Well That Was a Waste of Time (Travel): X-Men: Battle of the Atom Review


I am not even going to spend a lot time on this event because it was basically a giant waste of time.

When first announced, many people thought that this event would lead to the combining of the “two” X-men groups once again. Basically, Cyclops and Wolverine get over Schism and the X-Men become the X-Men once again.

What we got was another horrible story about time travel that took 10 issues to tell and but it really didn’t say anything. It was a bunch of hinting, and bunch of future and past X-men, and a bunch of crap.

Each issue was essentially someone time traveling around and we got to see what happened to the present X-men. Weird shit such as Colossus with the soul sword, Phoenix Quire, Wizard Ice Man, Xorn/Jean Grey, Raze (Logan and Mystique’s future kid), and Xavier’s grandson. Seriously, each issue was essentially someone moving in time, hints at bad things, they show some ‘new’ characters, and a bunch of chitter chatter. 

So the basic plot of the whole damn thing. Some future X-men come back and say the past O5 need to go back to the past where they belong. Turns out this group of X-men are actually the future Brotherhood. Another group of X-men from the future show up and they are the real future X-men and they are trying to stop the Brotherhood. Why does the future suck? Never fully explained and it was just hinted at to be honest. The X-men lead by Wolverine and the X-men lead by Cyclops banter over what to do. Bad X-men try to send the O5 back but it wouldn’t work. Big fight between Brotherhood and all the X-men. Lots of future X-men die. Some of the Brotherhood get away. 


The aftermath of the event? O5 go with Cyclop’s group along with Kitty. Future X-men Kymera stays in the present to hunt down the remaining Brotherhood. People are mad at SHIELD because they have Sentinels. And everything else goes right back to where it was before.

Nothing was accomplished. Nothing cool really happened. It didn’t really make any sense. Just more shitty writing and shitty premises for the main X-Men titles that have been pretty bad since AvX. 


Verdict: Waste of time to read. Read what happens on Wiki, and start reading the good X-men books like X-Men: Legacy, Wolverine, and hopefully Amazing X-Men. 


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