Training Log: Lower Body

Warm Up


Calf Raises on Leg Machine: 3×20

Front Squats, belt: 265x3x2

Romanian Deadlift, belt: 315×15

Leg Press, 60s rest: 4×20


– Modified some stuff on the fronts. Moved the grip in a bit and really focused on keeping my chest up… almost looking up. Seemed to help as my rack position was much more stable.

– RDLs are likely out after today. Dont really like how they felt today low back wise.


Venom is Cancelled at Issue #42



Venom has been cancelled at issue #42 and it makes me very sad.

I doubt anyone at Marvel had any idea this book would make it into the 40’s. It was started long ago by Rick Remender before he was RICK REMENDER. Remender first got a big push from his work on Uncanny X-Force and Venom. Both were awesome and so good in fact that Remender got “upgraded” to writing Uncanny Avengers and Captain America.

Unlike past Venom stories, the Venom symbiote was not Eddie Brock but Flash Thompson, better known for bullying Peter Parker. Venom became Agent Venom as Flash was a double amputee who used the symbiote (under drugs) do go on missions for certain branches of the government. Of course, the symbiote had more control than known which led to many cool moments and great stories.

The book was much better under Remender and the first over arching arc involving Crime Master is a must read in my opinion. I think that is issues #1-#22. After that, the series changes gears a good bit and becomes more of a super natural monster type thing. A little weird and a little different but still good.

So RIP Venom. There has been rumors about Agent Venom getting a new book under the “Superior Venom” tag but we will see. Luckily, he is still a part of Thunderbolts and he is showing up soon in Superior Spider-Man. Hopefully, they keep Flash and don’t dump him for another symbiote wearer anytime soon.



Beorn Looks Like Shit in The Hobbit (Spoiler Alert)





When books are turned into movies, there is always some “artistic interpretation” when it comes to what the characters look like. Usually, the books describe them so it shouldn’t be hard, but sometimes things don’t always work the same books vs movies.

For instance… the dwarves in the Hobbit. Most dwarves, especially kingly dwarves and older ones, should have huge beards and look pretty damn similar. But, in the movie, a lot of them don’t even have beards, including Thorin… a KING! But, they did it to sell the main character and so you can keep all the dwarves apart. I don’t like it, but I understand it and can live with it.

But what they have done to Beorn… I do not understand.

Here is the spoiler parts by the way… 

Beorn is a boss. He is a shape-shifter, being able to take the form of a giant ass black bear. We got a glimpse of his bear shape in the trailer…





That scene makes no sense in the contest of the book but… artistic interpretation… so whatever. Plus the bear is supposed to be black but whatever. He looks menacing as shit and looks like one bad ass, giant bear.

Here is how Beorn’s human form is described in the book…

“Beorn was a warrior with great strength, who could turn into a great black bear. In human form, he appears as a tall, black-haired man with huge arms and a great beard.

Emphasis on the huge arms and great beard.

Here is what Beorn looks like in the movie…




Unless that coat is hiding some 20″ biceps… what the fuck? Instead of looking like a great warrior with huge arms and a great beard… we have some homeless looking dude. Seriously, what the fuck? What does Peter Jackson have against beards? What does the world have against big arms? This is a horrible design and very very disappointing.

This is what Beorn should look like… just add a beard to this dude and we are good to go…


Come on Peter… don’t break my heart.

Training Log: Lower Body

Warm Up


Seated Calf Raises: 125x15x3

Squats, belt: 365×8 PR?

Speed Squats, belt: 320x3x5 [8:45]

DB Split Squats: 60x20x2

Seated Leg Curls: 4×20


– Pretty damn good today. Felt good going into the workout and continued throughout. No knee pain, no back pain… no pain. That doesn’t happen very often.

– Squats felt GREAT. Went up to 275×1 with no belt with no pain at all. My form felt on point with every rep. Still want to take it like an inch deeper for squats if I do a USAPL meet but the fact I am able to cut it at all is a huge improvement.

– Technically, 365×8 is a PR. I can’t find another 8 repper written down anywhere over like 325. Obviously, I have been much stronger but it is what it is. I just never did reps over 8 back in the strong days. I will have to do some more digging… I know I did some 8-10 reppers when I trained under IA.

– This is the best my knees have felt squatting and I credit it towards me actually doing calf stuff, leg curls, and split squats consistently along with some basic mobility stuff 2x a day.

– Feeling great. I see nothing holding me back from my meet except for the possible move.




Training Log: Upper Body

Warm Up


Paused Bench Press: 295×1

Bench Press, 60s rest: 245×11 or 12, 245×4

Pull Ups, 60s rest: BWx10x4, BWx7

DB Bench Press, 60s rest: 100×11, 85×10


– I am not sure if I did 11 or 12 on the 245 set. I think it was 12 but I kind of lost count. No biggy I just go to 1 rep before failure regardless and its improvement so whatever

– DB strength coming back.


First Trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier Has Arrived


– Whoa!

– First thing first… the design of the Winter Soldier is AMAZING and PERFECT. It is like the comic character on screen. And he looks like he is going to be the total bad ass he was in the comics. That final scene… epic.

– Cap’s new suit is pretty cool looking and much better than the Avengers version.

– That elevator scene is going to be awesome.

– This movie looks much different than all previous Marvel films. It had some humor but the whole political/spy stuff going on is a totally new direction.

– FALCON! And he wasn’t cheesy as shit and looked pretty cool.

– I would hazard a guess that the white guy is a bad guy in the end lol.


Training Log: Lower Body

Warm Up


Calf Raises on Leg Machine: 3×20

Front Squats, belt: 245x3x2

Sumo Romanian Deadlift, belt, straps: 315×15

Leg Press, 1min rest: 450x15x2, 360x15x2


– I have so much more strength left in front squats if I could just hold the damn weight.

– See what happens with my back with the RDLs…