Training Routine Update

I had planned to start my meet prep this week, but after looking at my schedule and thinking about it, I changed my mind. It would have been like a 15 week meet cycle and the thought of that just sounded exhausting and boring as shit.

So, the plan now is to start my meet prep either November 15 (which is conveniently right after my last National Board Exam as well) or on December 6. The first one is a 10 week meet prep (nine weeks lifting, one off) and the second one is a 7 week meet prep (6 weeks lifting, one week off).

Both of these will make it so all of my school obligations are taking with and hopefully give me more time to figure out what I am doing with my profession. Also, my back should be 100% by both dates and rearing to go.

So, for the next 4-7 weeks, my training will be a bit different and a bit more bodybuilding in nature. Doing higher reps on my pressing movements to try and heal my left shoulder and over 5 with squats to continue to get my back ready for meet training. Typical week will look like this…



– Bench Press

– Pull Ups

– DB Bench Press



– Seated Calf Raises

– Squats

– Speed Squats

– DB Split Squats

– Seated Leg Curls



– Biceps

– Triceps

– Abs

– Grip

– Cardio



– Paused Floor Press

– Cable Rows

– DB Shoulder Press



– Calf Raises

– Front Squats

– Deadlifts

– Leg Press



– Raises

– Shrugs

– Abs

– Grip

– Cardio


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