Meet Cycle: Wk 3- Squats and Deads

Warm Up


Seated Calf Raises: 125x15x3

Squats, belt, 3min rest: 365×1, 405×1, 315x5x2

Paused Squats, belt, 3min rest: 275×5, 285×5

Sumo Deadlift, belt: 385x5x2

Palof Press: 60×12, 70×12

Ball Planks: 2x60s

Fat Grip DB Static Holds: 95x30s x3


– Did the 405 set just because I needed to mentally. I wanted to see if I could cut depth with heavier weight. It went well… depth looked perfect and it felt fine. Probably won’t do this often, no real point. But the fact I was able to do it comfortably even after being a bit achy from doing legs Friday is a good sign.

– Squats were easy. From here on out it will start to get harder.

– Deadlifts feel like shit. Deadlifts always feel like shit. I did the first set wider but that is tweaking the inside of my knee.


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