Meet Cycle: Wk 4- Back and Deadlift

Warm Up


Cable Rows, 60s rest: 3×10

Pull Ups, 60s rest; BWx8x2, BWx7

Conventional Deadlift, belt: 405×1, 455×1, 495×1

Lat Pull Downs, 60s rest: 2×20

DB Shrugs, 60s rest: 100x20x3


– Impromptu deadlift due to being so pissed about Monday’effort.’ 495 went up fast… fastest it has gone up since back in the day. To be honest, I think this gyms weights are lighter than they say (weight always feel lighter here which makes no since considering I only lift here on my lunch breaks) but whatever… even if this was 455 instead of 495… I got stapled by 405 Monday.

– I think I am switching back to conventional. Less form, less thinking, less “beating on my hips.” It also just feels better with a mixed grip than sumo. I was having weird elbow issues after every deadlift session and I had no pain today at all.

– I tweaked my form a bit today. All I did was move the bar toward my toes more to start and it felt a bit better from the floor.

– One good thing… grip was 100% not an issue. Not even a little.



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