Winter 2013-2014 Movie Preview

There isn’t much to talk about here other than my most anticipated movie of the year. The rest is a bunch of “proceed with caution” movies… aka if the reviews are good I will go see it otherwise, no chance.

Winter = December, January, February.

As always, click the links to head to the IMBD page for the movie so you can see trailers and such.


The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Date: December 13

Verdict: Well of course! Only real movie I am looking forward to until Captain America 2. Although the numerous source material changes from the trailers alone have me a bit worried…


47 Ronin

Date: December 25

Verdict: Depends on the reviews. The story is interesting, but as we all know, Reeves is VERY VERY hit or miss with his acting. Ok, mostly miss outside the Matrix.


The Legend of Hercules

Date: January 10

Verdict: Have you seen the trailers? This movie looks absolutely terrible with just above sci-fi channel quality. Hercules deserves better… and will receive better when the Rock’s version comes out.



Date: February 12

Reviews: Really, really depends on the reviews. This looks more likely to be a Red Box rental but if the reviews are good, then maybe. I still can’t get over they gave a robot cop a human hand that would be shot off in the first machine gun trade.


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