Thor: The Dark World Review



Rotten Tomatoe’s Rating: 65% Audience: 86%

Shadow’s Rating: 10/10– It has the action, the humor (a bit much maybe), and great character moments, making it my favorite Marvel single hero movie so far.


The Plot in a Nut Shell… Malekith basically wants to destroy the whole flippin’ universe using something called the Aether. Thor wants to stop him by using something called the Mjolnir. Plus Loki is around doing Loki things.


Some Spoiler Free Thoughts…

– This movie is fun as hell. The action was plentiful and fun, most of the humor worked as intended, and the returning characters were on point once again.

– Thor is just played perfectly once again and really shined this movie. He was more of a “leader” or “general” that he was in Thor and Avengers and he kicked a whole lot of ass as well. His powers were more fully explored as he did more than “hit someone with hammer hard.” Mjolnir was on full display.

– Loki is back and thank the Odinson he is because he is such a fun character who nearly steals the show in every scene he is in. Is he a good guy? Sometimes. Is he a bad guy? Sometimes. Never trust the God of Mischief. He is just awesome in this movie. And Thor and Loki play off of each other beautifully and the movie is at its best when both of them are sharing the screen at the same time.

– The fact that I am just now talking about Malekith is telling in itself. They just decided to put extra focus on the other secondary characters in the Thor universe (Heimdell, Frigga, Warriors 3, Odin, Jane) and that took away time they could have spent on Malekith’s backstory. He isn’t a memorable villain at all and is very one dimensional. You don’t feel sorry for him or anything. He just wants to wreck shit and turn the universe back to how it was. In fact, Kurse/Algrim was MUCH cooler, much more memorable, and much more of a bad ass in my opinion. They really did his character justice and he was just an all around BOSS.

– If I had to rank the Marvel main villains so far, it would go Loki, huge motherfucking gap, Red Skull, Stane, Abomination, Mandarin, Malekith, big fucking gap, Whiplash.

– Speaking of the secondary characters, they got a lot more screen time and it was cool. Frigga actually had a use in this movie. Odin’s attitude was portrayed perfectly in my opinion and he had some great lines. Heimdell had an AWESOME scene and did more than just stand and watch. Each of the Warriors 3 had there moments to shine.

– I still don’t really like any of the Earth crew (Jane, Darcy, Selvig, other guy) and the movie bogged a bit when it was on Earth with them trying to give them a reason to exist. Jane had more of a use this movie but you probably could have switched her with a donkey and the same thing would have been accomplished.

– The scenery of this movie was on point. Asgard as a whole was much less shiny and much more “viking” and “real” looking than the first Thor. You get to explore much more of Asgard in this movie.

– I am going to address the humor of this movie a bit because it is seemingly causing a big stink on the internet. Yes, Marvel movies have a lot of humor in it. They like to keep things from getting too dark in their movies… they are not directed by Nolan. But people keep saying there was WAY TOO MUCH HUMOR OMG IT RUINED THE MOVIE. Those people are stupid. I will buy that argument for Iron Man 3. IM3 REALLY had something going that was deep and serious and would completely, 100% botch it trying to be funny. Thor 2 isn’t like that though. There are funny scenes. There are funny comments. There are funny one liners. By they are kept separate from when something serious happens. Someone doesn’t fucking die and it is immediately followed by a one liner 3 seconds later (coughIM3cough). The humor is more like Avengers where it is mixed in where it fits. I will say, some of the Earth scenes that were supposed to be funny were really not my cup of tea and I wished they calmed it down a bit. And the climax did have a bit (just a bit) too much comedy at times. But this isn’t comparable to IM3 at all in the “botched comedy” department.

– If I had to rank the Marvel controlled movie so far, I would go Avengers, big gap, then Thor: The Dark World, The Incredible Hulk (I really like this movie for some odd reason), Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, big gap, Iron Man 3, Iron Man 2.

– This movie does a much better job, post Avengers, of continuing the over arching narrative of the Marvel Movie Universe while staying in its own stand alone film. What that means when stated more plainly, is that you don’t go, “where are SHIELD and the Avengers” like you did in Iron Man 3.


Spoilery Thoughts After the Jump…

– If you are one of those people who went, “where are the Avengers” then you are one of the stupid people. (A) the Aether and Malekith were on Earth for all of like 10 minutes without any real warning other than Selvig’s rantings, (B) SHIELD and the Avengers don’t have any teleporters introduced quite yet, and (C) Stop nitpicking comic book movies.

– Frigga went out like a boss. She totally kicked Malekith’s ass. And it was cool that she had “magic” powers and that is where Loki got it from. Cool idea to connect the two like that which made her death that much more meaningful.

– That ending! Loki still being alive isn’t a huge surprise. Loki doing something to Odin and taking his spot? That is a huge surprise. Is Odin dead? Is he in the Odinsleep again? Is he just tied up somewhere? This is something Thor 3 will have to get into obviously. There is no way in hell a fully powered Odin would be taken out by Loki though. They did hint that he was dying in this movie or needed the Odin sleep but even a half powered Odin is MUCH more powerful that Loki.

– Odin’s comment about Jane and the goat was completely in character for Odin and a great line. I was hoping his power would be more on display though.

– I wondered how they were going to have Malekith match Thor physically and using the Aether, an infinity stone, fix the strength discrepancy was a clever solution.

– The Captain America cameo was hilarious.

– Kurse slapping away Mjolnir ranks up there in the, “oh shit” department. He totally kicked Thor’s ass. Even a black hole could hardly kill his ass.

– If I had to guess, I would guess Captain America: Winter Soldier is going to explain a lot of the “where is SHIELD” stuff going on in Iron Man 3 but that is a whole other discussion that just popped in my head.

– I will explain the Mid Credit scene in a separate post because it is that important. Just know that it all connects back to Thanos, the big chinned dude at the end of the Avengers.

– The last bit of the movie and the end end credits at least explained who and why Thor will be on Midgard so much. Him being the “protector” of the nine realms and giving up his kingship was a nice touch.



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