The 2012 Shadow Awards: Part 2/2- Misc

Here is Part two of the second annual Shadow Awards. This covers a range of topics including comic book, websites, and fish pictures.

The awards after the jump…

Best Comic Book- Journey into Mystery

– This is probably the most “different” book out there. It was weird, had a weird ‘hero’ (Kid Loki), was wordy… and was awesome. You never knew what was going to happen when with this book due to Kid Loki’s lies and tricks. And the ending was almost heart breaking with real Loki coming back to reclaim his body.

Best Comic Book Hero- Venom

– The Savage Six arc was one of my favorites this year. Venom has been a break out star as he not only has his solo but also showed up in Secret Avengers (and became the star over there) and now Thunderbolts. Not bad for a none A list character.

Best Comic Book Villain- Mr. Sinister

– He trolled Cyclops in his own way from the very beginning (and always has). He started the whole Phoenix talk with Hope. And then when the Phoenix came… he whooped its ass. And even after he failed and it seemed him and his whole “colony” were wiped out… he showed up at the prison Scott was at just to troll him some more.

Best Comic Book Death- Daken in Uncanny X-Force #34

– Logan finally did it… he killed his son who has been running rampant across the MU for awhile now. Honestly, for someone who does what is necessary and just deals with the consequences… it was a long time coming. What finally broke the camels back was Daken forcing Evan to dawn the Apocalypse armor and future Logan’s warning that Daken would slaughter every kid at the school if he doesn’t do it.

And how he did it, drowning his ass in a puddle… cold.

Worst Comic Book Death- Peter Parker in Amazing Spider-Man #700

– They killed probably the best known comic book character this side of Batman and Superman and it wasn’t even a “good” death. In the Ultimate Universe, the Death of Peter Parker was epic. He went out on his shield like a hero. In the 616? He pretty much guilts Doc Ock into being a good guy… someone who recently just tried to kill the whole planet. And then he dies. Fucking pitiful.

Best Website-

– The best site for movie news (not just comic book movies really) AND big comic news. And the information comes faster than any other place due to fans being able to make posts.

Best Blog- Kabuki Warrior

– He doesn’t seem to post often, but when he does it is some good shit. Not your typical lifting stuff you see but real life stuff that more people should read to make themselves a better person.

Best Training Log- Scott Yard at Elitefts

– One of the best 242/275 raw, natty lifters in the US.

Fish Picture of the Year- Peacock Bass Eating Goldfish


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