Training Log: Wk 3- Bench Press

Warm Up


Lat Stretchers: #3x25x3

Bench Press, 2min rest: 275×1, 305×1, 265x5x3, 265x3x2

30* Incline Bench Press, off chest, 90s rest: 195x8x2, 185×6

DB Bench Press, 90s rest: 100×8, 80x8x2

BB Skulls: 115x8x2, 95×10

Pull Ups, between sets: BWx7x15


– 305 on bench felt really good. Didn’t get my 5×5 afterwards but still got good work in. I would bet that deadlifting heavy the day before doesn’t lead to awesomesauce workouts the next morning lol. Probably shoot for the 5×5 next week. I could start dropping down from here (5×3 or 3×3) but I have no reason to work down to “peak” so to speak so I will probably try and hit the 5×5 next week and the week after and if I still cannot do it, just drop the weight back 20ish pounds and work back up. No reason for me to try and peak for the gym, just need to build my everyday strength. May do some 3×3 work though. Who knows just playing it by ear and trying to SFW.

– All the grinding for the attempted 5×5 took a lot out of me, hence the hit my assistance stuff took. No biggie, got solid work in.


Training Log: Wk 2- Deadlift

Warm Up


DB Rows, lean against rack, 30s rest: 100x15x3

Snatch Grip Deadlifts, belt, straps: 385×5 PR, 365x3x2

Leg Press Calves: 4×25

Close Stance Leg Press: 630x10x3

Palof Press: 70x15x2

Ab Wheel: BWx20x2


– Solid.

– My diet has spiraled out of control this week. Having a bad week life wise and couldn’t force myself to eat what I should be eating (and not eating). I’ll try and get back on the grind this weekend…

– I have been doing my squat and dead workouts when I feel recovered from the previous one and it seems to be working well.

Training Log: Wk 2- Bench Assistance

Warm Up


Side Raises: 30x15x3

Paused Off Chest Bench Press, loose set up, 2min rest: 265×1, 295×1, 255x5x3

Close Grip Bench Press, loose set up, 90s rest: 225×5, 225x4x2

Hammer Chins: BW+25×15, 15s rest, BW+25×4, 15s rest: BW+25×2, 15s, BW+25×1, 15s, BWx4, 5s, BWx2, 5s, BWx2

DB Overhead Press: 55×15, 55×13

EZ Bar Skulls: 70x8x3

Pull Ups, between work sets: BWx5x12


Training Log: Wk 2- Squats

Warm Up


BB Inverse Curls: 65×10,65×8

BB Curls: 85×10

Box Squats, belt, oly shoes: 345×1, 365×5, 365×3, 345×3

Front Squats, belt: 235×3. 235×2

Goblet Split Squats: 35x12x2

Seated Calves: 100x15x3

McGill Curl Ups, 10ct hold: 1×10, 1×6

Ball Knee to Chest: 2×12


– Rage fueled today’s workout and that made for a great workout lol. Box Squats went really well. Box is 9 or 10 inches high if I remember right. I tried to take a vid, but my phone/camera got knocked over so it missed everything.

– Messed with front squat form some more, carrying the bar more on my throat. Felt better but my left hand still starts to slide off when I strain. Really annoying but I will keep messing with it. Didn’t do the third rep on the last set because I was about to lose it on the left.

– Split squats may be worse than lunges… holy moly what a pain in the ass they are lol. My HAMSTRINGS were trying to cramp while doing them.

Fox is Making an X-Force Movie… This Could Be Awesome



Everyone knew with the success of The Avengers and the addition of comic book guy Mark Miller to ‘oversee’ Fox’s movies, that the Fox Movie Universe (X-Men and Fantastic Four basically) was going to be expanding ala Marvel. And it is about time Fox has taken advantage of the fact they own a TON of characters who are awesome. Characters AND teams.

Recently, Fox announced they are making an X-Force movie, which could be all sorts of awesome.

X-Force is a lot different than the typical X-Men team people think of and the X-Men teams that have been on screen so far. Basically, all we have gotten is Xavier School for the Gifted stuff. That X-Men team is very reactive… someone attacks so they defend themselves. They are all about assimilating with humans or society and only use their powers for defensive purposes.

Not so with X-Force. X-Force is all about proactive protection of mutants. AKA… find the threat before they are a threat and ELIMINATE the threat.

And eliminate means exactly what you think. Track them. Find them. Kill them.┬áLike I said… fucking awesome.


There have been two basic “types” of X-Force teams. One type that was known to the mutant community and the other that was a “dark secret” or Black Ops team that few really knew about. The Black Ops version is a more recent iteration of the team that was essentially lead by Wolverine (or Cyclops in the background). The more classical version and actually the current version is lead by Cable.

Other past members of X-Force include popular mutants Deadpool, Archangel, Psylocke, Warpath, X-23, Cannonball, Colossus, and Domino to name a few.

All we really know about the movie is that it will include a five member team. Who those five members will be is a mystery at this point, but I would count on seeing Deadpool for sure (so they can spin off his own movie) and likely Cable and/or Wolverine. Probably won’t know exactly who is a member until we see how the X-Men universe unfolds after Days of Future Past.

Training Log: Wk 2- Bench Press

Warm Up


Lat Stretchers: #3x25x3

Bench Press, 2min rest: 265×1, 295×1, 255x5x5

30* Incline Bench Press, off chest, 90s rest: 185x8x3

DB Bench Press, 90s rest: 85x8x3

DB Skulls: 35x8x3

Pull Ups, between work sets: BWx6x14


– Very solid day.

– Technique came back with bench press along with the strength. I really didn’t expect to hit all 5×5 today but pleasantly surprised myself. 295 flew up as well. Really can’t complain about my bench pressing right now.

– Took a video of the incline pressing so you can see what I mean by “off chest.”

Next 4 Weeks of Training: Squats and Deads

– I am going back to my super basic ways with squats and deads. One day squats, one day deads, nothing fancy, just hard work. The squat and deads will be much heavier than I have been training for both as I will be hanging out in the 3-5 rep max range and 2-4 back off sets.

– I am moving my squat day back to the weekend and my deadlift day back to mid week. I don’t like squatting after being at clinic all day late at night… I like to have my rest (and food) over the weekend first. I will just have to go late on deadlift day so I don’t get yelled at.

– Going back to wearing a belt on squats most of the time. The thing I will do is just keep the belt off until my first workout set instead of putting it on rather early. I will definitely rotate in some beltless squats here and there though.

– Took out grip stuff because it hasn’t been an issue. It seems I can bring my grip up to par just by training it during a meet cycle so I won’t waste my time with it now.

– Squats are gonna focus on paused full squats and manta ray box squats (mimic SSB) as the main squat exercise. Bouncing between a box and no box is what I used to do to avoid knee issues and it seemed to work well.

– Gonna be doing a lot of snatch grip deads, back willing.


Sunday: Squats



Front Squats

Single Leg




Wednesday/Thursday: Deadlift



Leg Press



Elysium Review



This wasn’t the movie I was expecting. All the trailers made it look like an action filled, sci-fi movie with an interesting world where the haves were on some super space shuttle thing while the have nots were stuck on earth.

What I got was a movie with light action with a non-interesting world where the haves live on a space shuttle while the have nots live on Earth. Oh, and health care.

Health care is what the whole damn movie is based around. Elysium has cool machines that cure you of everything health related. Literally everything. Earth has pills and 3rd world medicine. That is what this movie is about. Earth peeps don’t think it is fair, but if they try to get to Elysium to get cured, they get their ass shot out of the sky. And I justified it ok during the movie… then the ending happened and I was like “da fuck?” and it brought the movie down big time.

And this narrow focus was a huge disappointment. You never get a chance to get immersed in this interesting world because there is literally no world building outside the quick prologue. You have this really cool idea that you don’t even get to get into at all. I mean shit… why did the rich leave? Who controls all these robots that seem to have their own AI? Why is everyone such an asshole?

The movie wasn’t awful but it wasn’t as good as I was hoping. The movie does have some decent action and a decent story, but from the trailers I was expecting great action and a great story. The movie was largely saved by the very cool and menacing Krueger (spelling?), who was pretty bad ass as a villain. Damon served his purpose but the rest of the cast was largely “meh” with no interesting character arcs at all.

I actually left this movie and thought it was good. The more I thought about it though, the more I became dissapointed for what it could have been. And in the end, I asked myself, “would I buy this when it came out on DVD?” and the answer was an easy no. What I was promised looked like my type of movie… what I was given just wasn’t.


Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 68% Audience: 66%

Shadow’s Rating: 5/10– If you are going to make a political movie around a “hot topic,” it have better be a lot deeper than this movie.


Pros, cons, spoilers after the jump.

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Training Log: Wk 1- Deadlift

Warm Up


DB Rows, lean on rack, 30s rest: 100x12x3

Snatch Grip Deadlift, belt, straps: 365×5 PR, 315×5

Leg Press Calves: 4×25

Close Stance Leg Press: 540x10x3

Palof Press: 80×10, 70×10

Ab Wheel, cont: BWx15x2


– I am still beat the shit from squats two days ago and lifting yesterday but still not a bad day.

– Wanted to do three sets of snatch grip DL, but staff showed up after my second set so I just moved on so I wouldn’t be kicked out lol. Typically I would do this workout late in the evening but my schedule is all screwed up due to pushing days back, change in clinic schedule this week, and having to go out of town all day Saturday. In fact, I may lift again tomorrow… four in a row.

– DL went well. It is a PR but snatch grips are a new-ish movement for me so I didn’t do them in my heyday. Have a bit more in me but my back was still sore but I got in good work. Good set. I like snatch grips because it forces your mid back to stay straight… can’t really round much or you won’t get the pull up.