Meet Cycle: Wk 3- Lower Assistance

Warm Up


Leg Machine Calf Raises: 3×20

Front Squats, belt: 225×1… tried forever to get warmed up and feeling good but everything ached and felt like shit so moved on

DB Split Squats: 70x12x3

Seated Leg Curls: 4×20

Leg Ext: 4×20

Ball Plank Circles: 4×8


– I think I am going to dump front squats until after the meet. My knees and hips can’t take the super beating on Sunday and then turn around and do front squats later in the week. Oh well… this day will just be DB split squats followed by lots of iso machines for knees and hips.

– Weight is back down to the 195 range… lost 10 lbs this week.


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