X-Men: APOCALYPSE!!!!! 2016!!

Fox dropped a bomb last week, announcing out of the blue that the next X-men movie after Days of Future Past and X-Force will feature none other than Apocalypse!


Apocalypse is THE big bad villain of X-men. He is the Thanos or Darkseid of the X-men universe, and it is weird they all look alike.

This is very exciting news. If this was Marvel handling the movie, it would be super duper exciting news. Due to the fact that  it is Fox… I proceed with caution. How excited I will be for this movie all depends on Days of Future Past. If it fixes the mistakes of X3 and Wolverine and First Class made with the continuity… I will be excited.

But, in all honesty, Apocalypse is so big it should take more than one movie to work up to him. You could have easily done a movie with Sinister or Arch Angel and then Apocalypse.

Oh well… there have been 6 X-men movies and the bad guys have been Magneto, Magneto/Striker, more Magneto, Stryker again, Magneto/Government, Silver Samurai. So, it is good to see the X-men branch out into there other, awesome villains.

The best thing about Apocalypse in the cartoons? His awesome awesome quotes.

My personal favorite… “I am the rocks of the eternal shore. Crash against me and be broken!”

Check out his quotes below. If I don’t get quotes like this during the movie… FAIL!


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