Les Miserables (2012) Review

Shadow’s Rating: 0/10– It is one thing to be a shitty movie… it is another thing to be a shitty movie that sings every line. Even my wife hated it.

Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 70%
Audience: 81%

Plot in a Nutshell: I have no freaking idea, too distracted by horrible singing. Make it stop!


Spoiler filled (kinda?) thoughts as this movie does not deserve two sections…

I will admit I did not watch the whole movie. My wife brought it home as I was not interested in it at all. So I was in the other room for over half of it.

Unfortunately I heard the whole thing from the other room and the singing was driving me up a wall.

If a movie wins the “big time” awards, it probably sucks (obvious exception like LotR and Gladiator of course). This is no exception.

The only thing that would have saved this movie is if Hugh Jackman at the end goes, “just kidding guys, I am immortal,” popped claws, grabbed a cigar and whiskey, and drove off on a motorcycle after stabbing some ninjas.



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