Meet Cycle: Wk 1- Bench Press

Warm Up


Bench Press: 265×1, 295×1

Paused Bench Press, 3min rest: 215x8x2

Paused Close Grip Bench Press, 3min rest: 185x8x2

Sling Shot Bench Press, 3min rest: 275x5x2

DB Bench Press, 2min rest: 100×8, 90×8

EZ Bar Skulls: 70x8x2 -ss- DB Spider Curls: 15×15, 20×15

One Arm Reverse Grip Cable Ext: 1×25, 1×15


– Time to get meet prep started. Old school, start light, get heavier shit.


2 thoughts on “Meet Cycle: Wk 1- Bench Press”

  1. Dude…. I stumbled upon your blog from The Lift website. Love your blog! It has three of my favorite things: Comics! Lifting! and Tropical Fish! Will have to start checking out the new Marvel comics again. Looking forward to your feedback on them.

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