decoration Change Part 1

    One thing I keep on mentioning about my tank was the blue background. I don’t really like it, as I prefer black backgrounds on my tanks. But out of laziness and “trying something different” I kept it up for a long time.

    How it was when I began.

    But, it was time for the blue era to come to an end. Plus, I hated how the decorations were as the tank was too crowded and I could never see my fish no matter what. They had no incentive to go out in the open because they should still eat while hiding. And I didn’t pay 100’s of dollars on fish to look at drift wood. Plus, I bought some expensive Texas Holey Rock and it was time to get it in the tank.

    The decorations.

    First off, I took everything out of the tank so I could decide what goes back in and what comes out for good. Also, it allowed to me get all the poop out of the tank that was hiding under the decorations. And there was a lot of it.


    I actually left the tank bare for a day or two because I wanted to see how the Alto’s reacted. And honestly… it was probably the best thing I could have done. It forced them out in the open and made them a lot less shy in the future. They have especially become less shy during the night when they expect to get fed.

    Decoratoions then went back in. The plan was to provide hiding spots on the periphery of the tanks but leave the middle wide open. In hindsight, I definitely should have gotten a lot more rock, but that shit is expensive and I will slowly build up over time.

    Next, the background came off.

    And then I took a step back and though, “I actually like the no background look.” My tank looked brighter and other than the cords it didn’t look too bad. But, after about I week, I noticed the amount of algae int he tank was exploding, due to no background to stop the light from coming in the back of the tank. Plus, the cords were starting to annoy the crap out of me. So, whenever I get off my lazy ass, I will finally paint the back of it black.

    To be continued…