Training Log: Lower Body

Warm Up


Seated Calf Raises: 125x15x3

Squats, belt: 365×8 PR?

Speed Squats, belt: 320x3x5 [8:45]

DB Split Squats: 60x20x2

Seated Leg Curls: 4×20


– Pretty damn good today. Felt good going into the workout and continued throughout. No knee pain, no back pain… no pain. That doesn’t happen very often.

– Squats felt GREAT. Went up to 275×1 with no belt with no pain at all. My form felt on point with every rep. Still want to take it like an inch deeper for squats if I do a USAPL meet but the fact I am able to cut it at all is a huge improvement.

– Technically, 365×8 is a PR. I can’t find another 8 repper written down anywhere over like 325. Obviously, I have been much stronger but it is what it is. I just never did reps over 8 back in the strong days. I will have to do some more digging… I know I did some 8-10 reppers when I trained under IA.

– This is the best my knees have felt squatting and I credit it towards me actually doing calf stuff, leg curls, and split squats consistently along with some basic mobility stuff 2x a day.

– Feeling great. I see nothing holding me back from my meet except for the possible move.





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