Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer… Easter Eggs Galore


Thoughts after the jump. There are more thoughts on all the hints at future villains than there are about the actual movie lol.


– So in this movie, it looks confirmed that Electro and Rhino will be directly fighting Spider-Man. It remains to be seen if the Green Goblin will be as well. He is in the trailer on the glider but it could be a “hint to movie three” thing

– Electro looks like he is going to be very interesting and a very different power set that we have seen on film. He looks, “how the heck is Spider-Man going to win?” powerful.

– Rhino as a giant mechanized suit? Eh… from the glimpses it looks terrible in my opinion.

– Cannot tell if the Goblin is Harry or Norman…

– Speaking of Harry, he is definitely turning into a bad guy. The only question is, is he going to be a Goblin or is he going to be Venom like in the Ultimate universe? Speaking of which…

– If you look closely (and not so closely in some cases), you see huge hints towards Doc Ock, Vulture, Venom, and Dr. Morbius. Looks like they are all going to be associated with Oscorps which is kind of “meh” but whatever.

– Since Spider-Man is all by his lonesome at Sony, instead of building towards a huge villain ala Avengers with Thanos or X-Men with Apocalypse (!!!) or eventually what DC will do with Darkseid, they are going to build up to the Sinister Six, which will be a different take and I think something Marvel should have done with the Masters of Evil in Avengers 2.

– Because I didn’t read a lot of the old Ultimate Spider-Man, a lot of this stuff with Peter’s dad or Oscorp is not familiar to me.

– Looks like Spider-Man is getting some more bullet timing feats… cool.

– This looks like it is going to build into a trilogy that ends with #4 though.

– Bravo… nice trailer.


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