Venom is Cancelled at Issue #42



Venom has been cancelled at issue #42 and it makes me very sad.

I doubt anyone at Marvel had any idea this book would make it into the 40’s. It was started long ago by Rick Remender before he was RICK REMENDER. Remender first got a big push from his work on Uncanny X-Force and Venom. Both were awesome and so good in fact that Remender got “upgraded” to writing Uncanny Avengers and Captain America.

Unlike past Venom stories, the Venom symbiote was not Eddie Brock but Flash Thompson, better known for bullying Peter Parker. Venom became Agent Venom as Flash was a double amputee who used the symbiote (under drugs) do go on missions for certain branches of the government. Of course, the symbiote had more control than known which led to many cool moments and great stories.

The book was much better under Remender and the first over arching arc involving Crime Master is a must read in my opinion. I think that is issues #1-#22. After that, the series changes gears a good bit and becomes more of a super natural monster type thing. A little weird and a little different but still good.

So RIP Venom. There has been rumors about Agent Venom getting a new book under the “Superior Venom” tag but we will see. Luckily, he is still a part of Thunderbolts and he is showing up soon in Superior Spider-Man. Hopefully, they keep Flash and don’t dump him for another symbiote wearer anytime soon.




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