Meet Cycle: Wk 4- Bench Press

Warm Up


Paused Bench Press, 3min rest: 295×1, 245x5x2

Paused Close Grip Bench Press, 3min rest: 215x5x2

Sling Shot Bench Press, 3 min rest: 305x3x3 (last set paused)

DB Bench Press, 2min rest: 100×13, 100×7

Cable Ext: 2×15 -ss- DB Spider Curls: 25×15, 25×10


– Very solid. I have no complaints about my bench press right now. Everything is fast and on point even though I was in a car all day yesterday and my son decided to wake up at 5:30 this morning.

– Elbows a bit achy for whatever reason so I just did cable extensions instead of skulls.


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