Training Log: Squats

Warm Up, Mobility, Hip/Knee Rehab


Squats, belt, 2min rest: 275x8x2

Manta Ray Pause Squats, belt, 2min rest: 225x5x2

BB Shrugs: 315x8x2, 315×10

Machine Hip Abduction: 100x20x3 -ss- Machine Hip Adduction: 100×20, 80×20, 50×20

Ab Wheel: BWx12x3 -ss- 45° Back Ext: BWx15x3

Leg Ext: 3×20 -ss- Seated Leg Curl: 3×20


Conditioning: 50 Jump Rope -ss- 8 Push Ups, 5x through, 15s rest between cycles.


– I forgot I haven’t really lifted normally in at least 3 weeks when you count the week after the meet, the week off before, and then the week before that was basically opener stuff. My legs were fried after like half a set of squats lol.

– My hips and knees are a bit beat up, especially my hips for whatever reason.

– I got my wife a manta raw because she prefers to squat with it so she doesn’t have a huge, nasty callous on her neck like I do lol. I thought I might as well take advantage of it so I put it on during my paused sets. Things fits weird on my back and digs into my traps but it does make the bar sit a lot higher (and I already squat pretty high bar) than normal so it stresses my low back and quads a bit more.

– My log is getting spammed to death in the comments… I reported like 25 pieces of spam the last day and a half lol. Anyone else having that problem here?


Training Log: Bench Press

Soft Tissue, Warm Up, Shoulder Rehab


Bench Press, 2min rest: 200×10, 200×8

Close Grip Bench Press, 2min rest: 160x8x2

2-Board Bench Press, 2min res: 160x8x2

Paused Fat Grip DB Bench Press, 90sec rest: 50x8x2, 65×8

Angled Smith Machine Skulls: 95x10x3

Cable Ext: 80×15, 50x15x2

Machine Reverse Flyes: 60x15x3 -ss- Machine Flyes: 60x15x3

Push Ups: BWx15, BWx10


Conditioning: Rower, 10 mins, 1min slow, 30sec sprint



– I am so bad at high rep stuff. Especially combined with shorter rest times. But I wanted a more pumpish, body building type workout to get some blood in these muscles after doing a bunch of 3 and under work for the last month or two.

– Doing conditioning again so I am able to eat a bit more while trying to keep my weight in the mid 180’s.

Musings #31: Lifting Edition

– Is geared lifting dying? I went to a local meet back in Indiana a few years ago when the raw division was pretty new. I asked some of the meet guys about raw and they acted like it was a red headed step child. The meet maybe had 30 lifters and 2 of them were maybe raw. And this was at a local small USAPL meet where you would expect mostly raw dudes.

This meet at 110 lifters, and 90% were raw. In my “time slot,” there were 60 lifters and I saw maybe 5 shirts/suits. With the IPF having raw worlds and such… I really wonder about the future of single ply lifting. To be honest, I think single ply lifting is fucking stupid. Gear is gear… if you want to wear it you might as well go big.

– Due to the internet, you forget how big/strong even people who put up measly totals like me actually are. I got 3rd (I think) out of all the 181’s in the meet with a sub 1200 total. On the internet, anything sub 1400 at 181 is just balls and piss. It is easy to forget that the internet is a different ball game and get caught up in how shitty you are. I am not saying I am the shit or something but I am definitely not a weak piece of shit, even when compared to other competing powerlifters. But compared to people on the internet, my total sucked donkey dick.

– Missing a 300 bench still drives me bonkers.

– There is just something pure about walking weight out. I don’t know what it is but there is just something about it. I see Stan’s bad ass raw total but when I see his squat, the first thing that pops in my head is “there is no way he can do that without that mono. No way in hell.” Between the shaking, the wide stance, and the re-rack… there just isn’t anyway. It is still awesome just different.

– Meets are boring. When it is your flight, it is fun. But outside of that, it is boring as fuck. If I didn’t have my phone I may have killed myself.

– Girlfriends, wives, friends in general should not be in the warm up room. There were people hanging back there and in the way for absolutely no reason. It got aggravating at times because they were in the best spots to see the lifting from the warm up area and were in the way numerous times when you were on deck.

– I have had to explain what a bench press shirt is to so many people this week due to that kid benching 700lbs that it is disgusting. And after I explain what it is, I get the exact same reaction, “well, isn’t that cheating? That sounds dumb.” Yes, yes it does… Then I have to explain Larry Allen’s “NFL record” and how  shitty it was lol

– There are two meets in July that I am thinking about doing. They are both in Orlando. I am leaning towards doing the USAPL RAW Nationals in late July just because it would be cool to see all the really strong drug free guys. But, it costs more and I would probably finish last and embarrass myself lol. There is another meet in early July as well. Who knows I might not do either just depends. I would have liked more of a break but after July, there isn’t another close meet until December. I don’t feel like driving to Ft. Lauderdale again.

2013 USAPL Florida State Championships Meet Report

So, I finally man’d up and did my first real powerlifting meet. Overall, I totaled so it can be considered a success. There will be more posts with “lessons learned” and stuff like that but this post will simply serve as a direct report on the meet. Easiest to break it up into the two days I was out of town.



So I wake up (late) Saturday morning and I had to run some errands before we took the 4 hour jaunt to Ft. Lauderdale. I had to get my taxes taken care of, get my oil changed, and run to the store and get food for the meet. And then we were off for a nice boring ride across the state.

Got to the hotel around 4:45-ish, dropped off the luggage and then headed over to the meet location. I emailed the meet director and he said the meet scale would be available. I was eager to check my weight so I could compare it to my shitty ass scale to make sure they were close. However, I show up only to discover the meet scale was NOT available which kind of ticked me off. It may have just been because I was starving and thirsty though lol. I decided to check my equipment in while I was there. Discovered my wrist wraps would not be allowed if it were a national meet (have to be Inzer, Titan, or Metal and mine are APT) and that I forgot to get knee high socks for deadlifts. Not off to a good start here.

So, I run to Sports Authority, grab socks, head back to the hotel. Found out the gym at the hotel had a medical-style scale and compared it to my home scale only to notice my home scale was weighing me 3 lbs LIGHT. Fuck. The hotel scale had me around 185 at this time. So, my dinner consisted of only a couple tea spoons of peanut butter. I did some light-ish cardio that night (felt good to get moving and loosen up after being stuck in the car all day) and dropped my weight down to 182ish if I remember correctly. I typically lose 2-lbs at night so I thought I would wake up at 179-180, pee, poop, and be good to go. I was in bed by 8:30.

I was wrong.



I woke up at the exact same weight on my home scale. This simply does not happen to me. And, to top it off, I wasn’t peeing (so much for the water load) or pooping. I headed down to the hotel scale and it weighed me right at 181… exactly like my home scale. Which confused the hell out of me since my home scale was weighing me light. I was confused, did some more cardio, dropped to 180 and prayed that would be good enough. Got my stuff together and me and the fam headed over.

Got to the meet spot and it looked nice and professional and large. Lots of seats, two platforms, ect. The back area/warm up area had 4 platforms and places to sit. Got my membership paid for, my rack height, and weighed in at 81.7 kg. Of course I took a shit immediately after which would have been helpful before hand lol. Got some food and water in me and waited around with the fam for stuff to happen.

All of the pre-meet stuff was a clusterfuck. The number of people that showed up to lift (110 lifters total split into a morning and afternoon session) stunned the meet director and you could tell it was stressing him out. Plus he had problems with the venue and told us he got there at like 3AM to start setting up instead of getting to set up yesterday evening like he was told. There was going to be two platforms running at the same time and 4 flights. Unfortunately, half of us heard that there were three flights instead of four. Also, they had no list of who was in what flight, they just made confusing, hard to hear announcements pertaining to flight information that half of us couldn’t understand. The computer system they were trying to use wasn’t very helpful at all either. In short, it was a mess.

Not knowing what was going on due to the fact it was my first meet and I had no handler or anything, I thought I was in flight C (which was going first on the second platform) so I quickly hit my squat warm ups, got my stuff together, and waited. And waited. And waited. And waited. I warmed up an entire flight early lol. But warm ups felt good and I felt absolutely no ill effects from cutting weight or nerves or anything.

Finally it was my turn and my first attempt was 369.3. Buried it and hit it with ease. Best my squat has felt in a month. I was in the meet and put in my second attempt for 407.9

407.9 felt great as well. Decided to take a decent jump up to 429.9 for my third attempt.

As I was getting ready to take my third attempt, the back spotter (who did a great job, all of them did) mentioned under his breath to “make sure to get it down there” which struck me as odd because both my first two attempts were deep as fuck. I don’t know if the couple lifters before me were cutting depth or what. Anyway, I walk it out, get the squat command, and I here him say again, “take it deep.” This totally got in my head, I fucking buried the lift, and couldn’t quite come up with it. I gave it a fight though. I should have blocked the guy out (he was just trying to help) because I ALWAYS squat deep and I am not sure if it mattered but I end up settling for my second attempt 407.9.

Next up was bench press and I timed my warm ups a lot better this time. All my warm up felt fast as well and I noticed I was towards the end of the flight this time with my opener.

Opener of 275.6 was smooth and fast as shit. The commands were great, the pause was just like I trained, and I felt great to jump up to 303.1.

I get up there for my second attempt, bring the bar down for the pause and… pause… and pause… and pause… and finally get the press command. The pause felt like an eternity. When I got up, I noticed the head judge had changed between my first and second attempt. This guys pause was the dreaded “USAPL paused bench” instead of a normal pause like my first rep. Switching judges during a flight seems pretty fucking gay in my opinion as there is no way I would have jumped up 30lbs if I had that kind of pause for the first attempt. Anyway, I tried it again on the third and couldn’t complete the lift. Bench was my only real disappointment in the day as I really wanted to hit at least 300lbs.

Deadlifts were up and I warmed up just fine again and the weight felt easy as shit once again. I actually was afraid I was fatiguing due to the shittyt 2nd and 3rd attempts with benching though. I was also kind of down due to the bench pressing but my wife was texting me encouragement and I really really didn’t want to bomb lol.

But, 451.9 flew up easy peasy and I had my first official powerlifting total. Due to how bad I was grinding weight today, I took a conservative 2nd attempt at 485 instead of doing my planned second attempt of 501. I just honestly wanted to go 3/3 in at least one lift today. 485 went up just as smooth as 451, so I called in 501.1 to try and get my 500 meet deadlift.

500 went up great with no pause and the day was over. Finished with a total of 537.5 kg/ 1184.98 lbs. This was good for 2nd place in the 181 RAW Open out of like 5-8 lifters. If you put all 11 181 RAW guys in the same category (some were junior some were collegiate), I believe I got third.

Here is a video of the meet:

Overall, the actually meet was ran great. There were 60ish lifters in my group (110 lifters total, but that had everyone over 181 lift in the afternoon. I was in the morning group). We ran two platforms and the meet started at 9:00AM and finished awards and everything by 1:00 PM.

Thanks for everyone that followed along with my blog or my lifting log. Overall, I would say it was a successful journey. I didn’t quite get the total I was wanting, but the meet allowed me to get in 15 straight weeks of good TRAINING (something I haven’t done in a long time), forced me to focus and get my body fat levels down, I discovered I can deadlift again without pain, and I got my first official powerlifting total in the books.

There will be more posts in the future with thoughts on the meet but this is the gist of it.

2013 USAPL Florida State Championships Quick Results

For those who didn’t catch my IA log (easier to update on IA on my phone due to tapatalk).

Quick results only, I will have a lot more thoughts later when I have time. Just got home not too long ago and now I have a project to do and I am tired from all the driving and hotels and such.

Weighed in at 81.7 kg so in 181 RAW Open Class

Squats: #1- 167.5/369.3- Good, #2- 185/407.9- Good, #3- 195/429.9- Miss

Bench Press: #1- 125/275.6, #2- 137.5/303.1- Miss, #3- 137.5/303.1- Miss

Deadlift: #1- 205/451.9- Good, #2- 220/485- Good, #3- 227.5/501.5- Good

Total- 537.5 kg/1184.98 lbs, which got me 2nd in the 181 RAW Open. I think I got third if you count all the RAW 181 together. I think one of the collegiate guys stomped me (and broke 4 collegiate American records at the same time).

Only real disappointment was the bench press but talk more about that later. Not the total I wanted at all, but I have a total now and if I decide to continue powerlifting then I have something to shoot for from now on. More thoughts and vids later.

Taken 2 Review


The vague, initial premise of this movie is awesome. Basically, Mills killed a bunch of bad guys… and those bad guys have families. And those families want to fuck him up now.

Unfortunately, the execution of this premise was well… boring. All it did was provide Mills a chance to blow through some people while barely breaking a sweat.

This movie is incredibly average. Stunningly so. I was very disappointed. The first movie not only showed how much of a hard ass Mills was but also showed us some of the unique strategy he used to try and find his daughter. It also focused on him and him alone. His family was just used as a reason for him to unleash mass destruction.

Taken 2… not so much. Yes, Mills is still a bad ass and Liam is awesome. But the strategy was a bit weak this time. And worst of all… his family was in the movie too much. WAY WAY too much Kim or whatever the hell the daughter’s name was. I just don’t understand why they had to interject them into the story. No one cares about her… they wan’t Mills to beat ass in a unique way.

And if you thought Mills was unstoppable in the first movie… well he suddenly became even more bullet proof and resistant to damage. At this point, I think he may be Thor’s brother and he is not a mere mortal but actually Asgardian.

The movie is pretty boring and has none of the intrigue or fun of the first. The bad guys were just plain generic and the premise virtually meant nothing at all. Blah. Glad I didn’t see it in theaters.


Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 22% Audience: 55%

Shadow’s Rating: 4/10– What a disappointment. Has none of the charm of the first one.


Pros, cons, and spoilers after the jump.


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That Month in Comics: February 2013

ironman #6


Best of the Best

Batman #17– This was supposed to be “shocking!” It wasn’t but it was still entertaining. The Joker never (physically) mutilate any of the Bat family but he seemed to have shook them up mentally. Joker once again falls in a pit with no body found but he will be back of course.

New Avengers #3– Beast is brought into the group after he discovers the Infinity Gem left to him by Professor X. He is retrieved by the other members, much to Namor’s disdain. An incursion occurs and they agree that Captain America should wield the Infinity Guantlet since it is his idea. Captain America stops the incursion, but the gems end up breaking (except the time gem which just vanishes) because of it. After a tussle, the Illuminati convene where Captain America tells them that they cannot start destroying universes and they must look for other options. The group disagrees, turns on Cap, and Dr. Strange uses a spell to wipe his mind. This comic is EPIC!

Justice League #17– The Justice League plus the reserves fight to repel the Atlanteans as Aquaman fights his brother. Aquaman wins, Orm concedes the the crown to Aquaman the rightful king, and Aquaman commands the army to stand down. Vankko or whatever gives Aquaman the trident and he sends the Trench monsters back to the deep. Aquaman keeps Orm at the surface and sends Vankoo to Atlantis prison. Justice League only made it to the best of the best because it focused on Aquaman, the best book on the DC side for sure.

Uncanny Avengers #4– Havok and Scarlet Witch confront a mind controlled Thor in an epic battle that Witch eventually wins by using powers she didn’t want to use (can barely control it) and throwing Thor out of Earth. Cap is being mind controlled by Skull who tells him that his American ideal is dead (and its true and hits home to be honest). Rogue eventually shows up, turns off Skull’s telepathy, Skull is hit really hard and eventually is taken away by the Water woman before someone can kill him. In a “flash forward” scene, will are shown a world taken over by the Red Skull as Onslaught!

Uncanny X-Men #1– Scott can’t control his powers. Magneto is severely downgraded. Emma has no telepathy (and is thus useless and boring). Scott is hell bent on starting a mutant revolution/war. And… Magneto is a traitor who is going to help SHIELD take Scott down? Wut?



All New X-Men #7

Aquaman #17

Avenging Spider-Man #17

Cable and X-Force #4- This comic is picking up. Cable’s group just murdered a bunch of people as they were trying to stop a virus spread.

Captain America #4

Daredevil: End of Days #5/8

Deadpool #5

Guardians of the Galaxy #0.1

Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity #1

Indestructible Hulk #4

Punisher: War Zone #5/5

Secret Avengers #1- I like the idea of SHIELD using some of the Avengers on missions and then wiping their minds of it. Interesting concept that will eventually blow up in their face and lead to a massive shit storm. Especially if they start using more powerful members like Hulk.

Superior Spider-Man #3- I am loving Spock.

Superior Spider-Man #4

Thor: God of Thunder #5

Thunderbolts #4- Just like X-Force, this comic is finally coming into its own.

Thunderbolts #5

Uncanny X-Men #2

Venom #31

X-Men Legacy #6



A+X 4

Avengers #5- Smasher is boring. I will be glad when the new character intros are over with.

Conan the Barbarian #13

Daredevil #23

Gambit #9

Iron Man #6

Morbius: The Living Vampire #2

Nova #1

Savage Wolverine #2

Scarlet Spider #14

Secret Avengers #37

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #19

Wolverine and the X-Men #25

Young Avengers #2



Avengers #6- Hickman needs to step his game up.

Hawkeye #8

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #18- This change of dimension thing is lame. More Shredder please.



Avengers Arena #4

Avengers Arena #5

Top 10 Anticipated Movies of 2013


Honorable Mention: Jurassic Park 3D

– Jurassic Park was and is awesome. I remember seeing this movie as a kid (one of the rare times I went to the theaters before the last few years) and how awesome it was. I haven’t officially rated this movie yet for some reason, but don’t worry, it is going straight to God Status. It is one of the few movies (along with say Sherlock Holmes and Avengers) that me and my wife both enjoy. Yes, the kids are annoying and yes, it is really unrealistic (duh), but if you don’t like this movie, fuck you and your baby’s mama.


#10- 300: Rise of an Empire

– On here by default really. 300 was epically epic. I have no idea what this movie is really about due to the lack of a trailer or anything, but if it is anything like 300 it will be at least passable.


#9- Pacific Rim

– Giant Robots vs. Giant Monsters. Sounds fun. Plus del Torro behind it? Sounds like it could be epic.


#8- Riddick

– Riddick is a pretty awesome, bad ass character. Pitch Black was a pretty good “monster” movie and Chronicles was a decent action flick. This time around, it seems like they are combining the two movies, which could be pretty awesome.


#7- Star Trek Into Darkness

– The last Star Trek was awesome and fun as hell. I have no idea what took so long to get a sequel, but I expect the same with this movie.


#6- G.I. Joe: Retaliation

– This movie was supposed to come out LAST summer. The trailers make it look so much better than the first GI Joe. Ninjas plus Guns plus the Rock and Willis minus a Wayan brother minus stupid gadgets = Yay!


The Top 5 brings us into the meat and potatoes of the year. The best of the best… the reason why this years crop of movies is awesome. The lastfive will be entertaining and hopefully good… the next 5 have the potential to be epic and God Status worthy.


#5- Man of Steel

– Superman is basically the original super hero. The one who is untouchable and unstoppable. He is also the one that has produced a string of terrible terrible movies. Superman these days is just hard to do in any medium due to his powerset (pretty much everything) and his weaknesses (pretty much nothing). This movie could be incredible or this years Green Lantern. And it will make or break WB and the possible DC shared universe and future Justice League movie. If this movie fails/sucks, say good bye to any hope for Justice League. So far, this movie is getting some high praise so I am keeping my fingers crossed even though I don’t particularly enjoy the character.



#4- The Wolverine

– Wolverine Origins was definitely not the best movie in the world. Origins + Last Stand almost destroyed the X-Men franchise. Well, actually, it did destroy until Fox decided to try and connect the 4 movies with the semi reboot First Class in Days of Future Past. But that is for another article. The Wolverine was thought to be after Origins is now actually after Last Stand. This changes EVERYTHING. Instead of being a whole movie about trying to figure out who the heck he is, it is going to be a full movie of him realizing he stabbed the woman he loves in the gut and left the school. This movie looks MUCH darker than the previous X-Men movies and looks much more “down to earth.” Frankly, it is the wild card of the summer. As long as there are plenty of samurai and ninja for Wolverine to SNIKT! then it can’t be THAT bad and could be epic.



#3- Iron Man 3

– Phase 2 begins in the Marvel Movie Universe with IM 3. Although this is a sequel to IM 2, really it is a sequel to Avengers and how Stark is dealing with the post-Chitauri invasion world. IM 1 was epic, IM 2 was a bit of a let down… where will IM 3 fit in? From the looks of the trailer and the fact we are finally getting Stark’s iconic villain, I don’t think we have much to worry about.



#2- Thor: The Dark Worlds

– Thor 2 is being overshadowed a bit right now due to the fact it doesn’t come out to the fall. But this movie, from what we have seen, looks like it could be everything a Thor fan hopes for. Thor 1 was awesome but bogged down a bit due to the Earth scenes and the fact that Thor really wasn’t THOR! during the middle chunk of the movie. But with The Dark Worlds, Thor is not just going to be on Earth and Asgard but in all of the nine realms dealing with Malekith and maybe… someone else in the background (Thanos, Surtur?). The director is the dude who does Game of Thrones and all of the pictures so far make the movie seem much more nitty gritty than the sparkling Asgard. Thou shall not doubt the Son of Odin!



#1- The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

– Was there any doubt? The first one was fun as shit and I don’t expect anything different. I ALMOST switched Thor and The Hobbit for the simple fact that I am not 100% sure what is going to be in this movie. I don’t know how far into the book they will get. This chunk of the trilogy all depends on how much Smaug we get to see and experience. The more the merrier with this chapter. The Two Towers was the best of the LotR trilogy… can the Desolation of Smaug be The Hobbits Two Towers? I doubt it (mostly due to the fact the War of the 5 armies will be in the final chapter) but this is the king of the 2013 movies.

Training Log: Week 14- Meet Week Post

– I am not going to waste my time posting up my “training” for this week. Basically, I will go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and do a bunch of foam rolling and mobility stuff (basically what I do for a warm up each workout but on steroids lol), and then “fuck around.” One time during the week I will squat, bench press, and pull really light (talking 50% of 1RM here) just to stay in the groove. The only other lifting I will do is blood pump work if I have a joint that is achy (ex: if my elbow is achy, I will do some light curls and cable extension, if should light raises, ect). Just enough stuff to break a sweat and feel good and leave.

– I start water loading tomorrow. I weighed myself at 183.8 when I got home today from Boards (around 4:00 pm). I only had an apple and some coffee and water earlier in the day, so I was probably 182-183 this morning. Easily the lightest I have been and in fact TOO light. My belt won’t fit right. So I had one more big carby meal today and I will just keep an eye on it as I go along. Not to worried about it and it will be an easy cut unless something goes terribly wrong. Prefer to water cut from around 185-186 as that is when my belt fits 100% perfect (aka really fucking tight).

– Hopefully I can catch up on my sleep this week as this weekend killed me. Neck and back are hating their life right now. Hope to get an adjustment (from someone good preferably) this week and get some graston work done to my shoulder and low back.

– Nothing really left to do except drink a lot of water and rest up.