Superman vs Batman or is This Really a Justice League Movie?

This week is was announced that Wonder Woman and The Flash will appear in Superman vs Batman. Which is odd for a movie titled Superman vs Batman.

Batman is going to be propping up Stuperman's box office numbers
Batman is going to be propping up Stuperman’s box office numbers

Batman vs Superman is going to be a huge undertaking in itself. They are on two opposites of the super hero spectrum and even the comics sometimes have problems with the two sharing screen time due to how different their power sets are. So, doing it in a 2 hour movie is going to be somewhat difficult. Add into that introducing a new, older Batman, a new villain or two, and continuing the narrative of Superman following Man of Steel and you have a pretty packed movie.

And then, now, add Wonder Woman and Flash. Sure, they could just be cameos… but I don’t even know how you introduce them as “cameos” due to how huge they are. Just imagine in Iron Man, if Thor just went flying by in the middle of the movie with no explanation or anything. That would be rather distracting and odd.

If you are going to do a Justice League movie, just freaking do it. If you are going for the slow build Marvel style, then take your time and build slowly. The half and half approach is the wrong approach. Unless they can make it work story wise which is a possibility. Like maybe at the very end Doomsday appears or some shit, drawing out the other super powered beings on Earth. I don’t know.

I just want a good movie. Marvel has fully ushered in the comic book era and the other studios are realizing how much money can be made with GOOD comic book movies. When Thor can make $600 million, then you know times are good. But the one thing that can end this era just as fast as it began is a bunch of shitty movies.


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