July 2013 Fish Picture of the Month



A platinum Clown Loach… something you definitely don’t see everyday. Pretty cool looking and clown loaches in general are great fish, albeit moderately difficult to keep.


Training Log: W2- Squats

Warm Up, Foam Roller, Hip Rehab


Squats, no belt, 90s rest: 185×5, 225×4, 255x3x2, 295x2x5

Front Squats, belt, 90s rest: 195x3x3

One Leg Leg Press: 200x20x2

Seated Calves: 90x15x3

Straight Leg Stiff Back DB Deads: 50x10x3

Ab Wheel, cont: BWx15x3

DOH BB Static Holds: 295x10s x3


– Lost my stopwatch again. This is like the 4th one I have lost this year.

– Felt slow today on squats… no pop out of the hole. Fatigued and my hip was bothering me again. Not good to bother me on 295…

– Another quad pump from the leg press…

– SLSBD are done until I get nice stretch in the hammies then I fire my hips through.

– Might give up on the hook grip… My left thumb just simply won’t get used to the pain. Blah.

Training Log: W2- Bench Press Assistance

Warm Up, Hip Rehab

BW: 199 at gym


Wide Grip Pull Ups, 90s rest: BW+45x5x5

Paused Off Chest Bench Press, 90s rest, loose set up: 215x5x3

Close Grip Bench Press + dbled#1, 60s rest, loose set up: 135x5x4, 135×4

Underhand Lat Pull Downs, 60s rest: 120×20, 120×15+5

One Arm DB OH Press: 70×5, 55x10x2

Paused Dips, 90s rest: BW+45x10x2

Inverse Cable Curls, 4s neg: 50×20

Band Pull Aparts: 50 total


– musclemilk at IA mentioned using bands… so I just decided to do some close grip with bands and it MURDERED my triceps.

– More squats tomorrow.

The Wolverine Review


All the trailers and quotes told us that this was a different type of comic book movie and definitely a different type of X-men movie. And overall, it definitely delivered a much different experience than previous movies.

This movie is a much deeper, character piece on Wolverine and Wolverine only. Unlike other X-Men movies feature mutant after mutant after mutant (even Origins), this 100% focuses on Wolverine and no one else. In fact, there were only three mutants in the whole movie.

The story begins with Logan being haunted by his killing of Jean Grey/Phoenix and his own immortality. When someone he saved in WW2 wants to say thank you and good-bye, he heads to Japan where shit basically hits the fan. It especially hits the fan when Logan’s mutant gift is messed with and he is actually vulnerable for the first time in his very long life.

The character focus of this film gives the movie a different feel. It is feels much more like Bourne or James Bond or something of that nature… just the main protagonist is a mutant with adamantium skeleton and a healing factor. The movie is much more suspenseful than your typical comic book film and really digs into the psyche of Logan as a person.

But don’t let that fool you into thinking this is a boring as fuck film that takes itself TOO seriously with no action or no funny moments. There is a good amount of action in the film as Logan deals with gangsters, ninjas, and the Silver Samurai. There is no HUGE HUGE action scene ala Iron Man 3 or Avengers or something like that. But the action is spread out equally in the film and is done pretty well. The bullet train scene hinted at in the trailer is pretty entertaining for sure. And despite its PG13 rating, the violence feels appropriate. Many people are stabbed (claws + swords) and shot and this is a pretty hard PG13 rating and even includes a F bomb dropped in the film. And Logan keeps his trademark dry humor thankfully. There are also a few “WHOA WTF!!” moments in the film.

The other characters in the film ranged from good to underdeveloped. The seemingly main antagonist of the film, Viper, was… ok I suppose. Nothing real special but her power was neat. Yukio was a cool character and love interest Mariko served her purpose. Everyone else were pretty interchangeable and non-memorable.

My biggest complaint, and every ones complaint it seems, is the last, climatic act of the movie. If felt kind of rushed and almost sloppy but it did have some good parts too it. I would have also enjoyed a bit more ninja in the movie but that is a personal thing.

When it comes to Fox (or any comic book movie), you have to wonder and be concerned on how closely they stick to comic book canon. Luckily, this movie stayed pretty damn close to Logan’s Japan Saga and the changes they did make were… I guess understandable. I would have liked one particular thing unchanged and incorporated somehow in the movie but what they did worked I suppose. There definitely isn’t any, “WTF WHY DID THEY DO THAT” moments like in Last Stand and Origins.

All in all, this is one of the better X-Men offerings from Fox and a damn good movie all around. Definitely a must see and may be the movie/comic book movie of the year so far.

Oh and stay around for the post credit scene FOR SURE. One of the best post credit scenes so far.


Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 67% Audience: 77%

Shadow’s Rating: 8/10– A true Wolverine movie that may be the best superhero movie this year. 

Mrs. Shadow’s Rating: 4/10– She hates suspense and stabbing… and this movie had a lot of suspense and stabbing.


Pros, cons, and spoilers after the jump.

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Monday Musings #37: The Mind of Shadow is BACK


– Obviously, tMoS has been moved for the second time. LIFT.net changed their blog system to a more basic, linear blog-style and simply put… my blog is way too complex with the numerous pages and such to work on a system like that. So the options were really downgrade the blog into something less complex (aka boring) and keep it on LIFT or move it back to a blogging website. The choice was pretty simple so it is off to wordpress.

– One thing I have to do AGAIN is re-link all my stuff in the Fish Picture of the Month archive and my Movie Review archive. It links back to LIFT. That is going to take awhile once again. Oh, and I need nail down a blog design. WordPress teases you by offering all this stuff, until you click it and realize you have to pay. Not cool.

– I am going back to posting at least 7 posts a week. Lately I have just been posting training log stuff due to the meets and me being lazy as hell but it is time to get back to posting more movie news (a lot more… I have been really slacking), comic book stuff, and of course fish stuff.

– Just a quick post to say that The Mind of Shadow is back better than ever. Expect a movie review of The Wolverine TONIGHT! I also saw Pacific Rim last weekend so expect at least a Ratings Review of that followed by a true review pretty soon after. As Mario says.. Here We GOOOO!

Training Log: W1- Squats/Deadlift

Warm Up, Hip Rehab

Weight: 202!!!

Front Squat, belt: 225×3

Squats, no belt, 90s rest: 185×5, 225x5x2, 255x5x5

Sumo Deadlift, belt, hook grip, 45s rest: 315x1x10

Palof Press: 60x15x3

SM Calf Raises: 315x15x3

Machine Hip Abduction: 160x20x2 -ss- Machine Hip Adduction: 120×20, 120×15

Fat Grip DB Static Holds: 90x30s, 90x20s x2

– More squats with small rest periods = me being a sweating, tired mess.

– Deadlift will be on the back burner until I get used to the increased frequency of squats. Not worth the chance of getting hurt.

– I suck at hook grip but it got easier after the 5th rep as my thumbs kind of went numb lol.

Training Log: W1- Bench Press

Warm Up, Hip Rehab

DB Rows, 45s rest: 100x10x5

Bench Press, 90s rest: 225x5x4, 225×3 (lol)

30* BB Incline Press, off chest, 90s rest: 135×8, 155×8, 175×8

DB Bench Press, rest pause: 50×23 (w/fat grips) + 10 + 8

EZ Bar Skulls: 60x10x3 -ss- DB Preacher Curl: 35x10x3

Lat Stretchers: #3x25x2

Band Flyes: 50 total

Pull Up: BWx5x9 throughout workout

– I haven’t done anything but three reps or less on bench press for like the last month and half so this kicked my ass and was slightly embarrassing lol.

– Gonna try to do BB incline again but I am stopping just off my chest (like an inch) to see if that helps with the shoulder irritation it seems to cause. BB incline has always been a shitty lift for me (best was 295 I think when I was benching 370) but at one point I pushed it with rep work and I made decent progress on my bench with it . So hopefully I can keep the shoulder happy and get a boost with it. Weights were pretty shitty though.

– Fat Gripz hurt my thumbs for some odd reason so I took them off after the first set of DB presses.

– Lat stretchers are awesome.

Training Log: W1- Squats

No Warm Up due to time constraints


Squats, no belt, 90s rest: 185×5, 220x4x2, 255x3x2, 275x5x3

Front Squats, belt, 90s rest: 185x3x3

One Legged Leg Press: 180x20x2

Static Holds, hook: 275x10s x3


– Holy pace Batman. The weight was light due to the rest times and no belt but this workout kicked my ass.

– My quads were actually pumped after the leg press… that hasn’t happened in so long that I forgot how awful it is.

– There is absolutely no excuse to be this out of shape… I don’t need to add conditioning stuff… I just need to perform my workouts at a faster pace. 90s rests for legs is not a very long time lol.

– I had to pick up my wife from the air port so I didn’t do everything I wanted (just some little stuff like abs) but got the big stuff in.

Batman/Superman is the Next DC Movie

This was announced the same day as the Age of Ultron announcement but Ultron was much bigger and much more unexpected than this.

It is confirmed that the next DC movie will feature both Batman and Superman. The rumored title is Batman Vs. Superman which is… interesting.

I have MANY thoughts on this but for now… this has been a longtime coming. Much more later.