Marvel Announces Some New Books

Definitely Reading


Amazing X-Men– This features the return of the real NIGHTCRAWLER… one of my favorite characters.

Avengers World– Any main Avengers book is pretty much a must read for me.

Inhuman– Follows Infinity and focuses on Black Bolt who is always interesting.

The Punisher– Castle moves from New York to LA. I am always a sucker for a Punisher book.


Will Give it a Chance:


All New Invaders– Books follows the original Invaders– Captain America, Namor, Original Human Torch, and Winter Soldier– as they battle the Kree. This seems like it will probably be more of a limited series than a real ongoing but I will check it out.

All New X-Factor– I didn’t like the old X-Factor, but this book is adding Gambit, so I am going to check it out.

Iron Patriot– Another book for War Machine/Rhodes. I will check it out just to see what is up and to see if it is just an inferior Iron Man.

Loki: Agent of Asgard– I like the new Loki but this book is making me hesitate with the “teen” angle once again.


No Chance in Hell:


All New Ghost Rider– This Rider won’t be Blaze so I really don’t give a shit. And apparently, the new Rider is a teenager and won’t even be using a motor cycle. Fuck that.

Avengers Undercover– Involves more “young heroes” after Avengers Arena. No thanks.

Black Widow– No interest.

New Warriors– Other than Scarlet Spider, I have no interest in this roster.

Captain Marvel– No interest.

Electra– No interest.

Secret Avengers– Got bored of the last book.

She Hulk- No interest

Silver Surfer– No real interest.


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