Meet Cycle: Week 5- Squats

Warm Up


Leg Machine Calf Raises: 3×15

Squats, belt: 345x5x2

Paused Squats, belt: 295×1 (knees were done at this point)

45* Back Ext: BWx20x4

Palof Press: 2×12

Ab Wheel: 2×10

DB Fat Grip Static Holds: 95x30s x3


– So, my knee felt like garbage. Just achy and stiff. Warmed up nice and good and took twice as many warm up sets and they felt ok during squats, but then I went to pause squats and they were protesting so I moved on. Not the time to fight through something right now, especially since I got my main exercise taken care of.

– So, this is why they are probably so achy. First, the weather got “cold” down here (so like 40’s for a couple nights). But, on Tuesday, I went ot the gym, did my workout, went to leave only to notice the top of my car key had broken off. Searched for 30 minutes and couldn’t find it. My wife was out of town for Thanksgiving, so I had to walk home. It was about a 90 minute walk. After work, I got home at about 6:30 (I have two cars), and had to go back to get my car with my other key. Started walking, only for it to start raining. I got pissed and said fuck it and started jogging. Got there in 50 minutes instead.

Now this is the first time I have jogged more than a more since 8th grade cross country. So… my joints are a bit stiff and achy since then. Yeah, I am an idiot.

– Squats felt better than last week, I just still feel weird in the whole. Felt like today I was really loose right at the bottom but I couldn’t see it on the videos. Need to take a vid form the side instead.

– Depth seems just about perfect to me. If it looks deep from the front, then I shouldn’t have a problem at any meet.

– Next week is the start of my real “peaking” stuff from squats and deads. It was a 5 week cycle that I turned to 6 weeks so the first week of it can act as a deload of sorts. Like next week, I have 3 singles all under 80% of my third attempt followed by 2×3 pause squats. So, volume cuts down a bit. I am thinking I will only do the two main days next week (bench and squat/deads) because I am starting to ache a bit all over. Plus, I have to fly out of town for like 4 days. I will play it by ear though.


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