Meet Cycle: Wk 8- Bench Press

Warm Up


Paused Bench Press, wraps, belt: 290x3x2

Paused Close Grip Bench Press, wraps: 255x3x2

Paused Sling Shot Bench Press, wraps, belt: 325x2x2, 335×2

30* DB Incline Bench Press, 2min rest: 90×12, 90×8

Tate Ext: 25x15x2 -ss- BB Inverse Curls: 55x12x2

One Arm Inverse Cable Ext: 1×25

Machine Flyes: 1×25


– Last set of triples. Drop to doubles the next two weeks.

– On the first set, for some weird reason, I let out all my air after unracking it. I have been practicing just taking a big breath and holding it (or trying to take in more air afterwards.. never exhaling) and it keeps me tighter. For some reason I exhaled lol. Made it a bit harder than it should have been but no harm down.

– Body feels good. Doing all 4 workouts in a row and taking two days off seemed to work. My elbow seems to have finally healed.

– So, I head out of town tomorrow evening to drive to Indiana. Goal is to make the whole 16 hour drive right through the night so most of it is done while the baby is sleeping. I may be too old to do that though lol. Used to be a breeze when I did it 4 years ago but now it is hard for me to stay awake.

– I hope to squat Monday. Hopefully, if things work out right, I may hit up a workout with Brandon Smitely who is one of the new Elitefts sponsored guys. He is from my home town and we went to the same high school. I think he is 2 years under me. But anyway, if the timing of things workouts out I will head over there for some squats and deads. If not, I will just go to anytime fitness in town and probably get kicked out for deadlifting.


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