Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaser Finally Released

This is the trailer played at the San Diego ComiCon that got the nerd world a buzzin’




Escape Plan… How Did I Miss This Movie?

I was watching some TV the other day, and a commercial came on about a movie featuring BOTH Stallone and Arnold called Escape Plan. Due to the fact it caught me by surprise, I assumed it come out in the winter or something.

Wrong. October 18 is the release date.

Talk about a big swing and a miss in my fall movie preview. The movie doesn’t look to bad and any movie staring Stallone and Arnold has got my attention.

Check out the trailer below:

Training Log: Wk 3- Bench Press

Warm Up


Seated Hammer Curls: 30×10 (ooops wrong day)

Band Pull Aparts: 3×25

Paused Bench Press: 265×1, 300×1

Bench Press, 2-2.5min rest: 290x3x3, 255x5x2

30* Incline Bench Press, 90s rest: 210x5x2, 185×8

Paused DB Bench Press, feet on bench: 50x12x2, 50×15

DB Skulls: 40x8x3

Pull Ups, between sets: BWx8x15


– Good day

– Last rep of the last set of the 3×3 was a hella grinder. The first two reps felt great, then I touched to low on the last one (I was thinking about leg drive more so that keeping good form) and holy crap did it grind lol. Last rep of the 2×5 grinded too due to the same reason.

– Really low weight DB presses because I am trying to avoid stressing my back at all costs and picking up DB’s off the ground to my lap just sounded like a terrible idea. Feet up because it takes stress of my back.

– Back is getting better. Today is the best it has felt. Hardest part of my workouts is moving benches, bars, and plates around setting stuff up. Target is October 13 to get something on my back and in my hands again. I am not going to rush this because then bad things happen. If I can squat something then, then I should still be ok to do the meet I wanted to do (unless I just can’t get the strength to come back fast enough… I am not going to a meet to do worse than before). If not then oh well… there will always be another meet.

Gambit Cancelled at Issue #17


Gambit’s solo title, starting last summer, has bit the dust due to poor sales.

I don’t think there is anyone in the world that is surprised by this news. If anything, people should be surprised that the series lasted to 17 issues. I am stunned it lasted past 10 to be honest.

Simply put, unless you are a fan of Gambit as a character, there is no reason to read this book. And due to the fact Gambit has been largely “just there” in the X-Men books in the last, well, forever, his “new fan base” is largely non-existent. Marvel simply didn’t do anything to build the character up before releasing his solo. Before his solo was released, the last time we saw Gambit is when Captain America beat his ass in Avengers vs. X-Men.

As a Gambit fan, I am pretty disappointed however. As mentioned earlier, this was a rare spotlight on one of my favorite X-Men and I largely enjoyed. Gambit is a super interesting character (being a stunted omega level mutant, a thief, possible clone made by Sinister, has the death persona in his head) and I wish Marvel would just do something with him in the team books.

The only real “game changing” thing that happened in the 17 issues is Gambit’s apparent power up in the last issue. He was depowered a bit after the omega level thingy majig so we will see if this transfers to other books or if it will be largely ignored.

Oh well. Gives these issues a read if you are a Gambit fan and missed it, otherwise you can probably just move on.

Training Log: Wk 2- Bench Press Assistance

Warm Up


Side Raises, strict: 20x20x3

Paused Floor Press: 265×1, 300×1, 255x5x3

Close Grip Floor Press: 225x5x3

Machine Shoulder Press: 2×15

Dips: BWx15x3

Pull Ups, between sets: BWx8x10, BWx6


– Floor press felt good. Shoulder is still ok with it and I feel like it is hitting muscles that need to be hit. Pleasantly surprised it felt as good as it did because I wasn’t 100% focused today because of the back pain

– Some of the exercises were “modified” a bit because of the back. Wanted it to be completely stress free. Did floor cgbp because I didn’t want to move around the bench and rack to get regular cgbp set up. Machine shoulder press because kicking DB’s up would probably hurt.


Training Log: Wk 2- (Attempted) Squats

Warm Up


Hammer Curls, no rest: 5×10, 10×10, 15×10, 20×10, 25×10, 30×10, 35×10, 45×5, 40×8, 35×8, 30×8, 25×8, 20×10, 15×10, 10×10, 5×10

Squats: 45x10x2, 135×5, 185×3 ow

Leg Curls: 3×15


– I felt pretty damn good all things considering after warm ups and hammer curls and then it all went to hell with 185. The type of pain has changed for a sharp pain to a pressure/ache/throb which is good but fuck me side ways it hurts. This all just confirms I flared up the disc again.

– Trying real hard not to get down but it really feels like I just wasted all my training since my last meet. Took me a few weeks to get back in shape after taking a break after the meet, then put together like 8ish good weeks of training lower body, took a week off, had two good workouts then hurt myself which looks like it will fuck me up for a few weeks. What a waste. And please don’t give me the muscle memory bullshit card.

– It is times like this I get bitter, down, and start questioning if what I am doing is smart and/or worth it. All it took was one stupid decision and I pretty much fucked myself once again. And what is great is that it wasn’t ¬†even THAT stupid. People lift with much worse form with much heavier weights every single fucking day and the first time my god damn form breaks down using a measly 400lbs and I completely fuck myself.

– Just gotta try and stay positive somehow someway and just keep doing what I can. I do bench assistance tomorrow and then supposed to do deadlift day Thursday… I’ll probably just go do some machine rows, leg curls, leg extensions, and calves or something.

– Tempted to start drinking for the first time since I can remember. I don’t know if I have drank since my son was born to be honest. Maybe I was just eat a jar of peanut butter instead lol.

Back Injury Update and Lessons Learned

I woke up yesterday feeling ok. Just certain things hurt (ie… flexion) and gave a short, sharp pain. I iced a ton, did a ton of Mckenzie stuff, TENS unit, and then took some proteolytic enzymes and fish oil. Also I did my bench workout. But I know from experience that the second day was going to be worse.

And it is. Woke up this morning stiff as shit. Same things hurt (flexion, rotation, ect) but I am still not having any radiating pain which is awesome. So I will be doing the same shit today and just gonna try and keep moving as much as possible. Monday I will probably get adjusted which should help a ton.

How long will I be out (aka not doing everything I want as heavy as I want)? I don’t know. In the past, it doesn’t take long until I can squat again but doing anything involving picking up something off the floor takes longer. So, basically I will do what I can when I can and adjust as I go.

The one thing I will not be doing is getting depressed about it like usual and going into a training funk. Shit happens and it didn’t happen during my meet prep so whatever. Deal with the pain, do what I can, and get as healthy as possible by when the meet prep gets started (October 12).

So this is basically what happened. Since my last squat session I have been really tight and sore. Hence why I kept pushing the workout back. But ¬†Friday I went and I got to a late start. I have to be done deadlifting by the time the staff gets in or I will get yelled at (again). So, I rushed my warm up which was super dumb since I was already tight. Then, instead of doing rows first to “wake me up” so to speak, I went straight to snatch grips. Double super dumb. Warm ups felt like garbage but I just “powered on” and paid the price.

Well, if I am going to fuck myself up I may as well learn something from it…


Lessons Learned:

– Sometimes when you feel off or like shit, you need to just nut up and do what you are supposed to do anyway. However, for me, when it comes to deadlifts, if I don’t feel right then I need to just go do something else. I have been hurt too often doing them and it isn’t worth it.

– Never rush a warm up on lower body day. And if I don’t feel warmed up enough after doing warm ups… do more warm ups.

– Fuck the people at my gym and fuck the gym altogether. No more rushing to beat the fags into the gym so I don’t get in trouble. I will just take the “scalding” and if I get kicked out I will go to the next gay commercial gym in town. It isn’t worth getting hurt.

– Stop lifting stupid heavy on stuff meant to build my deadlift. Getting hurt doesn’t build shit. There was no reason for me to not work on rep work with the snatch grips. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK HOW MUCH YOU SNATCH GRIP DEADLIFT! Deadlift isn’t like my squat where squatting heavy on other variations helps my squat.



Training Log: Wk 2- Bench Press

Warm Up


Band Pull Aparts: 4×25

Paused Bench Press: 255×1, 295×1

Bench Press, 2-2.5min rest: 280x3x3, 250x5x2

30* Incline Bench Press, off chest, 90s rest: 205x5x2, 185×8

DB Bench Press: 75x12x3

Tate Ext: 35x8x2, 20×12

Pull Ups, between sets: BWx8x15


– Back hurts but it didn’t effect this workout too much other than I moved a little slower putting up weights and I had to go lighter on DB presses because I did’t want to pick the weight off the ground using by back. More on my back later.

– Solid workout though.

– Paused 295 felt pretty good considering I haven’t paused anything in a long time. Easier than my TnG 315 which makes me think my off chest strength isn’t too shabby right now I just need to hammer my triceps.

– Tate ext feel like they would be awesome to mix in my skull rotation. I did them today because I couldn’t get the BB or EZ bar version up with my back. These do make my shoulder feel funky though which is why I don’t do them too often.

– Lifting tomorrow is highly unlikely. Longest I will go is Tuesday before I go in and at least do some machines. The target is to squat something Tuesday though (most likely front squats and speed work or box squats). Back feels ok until I get near parallel.

– Video is of last set of 3×3.

Training Log: Wk 2- Deadlift (Injury)

Warm Up


Snatch Grip Deadlift, belt, straps: 415×2 (missed 3rd due to back injury)

Seated Hamstring Curls: 3×15

Row Machine: 3×10


– This is what I deserve for going heavy on snatch grips. My dumbass should have just done straight sets of 5 (ie 3×5 or 5×5) instead of giving two shits with how much I can snatch grip. That plus I just felt odd warming up and the last two days (just tight and sore) and I should have just backed off today. Fuck me sideways.

– So what happened: came up for third rep, for broke but I started to grind it out, felt a pop in my back that reminded me of past BAD injuries, dropped weight on purpose, immediately started doing McKenzie Extensions which is probably the only reason I am not crippled right now. Did the other two exercises just to stall and see if the pain was going to start traveling or not.

– A thousand things lead to this but thinking about it is just pissing me off by the moment so maybe when I calm down in a day or two I will post up the many “whys.” I wont’ know how bad it is until tomorrow morning if history is any indication.

– BRB going into deep depression.

Current Comics I Am Reading

Thought I would offer a little update to the comics I am currently reading on a consistent basis. I need to get back to writing more comic reviews but I get so busy that a lot of times I am 1-2 weeks behind. I basically only read Marvel these days outside of a few books from DC. DC just keeps losing me with their terrible events (Talons, Joker, Green Lantern terrible thing, Justice League crossover, villains month, origin month, ect) and after every event my pull list seems to drop and I never add.

Anyway, here is what I am reading now.


Marvel has been absolutely killing it with Marvel NOW. A lot of the new writer changes have breathed fresh air into books that have gone stale. Right now, there are two events going on at Marvel. One is just in the X-Titles called Battle of the Atom which involves different X-Men teams from the past and future meeting in the ‘now’ to try and fix all the time stream fuck ups. The much bigger event right now is Infinity which has been MUCH better than past Marvel events. It involves Thanos coming to Earth on one side and the Builders coming to destroy Earth as well and any galaxy that gets in its way. It is a huge story that as been pretty damn good so far, unlike AvX, Age of Ultron, and Fear Itself.


Avengers Line


Thor: God of Thunder- This has been THE best book out there, as the God Butcher arc was beyond epic and one of the favorites ever. The newest arc coming up involves the (comic book) return of Malekith the Accursed… just in time for Thor: The Dark World of course.

New Avengers- Another great book and a favorite of mine, especially since it contains my favorite comic book hero (Black Panther/T’challa). My only complaint about this book is that it only ships once a month! This is tying into Infinity at the moment.

Uncanny Avengers- This books should be epic but every time I read an issue I feel like it is missing something. This book also suffers due to being released once a month as it never seems to gain momentum. Right now, the arc involves the Apocalypse Twins (offspring of Archangel) who also have the ability to time travel.

Avengers- This has been a huge disappointment until Infinity started. The whole first 15ish issues (or however many before Infinity) just felt like set-up FOR Infinity.

Indestructible Hulk- Largely hit or miss. Thinking about dropping it.

Guardians of the Galaxy– Has been a fun book so far but very little has really happened.

Captain America- Interesting take on Cap and I have enjoyed it so far. Now that the Dimension Z arc as ended, I will be interested to see what direction the book takes.

Thunderbolts- The art is terrible but I like the line-up and it has been simple but entertaining.

Mighty Avengers- There has only been one issue so far, but it involves one of my favorite heroes (Luke Cage) so I will give this at least one arc when Infinity ends. The art sucks though.


X-Men Line:


X-Men Legacy- This book has been interesting and very odd because it focuses on an interesting and very odd mutant in Legion (the son of Xavier). Unfortunately, due to sales, I doubt this movie is long for this world.

Uncanny X-Men- It is a Bendis book, so that means it is very decompressed and slow as shit but overall pretty decent. He just needs to get on with the damn story already.

All New X-Men- Same as above, just switch out the mutants.

Gambit- I really like Gambit so I read this. It isn’t great, may just be good, and is about to be cancelled, but he is my favorite mutant left alive (RIP Nightcrawler) so I read this book.

Wolverine and the X-Men- The Hellfire brat shit seems to be finally ending so this book should pick back up.

Wolverine- Right now in this book, Logan has no healing factor so it has been… interesting. For whatever reason, this hasn’t effected the other books.

Savage Wolverine- This is a team up book I decide to buy based on who Logan is teaming up with.

Deadpool- I read this on an arc-to-arc basis, and right now this arc is pretty fun involving more Weapon X stuff.


Spider-Man Line:


Superior Spider-Man- SpOck has been a breath of fresh air and EVERY issue of this book has been good and important. Right now, it is like a train wreck and you just can’t pull away. This books STILL has nowhere to go but up due to the awesome premise. When things get stale… they will just bust out the “heroes finally find out that isn’t Peter” and shit will hit the fan once again.

Venom- Has been good from issue #1 for the most part but this book is about to be cancelled in a couple issues unfortunately.

Scarlet Spider- Same as above.



Aquaman- One of my favorite books out there when it isn’t getting derailed by terrible events. Hopefully the quality stays high when the writer changes next month. Easily the best DC book right now and one of two that I have gotten each month without fail.

Batman- Has its ups and down but the best Batman series right now.

Batwing- Started great, then stalled, then got better, then they switched Batwings on me. Giving his one arc with the new Batwing to prove its worth.

Superman Unchained- Still on its first arc so I am giving it a chance.

Justice League- Probably going to drop this soon due to the terrible events.