Meet Cycle: Wk 2- Bench Assistance

Warm Up


Paused Off Chest Bench Press, 90s rest, loose set up: 225x5x2

Speed Paused Bench Press: 240x3x5 [6:00]

Feet Up Bench Press, 90s rest: 185×8, 185×12

Tate Ext: 3×15 -ss- Drag Curls: 3×15

DB Flyes: 1×20

Fat Grip DB Static Holds: 95x20s x3


– some jacked old timer who only did machine bench, bb curls, and db arm circles all for short ROM and real slow randomly came up to me today and told me db small arm circl3s with five lbs for 2-5min straight was the key to getting jacked upper body. Completely random and never seen him before. I love jacked old timers


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