Musings #38: Achieving Awesomeness

– I was sitting on the couch one evening half watching TV and half sitting on my phone on the internet (when I have a laptop 5 feet away… stupid) and then thought to myself, “what the fuck am I doing?” I was wasting my life away minute by minute, hour by hour sitting in front of a TV I had no interest in and sitting on my phone refreshing the same fucking websites over and over again for no real reason. What a fucking waste of life that is.

So I told my life I ain’t doing this shit anymore and tomorrow, I am going to be Awesome. No more wasting my life away in a half daze zombie like state. I thought of 100 things I was going to do the next day: do mobility stuff, clean the garage, vacuum, give the dog a bath, read some, make some blog posts, play some video games, watch a movie, clean the cars, do some push ups, ect ect ect.

Guess what I did the next evening? Sit on my ass in a half daze once again.

Sure I was tired. Sure I had a long day. Sure the baby stayed up late. But I could have done ANYTHING but sit in a half daze accomplishing nothing. I am not saying I needed to read the Illiad or something. But even watching a movie is better than watching some shit show on Discovery. I enjoy watching movies, it lets me decompress and they are fun. Is there anything fun about watching half watching American Pickers for the 15th time?

The problem was, that in the quest to be Awesome, I decided I was going to do 100 things… and you can’t do that. All it leads to is being paralyzed by the options and sitting down and accomplishing nothing at all. So I need a new strategy so I can become Awesome.

And that strategy is simple. Pick one thing I am going to do every day each week. If I accomplish that task, I can add something else in. If not, I stay with what I had the week before until I accomplish what I set out to accomplish.

For example, let’s start with something simple. Let’s say this week, I want to do push ups when I wake up and before bed. So, for this week, I would wake up, do push ups, and do push ups before bed. Everyday for that week. If I accomplish that goal, I am one step closer to Awesomeness and I can add something else to do. If I miss a day or evening… I have to go another week with just the push ups with nothing else added.

Once I accomplish my weekly goal, I add something else for the next week WITHOUT stopping what I did the week before. So say, I now want to do push ups 2 times a day and read a chapter out of a novel. Same concept over and over and over until I am constantly doing stuff and I achieve Awesomeness.

Is this realistic? Fuck if I no. I will surely reach a point where I run out of shit to do but I doubt it. What is more likely to happen is that I become more productive with the free time I have and I spend less and less time wasting my life away. That is the goal of all this… to make every minute I have on the God forsaken planet count.

Does this make any sense? Probably not but it makes sense in my head so that is all that matters. And I don’t proof read my Musing ramblings so you probably just read on paragraph of what I wrote and assumed I was tripping on acid or something.

– I am going to keep a new page at the top called “Achieving Awesomeness” to keep track of how I am doing week to week. This week, I am starting with doing hip mobility/anti-butt wink stuff two times a day.

– I am also going to be adding a “Powerlifting Competition Results” page at the top pretty soon as well.

– I have like 40% of my Movie Reviews re-linked so it doesn’t link off site anymore. Just takes awhile and is tedious to copy and paste 100 times.

– Batman Arkum Asylum is a bad ass game.

– Preseason football is so stupid that fans should be payed to show up and watch that garbage.

Just a reminder that Thor is a BOSS

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