Musings #40: Why Do I Keep This Blog Again?

– Seriously, I have no idea why I keep this blog alive. Is it for my legion of followers that decline each month? All the advertisement money I make (0)? I really don’t know why I do it… I guess it is fun to talk to myself via blogger lol.

– One thing I am going to do is a bit of remodeling and deleting around here.

– First thing I am going to do is change how I do the movie reviews. They are too… structured and boring. As I rewatch movies I will slowly be changing them. The new format will debut with Thor: The Dark World Wednesday. It is goig to be more word vomit and less structure.

– Also being updated.. the links on the side. Half those training blogs are too inactive to be useful.

– Achieving Awesomeness = failure. My hours got longer and my free time got shorter. I actually have been a lot better about wasting my life away and I still do my push ups and stretching but the whole concept was a fail.

– The best thing I did do was get rid of cable. I do miss football and basketball in HD (grainy stolen feeds ftw) but I don’t miss mindless tv shows and ten thousand advertisements and commercials.

– So I am moving for sure so that puts the meet in doubt. I need the day that I lift to be on Sunday because I wouldnt be able to make a Friday weigh in. I may just do the meet based on what groups are Sunday vs Saturday. If it is the lightweights Sunday, I will go in at 181. If it is the heavyweights Sunday, then I will weigh in at 182 and compete in the 198s. That is if, big if at this point, I can afford it. No fuck it, I will find a way to afford it. Need tonot keep that “out” or I won’t do it.

– So I am interning right now someplace and my god are people disgusting. Half of them smell like absolute garbage. Most are just trashy individuals in general. I am talking about going to the club when you have 4 kids at home trashy. Or have your nails did but are on food stamp trash. Makes me absolutely sick to be around these people, pretend to nice andinterested in what they have to say, and really carevabout there well being. Ugh.

– If you saw how much school debt I am in you would cry. And other than a car payment on a civic… it is the only debt I have. And I am not someone who took 6 years to get my BS either. Sigh… oh well. Could be worse. Could be a lot worse.

– I was supposed to go to the gym today. Then I realized I left my stuff at home. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

– I am way way overweight right now. The worst week of my life put 10+ pounds on me fast. Just goes to show my more natural weight is closer to 200 and my future meet are eventually going to be at 198 for 2hr weigh in meets.

– I do not know why really dark people get “intricate” tattoos.. it just looks like they have been burnt…*shrug*


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