The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition Additions

So of course, I bought the extended edition of the Hobbit as the extended editions of the LotR trilogy are AWESOME. Here are the changes I noticed below and if they were any use or not.

– Longer scene in Erebor with Thandruil and the King under the Mountain. It discusses some feud between the two in a little bit more depth. Not Very Useful. For this movie anyway… might mean more when Thandruil is really introduced in Desolation of Smaug

– Extra scene with a young Bilbo at a Shire party with Gandolf there with his fireworks. Not vital or anything but a Good Scene.

– Bilbo is at the Shire market but still wary he will run into Gandolf. Not Very Useful.

– There is a ton of extra stuff white the dwarves are eating in Rivendale. One of the dwarves says essentially that one of the Elf dudes is hot because he thought he was a maid. Hilarious. Also a scene with the elves dancing around drunk. Not Useful but Fun. There is a scene where we see them bathing in a fountain bare ass. Not Needed.

– More Rivendale stuff. Bilbo is wondering around, sees Narsil and runs into Elrond and says he is more than welcome to stay. Useful.

– We overhear a conversation between Gandolf and Elrond on the way to the White Council meeting. They are discussion whether it is wise to wake to dragon and whether Thorin will go crazy like his ancestors. Great Scene.

– At the White Council, Gandolf discusses the loss of one of the Dwarf Rings that Thorin’s family had. Saruman says without the One ring it doesn’t matter and the One is lost. Great Scene.

– Goblin King sings a really long song when he captures the Dwarves. Horrible, Long Scene. There is some more Goblin King ramblings but none of it is particulary useful.


And that is all I really remember. I think the Extended Edition is worth a watch for the White Council stuff in Rivendale alone. There are probably some little things I do not recall right now too.


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