(Re-Post) Iron Man Review

[Just a re-post to prepare for Iron Man 3 which comes out this Friday. — Shadow]


This movie made Iron-Man much more exciting than he ever was in the cartoons. They made Iron-Man a star. And this is one of the best comic book movies ever made probably.

Downey Jr. is a PERFECT Tony Stark. He was born for this part and absolutely nails it. Dude is subtley funny as shit and pulls of genius playboy epically. Enough can’t be said about how he played this part. He makes Tony Stark much more interesting than Iron-Man.

The movie blends in its action sequences seamlessly into the plot and evolution of Iron-Man. Throw in Downey’s funny and you have a very well balanced movie. The other actors/characters play their parts well without any glaring bad performances.

They also seamlessly set up the Avengers with this movie as well, unlike Iron-Man II which just seemed like a movie meant entirely for the Avengers (and to make loads of money). They blend in SHIELD quite well without it being a distraction.

The only thing holding this movie back, from an action/comic book movie fan, is the fact the villain leaves a lot to be desired. He isn’t some super villain like say Loki, the Red Skull, Magneto, ect. He is basically just a greedy dick.

I think this movie really shows what can be done with comic book movies that are not Batman (even though the first two X-men were pretty good). A comic book movie doesn’t have to be “dark” or realistic to be great. It just has to be great and make sense and Marvel showed that here.


Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 94% Audience: 91%

Shadow’s Rating: 9/10– This is an excellent movie that is a must see for any comic book fan of course. So why not a 10/10? Because I simply don’t find Iron-Man as a super hero that interesting and the climax and villain leave a bit to be desired.


Pros, cons, and spoilers after the jump.


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Training Log: Squats

Warm Up


Squats, belt: 300x8x2

BB Shrugs: 320x8x3

Goodmornings: 2×10

Leg Press: 2×15


Conditioning: Bike, 20 mins


– Brother was still in town so we hit a squat workout.

– My back has been really sore (ok.. painful lol) since the “let the weight down light” shit so I decided to take it easy today squatting. So only 2 sets today and the rest of the stuff was pretty easily. I already planned on not doing deadlifts this week (doing 3 weeks on, 1 week off for deads) so it should give my back a break this week. The only problem is that I have to drive a lot this weekend and driving KILLS me. Oh well.

– So I just did my reg squats and shrugs and then just did what the bro did. Bro squatted 275x8x2 with no belt and they looked pretty easy (and deep of course). My set felt damn good compared to last week but that could be because I squatted facing the mirror. Bro is used to looking at a mirror and it is easier for me to switch than for him.


Massive Movie Update Post

I have been seriously slacking on my movie news updates. I have simply been busy/lazy/in pain so this post is here to rectify this pathetic situation.

– The 3rd and I would assume final Man of Steel (aka Superman) trailer dropped. It pretty much reiterated what we already know, but it did show Superman PUNCHING SOMEONE OMG WHO WOULD THINK!?!? This movie does seem ridiculously brooding for a Superman film but I will have faith in Snyder’s action abilities. Superman is a hard ass comic book hero to adapt to movies due to the fact he is so ridiculously overpowered, is so iconic, has such a large following (so if you change anything in his mythos the fans start bitching), and is well… from the old era where super heroes don’t kill and are really really nice (aka boring).

I don’t know why the fucking links won’t embed… I swear I miss blogspot sometimes.

– There have been a lot of mini-updates from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Most of them have not been worth posting until we finally got a look at the new Electro played by Jamie Fox. They definitely went with the Ultimate version of the villain and he looks pretty interesting.

 .– The last few Iron Man 3 commercials have confirmed the existence of “Extremis Soldiers.” I am really curious how Extremis plays out in the movie. Hopefully it isn’t just for making the bad guys have super powers… Tony was very connected to Extremis in the comics.

The reviews for Iron Man 3 have so far been amazing, so I expect nothing but quality with this movie. I need to re-watch the other three (yes three. IM 1, IM 2, Avengers) this week. I will see the movie Sunday I think due to being out of town Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

– The Matt Damon movie, Elysium, has flown under my radar. Check out the trailer, it doesn’t look half bad at all.

– Some Captain America: Winter Soldier concept art has come out due to the movie starting its filming process. Included are pictures of Falcon and Winter Soldier. Both designs look good… Winter Soldier is basically in his classic garb while Falcon has been updated and looks more like the Ultimate version.

.We have also gotten word that Fury and Widow are in the movie as well. So this will be a very SHIELD centric movie and it described as a “political thriller” type of movie. Ok… whatever that means lol. We have also heard that Falcon isn’t likely to have his Bird telepathy and that Red Wing is not in the movie. Not sure I care either way with that decision… Falcon isn’t exactly the coolest super hero in the world.

– On the Guardians of the Galaxy front, the wrestler Bautista has been cast as Drax the Destroyer. It works.. all Drax does it kill. Not much dialogue for him. Just need someone with some muscle.

– The remake of Fantastic 4 began filming/production. Fox plans to integrate F4 in with their X-Men universe which is… whatever lol. Just another company trying to piggy back on Marvel’s success. F4 and X-men are not that related but I guess it could be cool if done right. Anyway, this is one franchise I was hoping would go back to Marvel so Marvel would have access to the villains that go with F4 like Dr. Doom, Galactus, and the Skrulls.

– I didn’t see GI Joe 2 because it came out at a bad time and I heard it was pretty mediocre and possibly worse than the first. So I didn’t waste my (ok my wife’s) hard earned money. But, it did awesome at the box office and GI Joe 3 is already in development.

– Disney announced that we will be getting a Star Wars film EVERY YEAR after Episode VII comes out. Holy shit lol. It isn’t all going to be the main story line, but will include spin offs such as movies about Yoda, Hans, ect. I think this is WAY too much as Star Wars really is the most overrated movie series in the universe (great idea and story line, poor execution). I guess they aren’t worried about fan fatigue (it works for Marvel so Star Wars should be no different I suppose).

– Bourne 5 is in active development. No idea if Renner or Damon are going to be in it or not. Number 4 was pretty disappointing so I don’t have high hopes for 5.

– Wesley Snipes is out of prison and confirmed to be broke so he is going to be apart of Expendables 3 as expected.

– first poster and description of 300 sequel

Training Log: Bench Press

Warm Up, Shoulder Rehab


Bench Press: 275×1, 225x8x2

Close Grip Bench Press: 200x8x2

2-Board Bench Press: 255×3, 265×3, 275×3

Paused 30* Incline Bench Press: 75x8x3

EZ Bar Skulls: 70x10x2, 50×12

Cable Ext: 110x20x3

Reverse Machine Flyes: 3×15 -ss- Machine Flyes: 3×15

Push Ups: BWx37 -ss- Pull Ups: BWx15 -ss- Dips: BWx10


Conditioning: Rower, Interval, 30s/30s,10mins


– My brother is in town so I lifted with him. Awesome to have someone competent to lift with lol.

– Everything felt great today. Last week of high reps this week then reps drop to 5 to start preparing for the meet.

– Weight is way up again due to cheating because my bro has been in town lol. Excuses Excuses lol.

Training Log: Deadlifts

Warm Up


Conventional Deadlift, belt: 470×2, 385x3x4

Cable Rows, 60s rest: 195x8x3

Underhand Lat Pull Downs. 60s rest: 170×8, 180x8x2

45° Back Ext: BW+10x10x2

Ab Wheel: BW+15x10x3 -ss- Reverse Back Ext Holds: BWx35s x3


Conditioning: Rower, Intervals 30/30, 10mins


So, I tried to get into the gym early to beat the staff so I could deadlift in peace. I failed. So my deadlifts had a much more controlled negative than I would have liked and I still didn’t do all hte sets I planned because of it. Annoying.

– 470 was much heavier than I expected but I was kind of tired (don’t usually lift that early) and I just didn’t have the mentality to SFW due to the circumstances so whatever. It felt about 25lbs heavier than I wanted though.

– I will take a break from deadlifts next week.

Thor: The Dark World Trailer Dissection

I have a mega post coming up with all the movie news I have been slacking on, but the Odinson deserves his own post.

For the fools who missed the trailer yesterday…


After the jump, some thoughts on the trailer. It doesn’t show us a whole lot plot wise but I will do what I can to guess/question what the hell is going on. It was really more of a sizzle reel than a true trailer, but the first trailers for Marvel are typically like that. It is the second trailer where we learn what the movie is really about.


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Training Log: Assistance

Warm Up, Shoulder Rehab


Bench Press, feet on bench, 2min rest: 195x10x2

Dips, 90s rest: BW+55x6x4

DB Shoulder Press, 90s rest: 75x5x3

Paused Wide Grip Pull Ups, 60s rest: BW+25x5x3

Wide Grip Pull Ups: BWx12

BTN OH Press, to ear: 75×10,95×10

Rolling DB Ext: 35x10x3 -ss- Seated DB Curls: 25x12x3

Side Raises: 25x20x2


Conditioning: Bike, intervals



– Weight was down to 190 at the gym… the culprit was definitely the ibuprofin.


Training Log: Squats

Warm Up, Hip Rehab


Squats, belt, 2min rest: 285x8x2

Paused Manta Ray Squats, 2min rest: 255x5x2

Machine Hip Abduction: 120x20x3 -ss- Machine Hip Adduction: 80x20x3

Leg Ext: 3×20

1/4 GHR: 3×20

Dead Bugs: 3 sets -ss-  DB Shrugs: 100x20x3


Conditioning: Treadmill incline 15mins


– Had a horrible time trying to warm up for whatever reason. My knees and hips just would not loosen up. Made the squats harder than they should have been.

– Had a weird back pump the whole workout. Odd.

– Had to do gay DB shrugs because someone was in the rack.

– Weight dropped dramatically… was 198 yesterday morning and was 192 at the gym today. So about 8lbs morning weight dropped.

Musings #32: No More Finals! Or Classes!

– Took my last final Thursday. Now just 7 months of clinic (and no class!) and I am done with school. Also means, no more official homework or tests to study for. Just go to school and come home. My schedule kind of sucks (a lot of days I am there 6AM to 7PM) but no homework or tests = fine by me.

– I finally got my hips feeling back to normal. I don’t know what happened but they started to hurt a couple weeks before my meet and then they got really bad right afterwards. It got to the point I couldn’t do a bodyweight squat to depth without pain no matter how much I warmed up. All I did was stretch my hip adductors, ITB, and hip capsule at least once a day and it seemed to iron itself out. My adductors get stupid tight if I don’t stretch them regularly.

– I also noticed my adductors are extremely week compared to my abductors. Back when I pulled often and pulled sumo, I would do the hip machines and they were about equal. Now, there is about a 50lb weakness between the two movements for whatever reason.

– My weight skyrocketed the last ten days. I think it is due to all the ibuprofin and OTC medication I was taking for my wisdom tooth. I ballooned up to 198 from 188 in 10 days and it coincides with my teeth hurting me. I rarely take medication and all the shit I have been taking to get through finals has me feeling “off.” Holding lots of water, weird rashes pop up, stomach is a hot mess, ect. I don’t know how people take shit like this every day.

At least I hope the weight gain is water or I am in some deep shit because I am not eating much lol.

– I caught some of the UFC on Fox this weekend. And I was bored out of my mind. I used to watch cards every time they were on now I am completely over it. I liked the sport better when it was a mix of pure violence and technique… now it is essentially all technique and point fighting. I don’t expect stupid crazy brawls each time but I do expect people to try and finish fights. Watched Bendo/Gil and not once in the entire 25 minutes did either one of them look in trouble or act like they were trying to do anything but get points. Wars happen so rarely in the fights I was these days unless both fighters are “meh” and they are just trying to get that bonus check. I still don’t know why the UFC doesn’t have “finishing bonuses” like they have KO of the night and Sub of the Night and Fight of the Night.

– I finally finished updating the Movie Review page/tab at the top. It now has a link to all of the movie reviews I have done (around 100 I think). When I transferred stuff over from the other blog, it re-formatted everything weird as shit and I just now got around to fixing the last batch of them and linking them up. Woot.

– I also added a new section to the right titled “IPF Raw Logs.” Just what it sounds like… some logs by people who lift raw in the USAPL or IPF equivalent. I think all the ones I used are from pretty good lifters as well. I like to see how people who lift in the same fed/style as I do (drug free, strict, 2hr weigh in) are doing just for shits and giggles. If you find anymore let me know.

– I hope to get some more non-lifting posts up. I have been spending less time on the internet and my blogging is suffering.


Something Awesome: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

This is probably the only dessert I will eat on site no matter what if I see it at the store. And that is even regular ol’ store brand… the homemade shit is even more awesome.


Something Awful: The New WR Geared Bench Press Record

Wow strong lockout.