Initial, Quick Thor: The Dark World Thoughts

I am out of town and too busy for a full review so here are some really quick thoughts…

– Thor was awesome.

– Loki was awesome.

– Frigga was actually used and was awesome.

– Malekith was very basic and needed a lot more depth.

– Kurse was awesome

– Action was awesome.

– Plot was really basic.

– All non-Earth scenes were awesome. Most Earth scenes were meh.

– Humor was a lot more controlled than IM3

– This or Wolverine was the comic book movie of the year.

– Better than IM3, better than Thor 1, not as good as the Avengers.

– Stay for mid credit scene even though 80% of you will not understand ig.

– Initial Rating… 9 or 10/10. But I need to go back and move some stuff around. It may be a 10 but it is no where near God status. I will probably see it again Monday.


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