Training Log: Squats

Warm Up


Smith Machine Calf Raises: 225×15, 245×15 -ss- TKE: 2×25

Donkey Calf Raises: 90x15x2 -ss- TKE: 2×25

Machine Hip Abduction: 150×10, 170x10x2 -ss- Machine Hip Adduction: 130×10, 140x10x2

Squats, belt: 345x5x2

Wide Stance Box Squats, oly shoes, belt: 275×5, 285×5

Hook Grip Static Holds: 275x10s x5 (ouch)

Ab Wheel: BWx15x3

45° Back Ext: BWx15x3


– Was slower on my decent and lifted towards the mirror to make sure to baby the knee as much as possible. Had little pop out of the hole (could be due to babying or the previous little shit I did before squatting or the new-ish form) and all four squat sets were hard but I got some good work in. 345 should have been so much easier but I digress.

– Hopefully all is well in the morning.

– Hook grip fucking hurt today lol. But I do wonder if I am doing it wrong or if my bar is thicker or of my fingers are shorter. I thought I should be able to get around my thumb more than I am (if that makes any sense). I will try and get a picture/vid to see what is up.

– Keep on keepin on.


Star Trek (2009) Review



I really know nothing about the old Star Treks other than there are some guys named Kirk, Spock, and Professor X was around or something. So I do not know if this movie was fateful to past or not.

What I do know is that this movie is pretty damn good and fun. It starts off with a bang and never really lets up the entire movie. Plenty of action, plenty of character moments, and some pretty good special effects and character designs.

The idea to use time travel and an “alternate timeline” to give the franchise a fresh start was a great idea. Keeps everything from the past intact, lets you use similar characters, but allows you to tell new stories. A very good idea.

A couple of things hold back the movie. Some stuff wasn’t explained to my liking, the meeting between “the two” (not to spoil) was so improbable and impossible it is hilarious, and the climax was a bit lacking. But, minor setbacks in the grand scheme of things.

And… that is all I got really that isn’t spoilerly. This is the reason I have struggled to write this review for so long because I couldn’t come up with more than a few sentences lol.


Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 95% Audience: 91%

Shadow’s Rating: 8/10- Super solid movie, even for non-Trekies


Pros, cons, spoilers after the jump.


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Training Log: Pull Day

Warm Up


3D Smith Calf Raises: 225x15x2 -ss- TKE: 2×25

Donkey Calf Raises: 90x15x2 -ss- TKE: 2×25

Machine Hip Abduction: 120×20, 130x20x2 -ss- Machine Hip Adduction: 80×20, 90x20x2

Paused Pull Ups, 60s rest: BW(199)+45x5x3

Underhand Lat Pull Downs, 60s rest: 120x15x3

Cable Rows, 60s rest: 135x15x3

Snatch Grip Deadlift, hook grip: 225×5, 245x5x2

Pendley Rows, 90s rest: 225x5x5

Hook Grip Static Holds, from floor with sumo: 225x15s x5


– Knee held up ok. Didn’t push it super hard though. I don’t have any straps so snatch grips are a bear to grip. Actually used hook and it was easier to hold than double oh.

– Hook grip holds weren’t too back… what seemed to hurt worse was being in the sumo position and the pressure from my thighs brought the pain. Prolly jump to at least 275 next week.


Training Log: Bench Press

Warm Up


Bench Press: 285×2

Paused Bench Press: 265×5

Bench Press: 265×5

Close Grip Bench Press, 2min rest: 235x5x2

2 Board Bench Press, 2min rest: 295×3, 295x2x2

DB Shoulder Press, 1min rest: 55x8x5 -ss- Band Pull Aparts: 5×20

DB Rolling Ext: 40x8x2, 45×8-ss- Seated DB Curls: 35x10x3

Cable Ext: 5×20 -ss- Cable Inverse Curls:5×20

Machine Flyes: 3×15 -ss- Side Raises: 3×15


– My knee is slowly getting better… slowly getting more range of motion and less pain and swelling. It really only effected me with setting up the bench presses today. Couldn’t get as tight as I usually get and got even less leg drive than usual. Made the sets a bit harder than usual, especially the pause set and the boards.

– 285 is really just a “primer” for the rep work. Usually just use a single but it felt so easy I just doubled it for fun.

– Plan is going to change a bit as I am going to go to the gym 3 days a week for a few weeks due to clinic shift. I am not training for a meet  so it isn’t worth the missed family time to go that extra day. The fourth day for now will just be a garage workout.

– Deadlift day tomorrow.. likely with no deadlifting though lol. Just some back stuff most likely. Moving my deadlift day to Sunday soI don’t have to deal with the staff and getting told to not deadlift.

Musings #34: Good-Bye Raw Nats

– So yeah, Raw Nats is a no go. My knee is still shit, although it is slowly getting better. I can get to depth now, but even doing a body weight squat feels… uncomfortable. I have full extension back in the knee but full flexion isn’t quite there and it is still swollen. This has just been odd in general and I really wish I knew what the fuck happened. I will just blame it on playing basketball outside, but shit… why was I normal for 40 hours and then boom… swelling and pain?

– This has all been pretty damn depressing and just continues my awesome pattern of taking 5 steps forward then something happens and I take 4.99999 steps back.

– I guess I will just fall back into “gym rat mode” and do what I want when I want at the gym. Just have a rough outline each day and go with the flow. If/When I do another meet, I don’t think I will ever try to “peak”… I will just figure out where I am at, take a week off, go to the meet and lift and come home. Peaking is for the birds. This article is awesome… Lilly is awesome:

– Not sure if I am going to loosen up the diet or try and get to and stay at 185. Both options are appealing (heavier = more food, 185 = da abz).

– Prolly gonna work on a hook grip now so I can go back to pulling sumo.


First Riddick Trailer is Here


– So, they are DEFINITELY talking it back to the “Pitch Black” theme… aka mercenaries, monsters, people having to trust Riddick to get out alive, and Riddick fucking things up. I approve.

– I am curious, however, how he ends up here due to him being the leader of the Necromancer dudes. I thought the “keep what you kill” philosophy was epic and he definitely isn’t dead, so how did Riddick end up here?

– Riddick is one of the coolest anti-heroes out there. Anyone that disagrees can go fuck themselves.

– You can, unfortunately, tell that this movie was having budget issues as the CGI monsters look… a bit dated to be nice.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Review

Shadow’s Rating: 0/10– Best of the bunch but that really isn’t saying anything.

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 48%
Audience: 76%

Plot in a Nutshell: Creepy kinda vampire baby creeps out other vampires, making them unhappy and wanting to turn into baby killers. You will also be unhappy you sat through five movies worth of this drivel.

Spoiler FILLED thoughts below as this movie does not deserve two sections…

Please God make this the last Twilight movie. I really doubt that is the case due to how much money was made from the series, but a man can dream, can’t he?

Out of the five movies, this is easily the best one. Mostly due to the fact the, “please change me to a vampire” ended and a lot of the creep romance was gone as well. Also, there was a decent (for this series) “fight” at the end that made it bearable. This movie almost clawed its way up to a 1/10 because of that end fight and that carnage it resulted in, until [SPOILERS] we learned it was only what “would happen” What a crock of shit [/SPOILERS].

Training Log: Week 3- Assistance

Warm Up, Foam Roller, Shoulder Rehab


Paused Pull Ups, 1min rest: BW+45x5x3

Bench Press, feet on bench, 2min rest: 215x10x2

Dips, 90s rest: BW+75x6x4

DB Shoulder Press, 1min rest: 50x8x4, 50×10 (can’t kick up heavy DB’s with the knee)

DB Rolling Ext: 40×10 -ss- Seated DB Curls: 30×12


– Had to leave then as baby is teething again and my wife called and saying he had been crying 90 mins straight.

– Knee is still  a hot mess. A little better but I am not hopeful about this weekend. Just so you know how bad the ROM loss is, I could BARELY get my left foot on the bench. Barely.

– Just trying to stay positive and doing what I can.

Musings #33: Injuries and Internet

– I woke up Sunday morning with a left knee that was the size of a soft ball with limited range of motion. I have no real reason why this happened. I did play basketball Friday morning, but I was fine the rest of the day Friday and all day Saturday. I tried going to the gym and squatting but even after doing a stupid long warm up, I could not get to parallel on a bodyweight squat without lots of pain.

I am pretty sure I tore my meniscus in this knee a long time ago (need imaging to confirm) but it generally doesn’t bother me too much when lifting because of the stationary aspect of the sport.

If I miss another squat session (and this weeks deadlifts) then I am going to seriously reconsider not doing the meet in July and look to do one in the fall instead. Sucks, but it is what it is.

– My right SI joint and piriformis have continued to be “meh” lately as well. No biggie just annoying.

– I have really cut back my internet time, hence the slow posting here. Simply put: I have better shit to do. Plus all the negative stuff all over the internet, no matter what the hell I was looking at, was slowly but surely making me hate everything about the internet.

– Another side effect of less internet time is less time in the back room, which means less time around my fish tank and neglect. But, with the light being off all the time, at least the algae is controlled lol.

– One of things I am doing with less computer time: reading. I have never been a big reader of novels but I used to read stuff here and there. I read the Hobbit last week in two days and started on The Fellowship of the Ring. Reading works from Tolkien is much better for my brain than some dumb blog comments.

Training Log: Week 3- Bench Press

Warm Up


Bench Press: 285×1

Paused Bench Press, 3min rest: 255×5, 255×4

Close Grip Bench Press, 2min rest: 225x5x2

2-Board Bench Press, 2min rest: 285x3x3

Paused 30° Incline DB Bench Press, 90s rest: 85x8x3

BB Skulls: 105x8x3

Cable Ext: 3×20

Machine Reverse Flyes: 3×15 -ss- Machine Flyes: 3×15


Conditioning: Jump Rope 20on/10off 10x, Treadmill Incline 12 mins


– Eh… felt eh for whatever reason. Eh