Black Hawk Down Review

Shadow’s Rating: 0/10– I wish I could un-watch this movie.

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 76%
Audience: 85%

Plot in a Nutshell: America soldiers are someplace they should not be, something bad happens, and a lot of soldiers die. Based on a true story. Ugh.


Spoiler filled thoughts (kind of)…

I hate war movies.

I always have. Especially ones that are supposed to be true stories or realistic or whatever. I don’t enjoy them one bit.

I have no problem watching Rambo slaughter 100’s of Viet-Congs or Benjamin Martin go ape shit on some red coats. But, war movies with American soldiers in realistic settings just are not my thing at all.

I heard great things about Black Hawk Down but I always avoided it because of this reason. And I should have kept on avoiding it because I hated every minute of this movie. The action seemed too real. The plot too real. No real happy ending whatsoever. Just soldiers being killed for no real good reason…just like real life. If you like war movies, you will probably like this one. Me? I’d rather watch Cinderella.


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