Meet Cycle: Wk 6- Squat (Deload)

Warm Up


Squats, belt: 325×1, 335×1, 350×1

Paused Squats, belt: 245x3x2

Leg Ext: 50

Leg Curls: 50

45* Back Ext: 30, 20

Machine Hip Abduction: 50

Knee Raises: 20

Leg Raises: 2×10


– Felt like poop but all deloads do. I really hope my hips heal up a bit during the deload because they make every squat uncomfortable at the bottom.

– One more workout tomorrow (a little back and a little bench assistance) then I head to Chicago and will be back at it to sprint to the finish Saturday. My bench feels on point, deadlift is an unknown right now, and my squat is scaring the crap out of me it is so inconsistent. One week I do 365×8 (which calculates to a 450 max) and do 405 pretty easily, the next week 335 feels HEAVY and it feels like my max is 385. So odd for what used to be my best lift.


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