Marvel Event- Infinity Review


Basic Plot: The Builders were coming to destroy Earth and were destroying other galaxies along the way. Avengers weren’t having any of that so they left Earth to join the Galactic Council to stop them. With no Avengers on Earth, Thanos decides it is a good time to invade Earth, to look for the Infinity Gems and to kill his last remaining son, Thane. The universe realizes once again that you don’t fuck with Earth 616.

Favorite Moment: Thor being a BOSS and killing the Builder to rally the troops.

Worst Moments: Star Brand. Captain Universe. Thane. = a bunch of plot devices to solve the problem.

Game Changing Moments: The Builders know about the Incursions. Black Bolt releasing the Terrigan Mist world wide creating tons of Inhumans. Black Bolt being weakened by the bomb and the fact he is basically on the run. Black Bolt telling Maximus and the Dog about the Illuminati. T’challa being banned from Wakanda due to hiding Namor. Black Swan released. Avengers are considered universe wide heroes. Ebony Maw has control of Thane basically. (whew, I think that is everything important)


It is about time Marvel produced an event that didn’t suck.

This event was pretty damn good. In fact, it is probably the best event I have read from Marvel in a good bit. Much better than the shit tastic Fear Itself and Avengers vs X-men that is for sure.

I think the thing that made it work was the fact it had a consistent narrative throughout. Avengers and New Avengers flowed into wonderfully and there wasn’t any disconnect issue to issue. The tie ins I read were great as well. Mighty Avengers looks like it is going to be one of my new favorite books. Thunderbolts continued its narrative but tied in the events perfectly and flawlessly.

Now it wasn’t perfect that was for sure. It was almost TOO big and would have been better off as two separate events– one with the builders in space and one with Thanos. The bad guys were so overpowered again that they needed plot devices to save the day essentially.

But all in all this was a huge success that changes the Marvel U AND there were NO shock deaths to draw attention to it lol. I highly recommend it.


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