Meet Cycle: Wk 5- Bench Press

Warm Up


Paused Bench Press, 3min rest: 265×1, 300×1, 255x5x2

Paused Close Grip Bench Press, 3min rest: 225x5x2

Sling Shot Bench Press, 3min rest: 315x3x3

30* DB Incline Bench Press, 2min rest: 80×15, 80×8

DB Skulls: 30x12, 25×15 -ss- DB Spider Curls: 25×15, 25×12


– Didn’t feel as great as bench has felt, but definitely felt good. Form felt just a bit iffy here and there.

– This is actually a pretty “big” workout. I ran this exact same set up for my bench (using Coan’s cycle, although last time I dind’t pause cgbp and I used 2board insead of slingshot) and I only managed 255×5, 255×4 on this workout. So, to get both sets in and get them in with pretty good speed is a great sign that I have improved. Last time, from here on out, I only paused one of the sets and TnG the other. I am really optimistic I will hit both sets of 265×5 next week, but I would guess there is gonna be some grinding going on for sure.

– Sling Shot bench was hard today. Got all the reps I wanted though. Will probably stick to this weight again next week or just go up to 320.

– This will pick up for bench here and out. Next week is the last week of 5’s then I drop into the 3’s.

– I can’t decide if I will squat heavy this weekend or not. I am feeling a bit beat up and I have a planned “kinda deload” set up for the week after but I may switch the two if my knees don’t feel a bit better tomorrow or Sunday.


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