Meet Cycle: Wk 7- Bench Press

Back from a (shitty) trip to Chicago and back off the deload. Deload did the body good… feel refreshed and ready to go.

6 weeks out from the meet. 5 weeks of training yet. I think I am going to lower my goal for squats after some self reflection. I was aiming too high trying to hit a certain number when in reality I need to think of my total goal and what I need out of my lifts to accomplish that. Bench feels about as good as it can and is on point. Deadlift I am not sure yet… I will have a better idea tomorrow.

5 weeks of training left… no more complaining just SMF, eat what I need to eat, take the supps I need to take to keep the boo-boo’s away, ignore the small achs and pains, and get ready to go.


Warm Up


Paused Bench Press, wraps, belt: 280x3x2

Paused Close Grip Bench Press, wraps: 245x3x2

Paused Sling Shot Bench Press, wraps, belt: 320x2x3

30* DB Incline Bench Press, 2min rest: 85×15, 85×10

DB Tate Ext: 30x12x2 -ss- DB Spider Curls: 30x10x2

One Arm Cable Ext: 1×25


– No complaints today. I had to take a big jump weight today or next week (15lbs jump instead of the usual 15) and warm ups felt so good I just did it today. Good decision because there was no grinding at all today.

– Made sure my pause was more solid today as I movie into triples and the power off my chest feels good.

– Paused bench, Paused CG, and paused SS were all moving good. DB benching even felt strong. No aches or pains anywhere at the moment.

– Bench feels strong… nothing else really to say. Got 2 weeks of triples… jump to 290 next week.


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