Training Log: Bench Press (2nd/3rd Attempts)

Warm Up, Shoulder Prehab


Paused Bench Press: 320×1, 285×1(exaggerated pause)

Bench Press: 285x2x3

Close Grip Bench Press: 285x1x2

EZ Bar Skulls: 70x10x5 -ss- DB Preacher Curls: 35x12x3, 30x12x2

Band Pull Aparts: 50

Band Flyes: 50


– Another great bench day. 320 felt pretty damn good… nice power off the chest.

– The 285 was with an extra pause just in case that happens at the meet. 320 seems like a solid number 3 attempt.

– Bench has gone great so far since last meet. See if I can put it together on the platform.


Training Log: Squat (2nd attempts)

Warm Up, Knee Rehab


Squats, belt: 365×1, 410xwalkoutandchangemymindbecauseitwassoheavy, 385×1

BB Static Holds, mixed: 455x10s, 475x10s x2

Plate Pinches: 2-25x10s x2

Palof Press: 50x15x2, 60x15x2

Ball Knee to Chest: 1×15

One Legged Leg Press: 140×20


– Squats felt TERRIBLE. Hips feel beat to shit and the weight just felt stupid heavy. 410 is my hopeful second attempt at the meet but it felt so heavy I didn’t even try to squat it. 385 was my planned opener and fuck that was a grind getting that up… something I just doubled AFTER doing 405 just like two weeks ago. My hips are feel like shit and my back was aching and this is the first time my back has said hello in quite awhile.


Man of Steel Review



This is not your father’s Superman movie. Not. Even. Close.

The movie is an origin story of Superman (duh) that is done in the same vein as Batman Begins. Essentially meaning it isn’t a linear origin story like say Spider-Man or Iron Man, but it jumps back and forth in time to show flashbacks to Supes past and events that shaped who he is today. However, it was not done nearly as well as Batman Begins and in fact, got really fucking annoying after awhile as they would not stop flashing back for little to no reason.

And this is pretty much the theme of this movie– some great ideas that were taken too far (or not quite far enough) and bring the movie down a bit. More examples of this include Krypton and Jor-El… yes it was cool to see Krypton and cool to see Superman’s father… but it was too much and it wasn’t needed to this extent. Hell, they may have even taken the action a bit too far but we will get to that in a bit. The time could have been spent exploring Zod more and exploring Clark a bit more deeply than what they gave us.

Canvill was a great Superman… both in terms of being JACKED and acting. It is about damn time Superman looked like he lifted a damn weight in his life. The rest of the performances were nothing to sing home about.

But let us get to the big elephant in the room when it comes to Superman… how was the action? Did he punch someone finally? Heat vision? Super speed? Super strength? Was the movie finally fucking entertaining?

The answer is pretty much yes to all questions. The action in this movie is ridiculous. The level of destruction was out of this world. Superman and the rest of the Kryptonians literally beat the shit out of each other and out of Metropolis. Once the big action begins… it simply does not stop nor take a break. The use of Supes super speed and heat vision were pretty damn impressive. All in all, you simply will not be disapointed in the action unless you have no soul. My only gripe was the fact that it did start to get old after awhile because it was like 1 hour straight of super strong people being thrown through shit with explosions everywhere. It probably would have been better to start the action a little bit toned down and then ramped up to the climax but either way… lots of action. Lots of fun. And only “didn’t see that coming” ending.

Oh and those hoping for hints at a shared DC universe leading to a Justice League movie ala Marvel… don’t hold your breath. There is like a couple tiny Easter eggs but all in all… nothing.


Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 56% Audience: 82%

Shadow’s Rating: 8/10– The pure thrill of seeing Superman actually beat some ass bumps this up to an 8 and overshadows some of the obvious flaws in the movie.


Pros, cons, and spoilers after the jump.


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Training Log: Bench Assistance

Warm Up, Shoulder Prehab, Knee Rehab

BW: 192.5 (-1.5) gym weight


Speed Bench Press, loose set up, 1min rest: 195x5x5

Paused Bench Press, 2in off chest, loose set up, 1min rest: 230x5x3

Pull Ups, 1min rest: BWx20, BWx5x2, BWx4x2

One Arm DB OH Press: 60x8x3

Dips, 90s rest: BW+90x6x2, BWx15x3

Underhand Lat Pull Downs, 1min rest: 125x15x2

Straight Bar Cable Rows, 1min rest: 115x15x2

Inverse Cable Curls: 40×50 total

Band Ext, straight bar: dbled#1×50 total


– Some minor changes to some of my stuff because my shoulder was awfully clicky and don’t want to aggravate anything at the moment.

– In the future, I need to pause the 2in of chest stuff a bit longer… it is a lot harder than I anticipated though.

Training Log: Deadlift (2nd/3rd attempts)

Foam Roller, Lacrosse Ball, Warm Up, Knee Rehab

BW: 194- gym


Machine Hip Abduction: 160×25, 150×25 -ss- Machine Hip Adduction: 120×25. 110×20

Sumo Deadlift, belt: 455×1 [91%], 505×0 [101%] (got it up but would have been red-lighted), 455x1x3 [91%]

45° Back Ext, ached back: BWx15x3

Leg Press: 720x10x3

Ab Wheel: BW+25x10x4

Fat Grip DB Static Holds: 90x30s x3


– So today was my last heavy DL day and it went… meh. Good news is that my grip shouldn’t be an issue… had no real problem holding 505. This was just harder than I expected and technically I failed the lift. Somehow, someway, I got the bar off the ground like and inch… then it went back down like half and inch… and somehow I pulled it back up to complete the lift. No way and in fuck that passes in a meet and I don’t even know how I managed to do that to be honest. My sumo form just went to complete shit with the heavier weight in my hands. I am pretty much pulling conventional with a wide stance… not really pulling sumo. I am using no legs whatsoever. On the 3 down sets with 455 I worked on some shit and it seemed to work better but I have no idea if it will carry over to a 100%ish lift. I just need more reps pulling sumo in the 85% range but it is what it is.

– I also need to stop jerking the weight off the ground but… meh.

– This will be my likely 2nd attempt even though this was harder than fuck. Would give me a small DL meet pr.

Man of Steel Rating Only Review



Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 56% Audience: 82%

Shadow’s Rating: 7 or 8/10– This is like a 7.5… can’t decide at the moment which group it goes in. But it is easily the best Superman movie ever and actually found a way to not make him boring as shit. Anyone who wanted some actually ACTION in a Superman movie will NOT be disappointed.


I will have the full review up sometime this week.

Training Log: Bench Press

Warm Up


One Arm Cable Rows: 75x10x5 (rack was taken so I just did these first)

Paused Bench Press: 310x1x2

Bench Press: 295×2, 275x3x2

Close Grip Bench Press: 275x2x2

EZ Bar Skulls: 60x10x5 -ss- DB Preacher Curls: 30x12x5

Band Pull Aparts: 50

Band Flyes: 50


– Despite waking up feeling like beaten shit and lifting about 12 hours after I finished my squat workout, this day wasn’t too shabby at all.

– 310 felt great. ALMOST went for the double but there is no reason to blow my load in the gym with the meet less than a month away.

– This next training week (starting with deads tomorrow or monday based on how I feel in the morning) is my last heavy week. The week after is openers week.

Training Log: 80 Squat

Foam Roller, Lacrosse Ball, Warm Up, Knee Rehab


Squats, belt: 360×1 [89%], 345x3x3 [85%]

Reverse Band Squat, #3, belt: 385×1 [95%] (teh ghey)

Speed Squats, belt, 60sec rest: 225x5x5 [56%]

Single Leg Leg Press: 90×20

Palof Press: 60x15x4

BB Static Holds: (hook) 315x8sec (mixed) 475x10sec x2


– Squats just feel like shit. Just feels odd… feel like shit in the hole. Blah got solid work in though, My hips are beat to shit too.

– Speaking of feel like shit… what the hell happened to my hook grip!? It feels AWFUL ever since it rolled in my hands a bit last week. Just plain fucking hurts.

– Solid-ish workout, especially considering how tired/worn out I was… just want MOAR!!! of course.

– squat videos were just at assess my depth which is getting better I think.


Training Log: Bench Assistance

Warm Up, Shoulder Rehab


Speed Bench Press, loose set up, 1min rest: 185x5x5

Paused Bench Press, 2inch off chest, loose set up, 1min rest: 225x5x3

Pull Ups, 60s rest: BW+60x5x2, BW+60×4, BWx12, BWx8

One Arm DB OH Press: 55x8x3

Dips, 90s rest: BW+80x6x4, BWx20

Underhand Lat Pull Downs, 60s rest: 120×15,125×15

Straight Bar Cable Rows, 60s rest: 120×15, 110×15

Inverse Cable Curls: 40×50 total

Band Ext, straight bar: 50 total


RAW United UPF Challenge July 14-15

I am going to do a meet for fun on July 15 (most likely due to being a lightweight). It is through the RAW United kind of fed (don’t think it is technically a federation due to being a not for profit but I don’t know) that routinely has meets down in Florida. This one is in Orlando, which is just a 90 minute drive typically. This meet will be cheap ($30 entry fee, don’t NEED a hotel if I don’t want), relatively local, and from what I have found online, RAW United typically runs pretty decent local meets with the rule enforcement similar to USAPL. It is the fed the Beau Moore competes in pretty regularly down here.

There will be no real “meet cycle.” I’ll figure out openers like 1-2 weeks before and show up and lift lol. I have an idea where my squat and bench press are at (415ish and 300ish) right now. Deadlifts are a crap shoot since I switched back to sumo, but I plan to pull something in the 95% range to get an idea where I am at this weekend. Goals will be to break into the 1200’s and to bench 300 at the meet. Due to the knee flaring up I don’t expect a big jump over what I did at my last meet squat and deadlift wise, but just hitting what I missed last meet on the bench (303) will get me into the 1200’s.

They do 24 hour weigh ins in this fed but I don’t know if I will bother to take advantage of it or not. Doing so would mean getting a hotel which I don’t really want to bother with. So I may just show up in the morning and weight in USAPL style. Weight is hovering around 190 right now so 3 weeks of eating clean should get me down to 185ish relatively easily then just simply water cut to 181 either 24 or 2 hours before depending on how much effort I want to put into it lol.

So yeah… just an update.