Next (Likely) Meet: January 25-26

So, I began prep for my next meet. It is going to be the Raw Record Breakers meet in the RAW United federation on January 25-26 in Tampa, FL.

It was a pretty big meet last year. There were 10 people in the 181’s for instance.

I am going to do the meet at 181. It is a 24 hour weigh in and I am really too small for the 181’s for a 24 hour weigh in, but I just can’t make that cut right now. I will get into that a bit more in a later post but physically I don’t think I can do it (too heavy) and I am moving and changing jobs around then and I don’t want the added stress.

I say “likely” due to the fact I am about 75% sure I am moving and taking a new job. Therefore, who knows what will come up before that date. For instance, he may want me to work on the 25th and I am not going to tell my new boss, “errr, sorry about that I have a powerlifting meet” in the first week of working for him.

So… here we go. The goal is to “total more than last time” as always. Big goal is to break into the 1300’s (totaled 1260 last meet).

Entry Fee:


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