Musings #29

– I finished the “Fish Picture of the Month Archive” page to the right. It has all of the past Fish Picture of the Month posts in an easy to find format. Just like the last blog. The “Movie Review” page is still under construction and is going to take much much longer to finish. There are simply a lot more posts to re-format and fix and link, ect.

– School is murdering my lifting motivation again. That and the aches and pains are coming back. I just need to chug along for 2ish more months. Openers are still looking like 385/280/455 ish but we will see. I would love to open closer to 405/295/475 but bombing would be embarassing lol.

– I got my weight down to 188 this morning. I will probably take one more cheat and then try and hold sub 190 throughout February and March so I can get used to it and get a steady setting on my belt. An 8lb water cut shouldn’t be too bad.


– Something Awesome: Training Blogs

Training blogs are 100% superior to training logs. They have every feature of a training log… but improved to the 1000th degree. The ability to categorize your workouts makes it so you can find say… your last deadlift workout in two seconds. With a normal log, you would have to scroll and scroll and scroll. Also, comments are 100x more awesome in blogs, especially for popular blogs/logs. In a log, some huge dude posts a video, and 15 people make constructive posts like “OMG HAVE MY BABIES!!! YOU ARE SO AWESOME!” So, the next time you want to find out what you did last workout, you have to scroll through all that. Or, as a fan of a log, if you want to see what the thread starter is up to, you have to read all that shit. With a blog… not so. All comments are neatly contained out of the way making it easier for all parties involved.

So why do people not like Blogs? Especially blogs on lifting forums? I think it is ego. I think people WANT huge, inflated threads in the training section. They want 100 comments between posts. It makes them feel like a stud. To accomplish that in the blog section, YOU AND ONLY YOU would have to make post after post after post. And there is no way you can keep up with Hastalles posts. Not possible lol.


– Something Awful: “Video Only” Training Logs

They are really fucking boring and time consuming. With a normal log, you get the workout, in words, maybe followed by a highlight video or sometimes for the obsessed, the whole workout. Which is fine. If I see something in the workout I want to see, I can click the video and watch. Otherwise, I can read a workout in 30 seconds and move on.

But video-only logs? Nope… I have to sit through 5 minutes of warm ups and shit to see the main lift, which may be something shitty I didn’t want to see. So what happens is… I ain’t wasting my time. Even if it is someone impressive like Brandon Lilly. I wish this trend would just die. Give me words damnit. Same with podcasts… boring as fuck. I don’t have time for that shit. I can read a transcript in a minute… podcasts take forever not counting buffer time. Fuck that.


Training Log: Week 7- Assistance

Pull Ups: BW(194)+45x10x2, BWx12

Ab Wheel, cont: BW+5x10x3 -ss- 45° Back Ext: BW+5x15x3

Paused DB Bench Press: 100x8x2, 100×5

Floor EZ Bar Skulls: 70x8x2, 70×6 -ss- DB Curls: 20x15x3

DB Cleans: 20x12x3

BB Static Holds: 315x15cts, 335x15cts. 365x15cts x3


– Short on time today and the gym was packed.

– My stop watch battery died unfortunately. All rest times were between 45s to 3 minutes though if I had to guess. Moved relatively quickly. Need to get a new stopwatch asap.

– I am currently in Board reviews… so that means on top of being at school my usual 6:45-6, I have to come back for more school shit, usually until 10 PM. Pretty gay.

Training Log: Week 7- Squats

Squats, belt: 375×2 (88%), 350×2 (82%)

BB Shrugs: 315x8x2, 315×10 -ss- Dead Bug Variation: 3 sets

Strap Pull Ups: BW(192)x10x3 -ss- 45° Back Ext: BWx15, BW+5x15x2


– Baby has been sick so we haven’t been getting much sleep. I hope that is all that is going on anyway lol.

– Back felt iffy going into the workout, and then I hit the god damn stands walking the 375 out and me stopping the rotation tweaked it some more. Fucking stupid ass racks at this gym have the widest hooks I have ever seen. There is literally no room for error when walking to weight back or it hits the sides of the rack. ROAR! I was going to do 375 for 3-4 but it hurt so… yeah lol. I think they strength for 4 is definitely there though.

– No Deadlifts. Didn’t want to make the problem worse. It was supposed to be a light day anyway so not a huge deal. Next week is supposed to be heavy-ish.

– Weight was back down to 189 this morning.

Dr. Strange Movie CONFIRMED for Phase III!!!

Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange


Kevin Fiege, the head honcho of the Marvel Movie Universe, has said Dr. Stephen Strange will be apart of Phase III Marvel, along with Ant-Man (which we already knew about). This is kind of a stunning announcement just because Phase II hasn’t even started yet.

Strange is a pretty awesome character. He is the Marvel’s universes premier Magic user and is currently and historically the Sorcerer’s Supreme… aka the most powerful magic wielder on Earth and considered the magical protector of the mortal world. We have gotten a taste of magic in Thor and the Avengers with Loki, but Strange is on a completely different level and is PURELY magic based. Loki may use his magic to mind control a bit and make illusions… Strange uses his magic to fuck you up lol.


This means Marvel is going in another direction with their movies and seems dedicated to expanding to all corners of the MMU. We have the human characters (Widow, Hawkeye, Fury), the Earth based super heroes (Cap, Stark, Falcon), the monster (Hulk), Gods (Thor), and now Cosmic (Guardians of the Galaxy). Strange brings Magic into the fold.

The bad news? This makes it extremely unlikely that two of my favorite characters, Black Panther and Luke Cage, get a movie anytime soon. Phase II is going to have 5 movies: Iron Man 3, Thor 2, Cap 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 2. If Phase III does something similar, it is highly likely it will be Ant-Man, Dr. Strange, Thor 3, Cap 3, Avengers 3. Or GoG 2 or Iron Man 4. There isn’t a lot of room for Black Panther or Heroes for Hire.

Training Log: Week 6- Bench Press


Paused Bench Press, 3min rest: 260×4 (82.5%), 275x2x4 (87%), 260×3 (82.5%)

2 Board Bench Press, 3min rest: 275×2, 295×2, 275×2

Dips, narrow: BW(193)x12x2, BWx15 -ss- Fat Grip DB Static Hold: 75x30s x3

Machine Reverse Flyes: 50x15x4, 60×15 -ss- Hammer Front Raises: 15x15x4, 20×15


– My iffy shoulder is feeling iffy lol. Doesn’t really hurt just feels iffy. I might start doing just one set of paused bench press and then switch to close grip for the remaining sets until I get closer to the meet. Playing it by ear but I really don’t want to get my shoulder as shitty as it was before. That sucked.

– 3 minute rests feel like an eternity these days because I used 2min rest MAX for so long.

– Bench feels decent. I am not expecting huge gains just maintenance because of my weight. I need to get down to business with this weight loss but… meh.

– I don’t know how to add a video to this type of blog… its too big to drag and drop and it won’t embed so… raw link it is. B-Money HELP!!

The Evolution of Hank McCoy aka Beast

The X-Man Beast has gone through many looks/mutations over the years in the comics. And just recently, he got a brand new look as he once again mutated because of side effects of his previous tampering. So, let us take a trip down memory lane and take a look at Beast’s looks… including movie Beast.


Original Hank McCoy… pre-Beast 

Movie Hank McCoy

The Original Comic Beast


Young Movie Beast

90’s Animated Beast


Old Movie Beast



The New and Improved Ape Beast

Musings #28: Zombie Mind of Shadow

– I have to get used to the new blog format here. I previously came from a Blogspot thing and this one is wordpress based. All this really means is that I will me messaging B-Money constantly until he bans me lol. The other website will be deleted relatively soon.

-Let me explain my decision to switch and almost stop the blog. Within the next 1-5 years, I will be owning my own business. In the next 1-5 years, I might be looking for a job. The last thing I need is my possible employer or patient hunting on google, somehow someway running into my blog, and then seeing stuff like me calling people “slack jawed faggots.” That… wouldn’t be a good thing.

So the options were 1) delete blog, 2) pray no one finds it. After talking with B-Money, a third option arose… move the location and delete any mention of my name or “old” pen names.

There is still a risk but it is much smaller, especially since I am retiring my old youtube and using one that is just for the blog. My other Youtube channel is seen by people at school and family… aka much higher chance of them seeing the blog, seeing the youtube, and connecting the dots. Won’t be as easy with the new youtube

– And now a new feature to Musings… Something Awful… Something Awesome


Something Awful: The Quarter Dip Epidemic

– When the fuck did this start? Quarter squats? Seen them from the very beginning. People doing presses and only going down to “90°” or some shit? Seen them from the very beginning. But QUARTER DIPS? Why? What the hell is the point? It is sad that I haven’t seen a full rep dip (arms below parallel) in months? Instead you get this fucks in the gym, breaking elbow lockout and going right back up. For DIPS? Who gives a shit about dips enough to cheat them like that? This world sucks.


Something Awesome: Big Raw Meets in Florida This Year

– Florida (Orlando and Tampa areas) is home to the biggest raw meets in the US this year outside the Arnold. The Raw United Record Breakers is in Tampa, the 6th Annual Raw Unity meet is in Tampa, and I just saw the USAPL Raw Nationals (aka the biggest raw meet of the year) were in Orlando in July. Pretty sweet. I will probably hit up the Raw Unity meet in Tampa (one hour drive max) if I don’t have anything else schedule that weekend.